Substance Abuse, Addiction and Cruelty to Animals

     Greetings Animal Lovers and Lowlife Highballs Everywhere!

     On this shiny, sunny Saturday, let us discuss our closest friends, those who we see the most on weekends like this – our pets.

     In the pictured microwave is Copernicus, or Pernie, the first cat I ever owned. My ex-wife brought him home on our ‘honeymoon’ and he and my love of cats are the only lasting gift she gave me of any type. Pernie wanted to see the inside of the fridge so I put him in and snapped a shot of him sniffing at a pint of milk that was as tall as he was. The next photo-op was right there, the microwave.

     CFYSA, nor the author of this blog, do not suggest or abide by putting any living thing in a microwave, unless it is a microbe living on some week old food and you want to kill it before taking further chances with your life. We despise cruelty to any animal.

     First, a question that has plagued me. If you get your dog high on pot, is that cruelty to animals? If they change the law and make it legal for humans will it still be illegal for pets and regarded as a form of cruelty? We have witnessed numerous friends blow smoke into canine faces, waiting for a humorous reaction to brighten the day.

     One cat I know of begs for pot. Her owner has three cats, all black/grey striped tabbies. They all look like the same cat, except for varying weights. One cats distinguished itself from the others everytime her owner lit a bowl of marijuana. The cat would smell it, climb up onto her lap and stick its feline face out with lips pursed (I swear). This was the signal beg. At this point, the owner blew a stream of smoke into the cats mouth and the cat inhaled. I saw this less than three months ago and I do not embellish. Was it abuse? Did it hurt the kittie? The kittie begged for it and animals know what is good for them, right?

     Look at Youtube, we all like to have a laugh on our pets. My fav is to get the tuna that comes packed in oil, instead of water. To a kittie, it smells like the same old tuna juice but once they taste it, the tongue is coated with an oil. A cat will stick it’s tongue out of it’s mouth to an extraordinary length, trying to ‘lick off’ the oil. It is harmless but they catch on too quick.

     Now let’s talk about some real abuse, the kind that your pet does not deserve.

     As a substance abuse expert, I am constantly consulted for opinion and drawn into arguments. One, perhaps the most common, argument is the cigarette vs pot debate. First, I do not tell friends what or what not to do with their bodies, unless maybe they have birdshit on their back and don’t know it. Being a cancer survivor, I need to avoid second hand smoke at all costs, plus it stinks and make me sick to my stomach.

     At any rate, the cigarette argument always turns to the 599 different chemicals which are added to cigarettes by the big tobacco companies. These chemicals are to make the ciggy burn correctly also and more importly, these chemical enhance the ‘nicotine delivery’ system. We will talk brain science in a future post and address the ‘delivery system’. (If this sounds like a lot of chemicals, look it up on Google, you can see for yourself.)

     Here at CFYSA, we do not give two hoots about whether you smoke a cigarette ot not. We do care when it gets in our faces or when the neighbor’s smoke drifts through my open windows on warm weekend days like this. Do what you want. Or, as Crowley put it, ‘Do as thy will shall be the whole of the law’. That applies to our own bodies, not the bodies of our pets.

     Thre is a reason I put Pernie’s pic at the top of this blog. He died from lung cancer. When he was given to me, I smoked two and a half packs of Salem 100s a day. I think my wife smoked the same brand and about the same amount.

     What pet owners do not consider when they light up the death stick, is that smoke settles. It falls. Unless your pets sleep on a ceiling, the smoke will fall on them, covering their furry, or in some cases fuzzy, coats. Along with the smoke, comes the 599 chemicals. Cats, especially, are fastidiously clean animals. They lick every last inch of themselves and if they have siblings, they take care of getting the hard to reach places for each other. Animals are so much nicer to each other than humans!

     So, if you like to watch your cat clean itself while you sit there and have a cigarette, take the ciggy and stick in in your eye, just once. You deserve it, since you have just coated your pet with chemicals, not to mention the stench of tobacco. The additives, including benzene, chlorine, alcohol, acid, ether, oil and 593 others, most of which I can’t pronounce, now coat your pet like oil on a cats tongue, only worse.

     Your pet will lick itself clean and all of these dangerous, insidious and unknown substances, will go from tongue to throat to bloodstream to organs to the vet’s office to the grave. Is that the kind of pet owner you want to be?

   (I need to thrown in an aside – in looking at the list of additives. I saw a number of herbs which are not officially FDA recommended for use by humans. Some of these very same herbs are used in the making of jwh018 preparations like Spice and K2. It is legal for the tobacco companies to feed the public a hidden dose of the same thing they are outlawing nationally, something even worse really, since tests prove that ciggys kill but no legislator ever took time to do research or to commission research on jwh products. It has to do with those checks from the tobacco lobby. If you doubt that, just look for tobacco lobby checks to congress on youtube and you can watch one of our elected, paid-by our taxes senators hand them out to his fellow porkbarrel buddies. Sen. Boehner, I believe.)

     To be honest, that is the biggest abuse issue I can see with animals. The same chemicals do the same things to children in harms way of the smoke, but as this is an adult forum. We worry for cats and dogs, not your kids. That is your job. It is bad enough that I have to pay school taxes every year and never even had a kid.

     If anybody has an animal that enjoys substance abuse, we at CFYSA would love to hear about it. Maybe you have one of those frisbees with the pot pipe built into it and you light it before throwing it for fido to fetch. My youngest cat, Budderz, loves the k2. I never let him have any or blow it on him but he always wants to have the bag when I open it. If I put some in a pipe, he stares at the bowl until the leaves are burnt and no fragrance remains. He is more attracted to the smell of K2 than he is to catnip, which I grow fresh for him out back.

     So, have a nice weekend. Be good to yourself and your pets, and abuse some substances, too. Remember how much you love your pets and keep them away from smoke and other harm.

     See you Monday! Enjoy!!!




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2 responses to “Substance Abuse, Addiction and Cruelty to Animals

  1. My cats never really reacted to weed. Then again, they were lazy, paranoid and hungry most of the time. I wouldn’t likely have noticed a difference.

    One day I’ll try that tuna & oil thing.

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