JWH K2 Research Results

     Nine months ago, at the Pennsylvania State capitol to testify before a House of Representatives Health and Human Services Committee hearing to introduce PA House Bill 1393 for the legalization of medical marijuana, I heard testimony from a reknowned and well-respected physician (an addiction treatment specialist) that told the committee that a marijuana (mj) smoker feels the high just seven seconds after ingesting the first puff of smoke.

     It gave new credence to the habit of smoking one hit (dose) at a time, as opposed to lighting a full bowl and wasting half of the hard to procure contents as it burned into the air.  The three-hit ‘standard’ of spice users, a common standard used in by afficianado’s posts from across the country, makes more sense when considering the doctor’s words.

     “Take three hits each and then kiss,’ notes one user in a post on spice and sex.


     The most frequent commonality appeared to be the phenomena of the warm blanket of euphoria covering all participants after ingesting this suggested dosage. The study involved no injectable, orally or anally administered delivery systems.

     The product was inhaled as smoke. Each dose was smoked seperately, with approximately three minutes between dosing. Some participants lost count after the second hit. This clinical decision based it’s precept on the suspicion that if several hits were placed in a pipe at one time, the embers from the burning of the first dose may leech into the remaining product and decimate efforts at standardization of dosage.

     Even within the same bag, levels of JWH varies. It seemed that the powder at the bottom of the container was less potent that the more leafy, top material.

     Also to this point, of all the variations available, the research team adhered to the use of one specific brand. This brand remains unidentified since this blog, nor the publisher of it, does not endorse nor discourage the use of any product which may potentially be harmful. The brand used in the illustrations in these blogs was chosen simply because it was the first and most popular well-known name in this retail sector and images of the package were easy to find.

     Our findings, gentle readers, were that brand loyalty and moderation are the order of the day. Just like with alcohol, another legal substance.

     Since most hysterical reaction involved usage by teenagers and non-mj smokers, a focus group of seasoned substance-using veterans, over the age of 38 and daily mj smokers for a minimum of twenty-five years, was chosen to conduct these crucial tests. As some reported reactions were redundant. we shall not offer all comments found in the resulting discussion groups. Let it suffice to say that the results which do appear here were, for the most part, validated by all participants.


     Subject A reported a slight increase in mirth upon administration of the first dose but was not sure if it was real or a case of hopeful suggestivity. She had not smoked mj that day (a requirement) and noted that it immediately eliminated the craving she felt for mj upon entering the focus area.

    After dose two, she asked if ‘that was it?’ Since she had lost track of how many hits she had taken to that time and suspected it was three. Upon recieving dose three, the subject suddenly showed a marked change in mood, slumping slightly in her chair and smiling broadly. Upon fourth dose, all involved seemed in a malaise similar to that of a chronic mj user. Heads nodded and jerked awake in the palms of hands as subjects fell asleep sitting up with elbows on a desk.

     Subject C reported a visual and physical stimulation. He noted that the same thing happened at times with strong strains of mj. He took a very deep inhalation of the substance and was met by the familar dark pixilation of sight and the feeling of ‘tiny, tickley needles’ being extracted from his entire epidermis.

     This commonality seemed to rule the study, so for sake of efficacy and encouraged researchers to plumb the depths and see what more than the three hit standard would affect. Most results were common and seemed to mimic the effects of smoking more pot than normally consumed – loss of focus, drowsiness, mild headache around the frontal and prefrontal cortex, disinterest in surroundings even when events were simulated to arouse interest, dry mouth and mild irritability.

     The conclusion resting on these results may be that the JWH product line is a good substitute for the evil and illegal marijuana plant.

     Subject C noted that after hit three ‘it washed over you like the Holy Spirit on a Sunday morning…or maybe that’s hit four…I forget!’. Research records indicate that the third dose was the catalyst.

     However, one exceptional experience, reported by Subject E, notes a significant hallucinatory experience. It occurred after administration of five doses of the JWH product. The subject, against all criteria of the study, put a single dose of cannabis into the pipe and inhaled it before researchers knew it had happened. The result, that of five doses JWH and a final dose of mid-grade mj, seems remarkable.

     “I took the hit of pot and held it in, looking, but not really focussing on the television which was turned on in a corner of the room about 15 feet away.

     When I released my breath, I saw the room start to go black around the edges (the usual hyperventilated pixilation) and I assumed it was normal, having experienced it before while smoking. Suddenly, I became aware that I was in the center of what seemed to be a semi-invisible, phantom geodesic dome. I saw all the geometric angles – squares, triangles, rectangles, everything… all angular panels making up this dome which surrounded me inside the room. It seemed like Iwas in the center of it, looking through the top front quarter of it. Then the geometric panels shifted forwards like a wave in the tide pulling away from the beach. The geometrics all folded into one another, moving to the front at an accelerating pace, folding together angle to angle until the whole thing folded into a single rectangle – which was the tv screen. This all happened in about two seconds and was over, except for me laughing.”

     The laughter of Subject E caught the attention of researchers, along with the distinct smell of burnt mj. Aside from the extraordinary visual experience he reported, he appeared to show the same results of other participants.

     At this time, we still have materials to test and need to compile the complete results of this most fascinating study.

     Again, we do not encourage or discourage the use of any product, including alcohol. We do realize that some of these products do not produce the same results as those concluded by us to date but the bottomline appears to be moderation.

     More in a few days. I have still not mastered the intricacies of tags and comments and other pesky problems that present themselves in posting. I hope to have this blog cleaned up and looking good sooner than later!


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