Celebrating 50 Years of Substance Abuse!

‘K2′ is a brand name for a synthetic cannabis product known as JWH018. Some users speculate that the ‘JWH’ has as much to do with Bob Dylan’s ‘John Wesley Harding’ LP as LSD had to do with ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’.

It is an analgesic which binds to the cannibinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, much more easily than THC binds to them…about five times more.  The other two receptors, CB3 and CB4 are not involved but it doesn’t appear that users care.

Synthetic cannabis! Scientifically, we have reached the new world!

There is no small amount of hysteria surrounding the JWH family. (In Germany, when JWH018 was outlawed the scientist/inventor simply flipped a few molecules around and ‘Hey Presto!’ He synthesised JWH073, which has the same effects.) His name is Dr. James W. Huffman, not to be confused with Dr. Albert Hofmann, another german, who invented LSD.

News sources raise riot when they find a new story about some kid wigging out on it. If you have read any of these stories, did you ever notice that it always seems to be kids that freak? I attribute this to the fact that many of them try it because they cannot get their hands on any real marijuana. A lot of them never tried the real thing before smoking a JWH variation.

It is no wonder that they break out in fits of paranoia and anxiety. Anybody who has smoked pot enough times to get off on it knows the feeling of anxiety and paranoia (usually having to do with others, authority types especially, noticing them or their behavior) which can be a normal part of the experience. In my office days, I put that paranoia to good use. I would leave my desk and take a break to get high. Upon returning to the building and not wanting to say something stupid to the wrong person, I would return quickly to my desk and get lost in my work – reasoning that nobody could suspect me of smoking pot when my output of work was so steady and I seemed so determined. Mindless office jobs are perfect for losing yourself in. I was often ‘employee of the month’ and got promoted regularly, based solely on my output which was based solely on my pot consumption. The stronger the pot, the better and harder I worked.

So, a teen who has never sampled the real thing smokes some K2 or one of the many brands of JWH products available. The teen not only gets a buzz but it is five times stronger than the buzz a regular user achieves. They feel anxious, scared of being caught…they blow the whole game and go over the wall.

The same thing can be said for LSD, in a way. It has always been an unspoken fact that acid will not do much damage to you if you are of sound mind and character. If you are missing a link or have a screw loose, see angels or faeries in your own backyard regularly…then stay away.

If, however, you are a seasoned veteran of the effects of THC, then check it out! Have you ever run out of your precious weed completely and craved it until your fingers stunk of resin from trying to ectract one more lift out of that bowl? There is no need for that anymore. Common concensus tells us that all you need is three hits…just three…and all craving is gone as you feel JWH wash over you like a wave, replacing that damned old reality with a nice, cozy feeling. Take four and you will most likely fall asleep.

I searched for this stuff in every grungy-looking, eastern-religion-minority-owned-mini-market within 50 miles of my house. If I spotted a gas station/mart that seemed funky, I pulled into the lot, went in and looked around at the smokables and incense shelves. No luck. Months went by and I steadfastly tried until I ran out of stores to check.

Recently, a few of us decided to beat the oppressive summer heat by visiting the Sands Casino and availing ourselves of free air conditioning and expensive drinks. On the way, we stopped to pick up Ferd, Ferd being quite excited by something he had just smoked. He said it was ‘K2′. I immediately cuffed him in the head and told him I have been trying to find it since I heard about it eleven months ago. Ferd is not good on details or memory. He is good at finding things I can’t, however, and I guess that is part of why we are buddies.

My other companion sat in the front seat of my Saturn and Ferd hopped into the back seat. “Where do you get it and how much is it?” queried myself to Ferd. Online, the stuff was iffy and it seemed pretty expensive, compared to the real thing.

Ferd pointed backwards with his thumb, towards a gas station that solds snacks and tobacco products. “$20″.

Eyeing Patrick, in the front seat, who I had only met recently, I put the question to him…”If we are on the way to a casino and are confronted by a controversial drug we have never tried before – and that only costs $20 – it seems like we would be remiss not to go get $20 out of the ATM and give it a try, don’t you agree?” He agreed wholeheartedly.

One reason I don’t find JWH to be so dangerous stems from the fact that I first smoked it while operating a motor vehicle. I had already consumed some pot and a prescription amphetamine, Adderall. My mouth went a bit numb, as when I smoke the salvia plant, yet I didn’t notice much of a feeling. It was probably because I needed to be focused on driving.  Patrick and Ferd agreed that it produced a ‘strong, lazy high.’

The rest of the casino trip remained uneventful, although the cold, bubbly 20-oz pints of  Magner’s Irish Cider endeared me to the Sands. It is hard to get Magner’s on tap outside of major cities.

The next day, I did not smoke any pot but went right for the synthetic. I smoked single hits, one, two, three and a wave washed over me and I felt instantly stoned. It lasted a long time. My craving for pot, which can be a real nag, disappeared.

As this is my first blog and there is so much more to tell, facts acquired by independent research done by seasoned substance-abusers under my own watchful eye, that I must wait and hopefully finish disseminating these facts in my next post.

I need to be sure this blog works and get the nuts and bolts set up. I shall return.



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5 responses to “Celebrating 50 Years of Substance Abuse!

  1. Life is a Celebration, good and evil, yin and yang, moose and squirrel.
    This blog condones nothing. It also represses nothing, including all comments.
    Life may be precious but it ends at the grave, as Mr. Natural told Flaky Foont. Nobody gets out of this world alive. That being said, it would seem a waste of precious time to spend it on the sort of thing in this blog.
    Be positive! Instead of criticizing, say some that is not negative and maybe your life will turn around. I am sure there is a reason that you boast of being clean and sober but that is for your blog, not mine.

    Thanks so very much for your input and have the loveliest of days!!!
    M Hendrick

  2. I’m glad to see this post garnering a bit of discussion! I understand the opinion that substance abuse is nothing to celebrate… but at the same time I do disagree. Substance abuse causes a lot of problems for a lot of people, but that shouldn’t mean that those for who it has worked should be denied the right to talk openly. Variety is the spice of life.

  3. that is a quite unique and valid point, dan! you insight is fascinating. you seem to know everything!
    thanks so much!!!!

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