Final Cure For Addiction and More Substance Abuse

Greetings, Katz and Kittenz,

Today brings good tithings to all the substance abusers out here in Etherland. Jews have always been blessed with the Day of Atonement and Christians have always been forgiven for sins by admitting them to the Lord.  Now, by the grace of God, the US Food and Drug Administration has voted to approve a new biotech drug to cure drug addiction!

     This is wonderful! Now people who have wanted to abuse substances but worried about addiction can rest at ease. Now you do not have to worry about the horrible nightmares you have heard about withdrawal and all the agonies involved with quitting a drug. Now, you go out, get as high as your brain can handle – chase that colourful dragon, snort that spooky heroin, get as messed up as you possibly can – and when you are done having your little debauchery, all you have to do is ask the doctor for Vivitrol, the once a month addiction cure, and Hey! Presto!, you are clean and sober.

     Is this great or what???

     In it’s infinite wisdom, the FDA has taken the moral choice of remaining sober out of your hands and filtered it into a handy little syringe and all you have to worry about is side effects of Vivitrol. William S Burroughs, who shot up heroin for approximately 40 years, posed the thought that heroin was organic and did not hurt the system, in and of itself. It was the societal stress and living conditions forced upon the addict which made the addict miserable, Burroughs wrote. Obviously, he knew something because as you see by his photo (inset), he lived to a ripe and very active old age of 83. My father died at 81 and he was allergic to codeine. He died from smoking tobacco 71 years non-stop, which is totally legal. Maybe if he had chosen heroin, he would still be here today.

     Bottomline is this: once again the fed has taken the decision out of your hands. Thirteen (nice number for a drug panel, huh?) FDA officials voted on what will control our lives. These thirteen individuals are on the federal payroll, paid-by-lobbyists and must agree with what they are told to do or else lose the seat on the gravy train.

     What is it? Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist, which means it works with the parts of the brain which react with and allow us to enjoy opiate narcotics. It comes in the handy syringe, as stated, but an implant is in the works for those who need to be controlled more fervently.

     It is called Vivitrol and was approved for use on alcoholism in 2006. Claims are also made which state that Vivitrol can also be used to treat gamblers, kleptomaniacs, smokers, over-eaters and anybody else who may offend society by not controlling these habits through the outdated method of self-control.

      Sadly, and most telling about our FDA, is that 50% of autistic children who were given the drug became notably more socially interactive. This would be great news for parents of autistic children but the media doesn’t mention them. They want to talk about addicts and abusers, like me. I am so freaking popular!

     Another thing Burroughs was right about was that the war on drugs would be used to control society. Look at statistics on prisoners held in the USA. Look at how the majority are not caucasian and notice what the majority of them are incarcerated for – drug possession. This is a perfect way to blame drugs in an effort to keep those bad people with the coloured skin under control. The Fed really likes to get as much bang for the buck as it can, considering it is your money, not their’s. Should we thank them?

     Side effects? Good question, Gentle Readers! Thanks for stopping my digression.

     First of all, Vivitrol is metabolized by the liver so people with liver problems need to avoid it. We at CFYSA find it strange that a drug which causes liver damage is directed for sale and use to people who have compromised their livers to a great degree, alcoholics and drug addicts. Everything gets metabolized by the liver (duh). Is this just a dodgy way for crafty feds to kill off the ‘problem people’ in society? It sure makes a body wonder.

     Other potential side effects that the maker, Alkermes, Inc., admits to include necrosis (the skin surrounding the injection site all dies so it has to be removed surgically, leaving a nice big scar), hepatitis (get that from a bad needle, it is safer), stomach pain, yellowing of skin and whites of eyes (as seen in liver failure), liver failure, nausea, tiredness, headache, vomiting, loss of appetite, painful joints and muscle cramps, anxiety, chest pain, muscle cramps, rash, hives, suicidal thoughts, exhaution, dehydration and the list goes on…sure sounds a lot like plain old withdrawal.

     The thing about withdrawal is that you do it yourself, ultimately, you do not need injections or implants and most of the aforementioned symptoms fade away.

     With Vivitrol, you are locked in. An injection a month. That is big bucks to Alkermes, Inc, and more money in the FDA’s pockets thanks to the lobbyists. You are an addict for life, like it or not. You will be addicted to Vivitrol, as opposed to some other, say enjoyable, drug or substance. Try to get off it and suffer the pains. Pay up boy and move along. If any shooting up is gonna be done, we will do it. You ruined your arm anyway…

      So, Understanding Friends and Loveliest Enemies, what would you choose? We at CFYSA obviously prefer a fullblown addiction to the ghastly horrors of Vivitrol, as kindly described by it’s maker. We at CFYSA obviously prefer personal freedom to choose about anything our lives. We at CFYSA think this is the most screwed up ridiculous idea to come down the pike since Obama said he would not touch state pot laws and then let his drug czar loose on them while pot became legal in the White House for medical use.

     Obama was compared to JFK a lot and at least JFK smoked his pot in the White House illegally, like the rest of the people. He was not above the commoner who voted for him, like Obama who can legally do bong hits in the oval office according to Washington DC laws which were passed in his administration, while the rest of us have to deal with criminals or do without what the other half of the country is allowed to have.

     This may be a great day for substance abuse, with the Vivitrol news, but it is still not a great day for people who want a fair and impartial government. It is not a great day for parents of autistics. It is a good day for Alkermes stock price.




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2 responses to “Final Cure For Addiction and More Substance Abuse

  1. Interesting opinions from Burroughs. It certainly takes no great stretch of the imagination to come to the conclusion that the War on Drugs is in fact a method of social control, in particular an attack on the non-white community.

    Also, I wonder what effect social opinion of drug use really does have on the drug’s effect. I believe psychology has a massive impact upon the influence of drugs. Enter with a positive attitude = good trip; enter with fear = bad trip. It makes some sense, then, that negative energy of society could cause negative health issues.

    • to be totally honest, i am not sure if that was burroughs’ opinion. he said it in drugstore cowboy but i am sure they let him adlib some stuff, they’d be crazy not to. he was a total outlaw, though, so i like to attribute the line to him. i could say burroughs as father jim in the movie…but for sake of brevity, didn’t.
      i did get the opinion on heroin making you live longer from him, though, but i am not sure in which of the many books i read it.

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