Local Police Threaten This Blog and 1st Amendment

     Heidi-Ho, Users and Abusers!

     A few days ago this blog was treated to a comment by a police detective. He told me that I was breaking the law by talking about Jennifer Mann, Chris Christie and dog shit. It is my firm belief that they all belong in the same sentence and it is my right.

     He sent an email saying this: I suggest you refrain from future blogs of this nature. It could be interpreted as inciting online harassment and therefore in violation of both Federal and State law as well as violation of USPS guidelines.

     Well, Fuck me!

     The constitution still gaurantees the right of free speech. I have referred the matter to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), as I find this to be not only a violation of my First Amendment Right to Free Speech but also a case which involves stalking.

     Why stalking? Why would a detective have my email address unless he got it illegally or unless I am under investigation for a crime. I have not been informed that I am under any sort of investigation and I think it is my right to know if I am. That is why I contacted the ACLU instead of the Township I live in. I have talked to the Judge who rules in my Township previously and he has encouraged me to sue the township for not being able to enforce the codes they have set forth.

     With the highest crime rate in the county, why are my tax dollars being used to surf the web to persecute me? Aren’t there any unsolved crimes to work on?

     I have paid my taxes and school taxes here for thriteen years. I have never missed a payment. If you do a State Police Records check on me, it comes up ‘clean’ – because I am not a criminal. The criminal is the person stalking and harrassing me and trying to take away my Constitutional Right to Free Speech.

     By contacting me through the communications system of my township and using facilities of my township to dig up information with which to harrass me,  a personal infringement is perpetrated on me by the Township, not the idiot detective. I hold the Township responsible in any resulting lawsuit, since the detective represents himself as a messenger for the township in this matter. The Township is at fault for allowing such a person to represent them in any way. He is a loose cannon.

     This is all because I said it was fun to throw dog shit (yes, shit is legal to say even though a lot of police are writing unlawful fines for cursing and the ACLU is fighting them and WINNING) on the White House lawn and other places. I used sarcasm, which is a known form of humor. The things I mentioned (yet did not incite anybody to do by words or actions) are so stupid, so impossible that only a real wacko would take it seriously. Maybe his judgement is impaired by all the time involved in working two jobs. Some people get greedy for overtime.

     Throw shit on the White House lawn or on any State or Federal property without getting caught? There are cameras all over the place. The only reason I said it was because it was too outrageous to believe and if I were having a laugh with friends, it is something we might say. A joke…unless you have a hidden agenda or are too basically stupid to have a sense of humor and justice.

     The whole idea of this blog is to say things to get laughs. Do you think ‘Celebrating 50 Years Of Substance Abuse’ was not chosen as the title of my blog because people laugh at it? Sometimes, I get serious, like when I wrote about Rimbaud. Otherwise, this blog is a joke! Pure and simple.

     I got tired of hearing all the momma’s boys and their stories of how they got off drugs but still want to write about their druggy experiences. I went through rehabilitation and Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and I do not write pitiful stories about my lost teeth or what awful things I did to myself (Oh! the pain!!!). They are a lot of rubbish, so I decided to write a blog that was the opposite. Truth had no place in the decision.

     I am a professional writer and have been for more than 30 years. This is the first time I was ever harrassed or stalked but we didn’t have people web-surfing cops here to waste time instead of crime-solving for the past 30 years.

      Two years ago, a woman in Pennsylvania was fined for cursing at her own toilet. She was awarded a $19,000 settlement because cursing is allowed in America and police in Pennsylvania break constitutional law by trying to stop it.

     The fact is that if i want to write about Jennifer Mann, Chris Christie and dogshit, I have the right.

     I replied to the detective, who’s name I am leaving out along with other details, and asked him to tell me what specific law I have broken. Naturally, he did not reply. Stalkers do not reply. They like you to think they are out there, silently watching.

     Since I am housebound and do not even have the chance to do anything illegal, I can not imagine what I would be under investigation for. Anybody in Pennsylvania at this moment may be under investigation and not know it. The detective does not reply. I will hold off on humorous blogs about him until the legal side is cleared up.

     My township, the zip code that I live in, has the highest crime rate in the area. The city of Reading, which resides six miles away is awash in killings, drug-related shootings, organized gang activity and the usual, related issues. Because of this, they have stopped police from investigating any crime that is not a Capital Crime (murder, rape, gun-related, etc).

     The zip code that I live in has an even higher rate of crime than the city that had to stop investigating. We have the worse crime stats in the county and what is done…they investigate bloggers.

     I refrain from saying too much more now, due to the fact that I may say too much and I will let the ACLU direct me.

     I do say that if you think you are an American and that the Freedoms and Rights you learned about in school apply to you, you are FUCKING wrong.



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5 responses to “Local Police Threaten This Blog and 1st Amendment

  1. The cop made a big mistake and I hope that he faces the consequences of his actions. What he did was harassment and intimidation. He has actively sought to infringe your freedom of speech and by drawing attention to this, hopefully you will help prevent it happening to others.

    I am very curious to see how this plays out. Everyone knows cops do this kind of shit. It’s disgraceful that they don’t more frequently see punishment for their unlawful actions.

  2. thanks, david.

    there is no way i could shake the hands of allen ginsberg and william s burroughs and not fight for my own free speech. they would kick my ass in the cosmos once i die!!!

    by the way, i got a couple views from Korea yesterday, or someplace with funny writing like that. i am assuming it is people who followed you in korea.

    yes, corruption takes on many masks. i think the cop was incited to do it by jennifer mann or somebody from her county. he has a hidden agenda, obviously, because if he were acting as a true civil servant and reading this he would answer the questions about which law i broke.

    we are in another valley and the political morons i dealt with have nothing to do with this area.

    it sure is a waste of my TAX DOLLARS though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It might well be Korea, I’d have to see the letters myself. People search for things like “david s wills korea” quite frequently… Some of them are fans, and some of them are just looking for shit to insult me. Oh well. I guess I’m alright until the pigs start stalking me…

      • they are gone now, i think. it showed where they came from on the stats page so i clicked on it and saw my block in a different language. how cool! this is the first time my work has been translated. my international reknown grows. i’m ‘big in japan’. haha

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