Write In On November 2. Spread The Word.

                                                     Dearest Dysfunctionals, as much as I enjoy a discourse on the subject of brain damaging materials and the related after-effects, it is more important to keep a ‘flea in the ear’ of all good people so that we are not all stuck with a couple of horse’s asses in the Governor’s seat when Ed Rendell leaves. By this time in two weeks, hopefully we will all have written in the name of Samuel E Rohrer of Berks County for the office.  It would be a great thing if Mr Rohrer wins, maybe, but this is more about a show of support and a raising of voice before the 2012 elections for president. 

     Talking heads are saying that Obama is losing his edge, as regards being saviour of the common liberal. I would look to an Independent or a Green Party runner but they are rather scarce. If someone is running for a seat and you do not even know the name, they are probably not much of a mover or a shaker, so to speak.

     So as much as I do not want to see Onorato as our Governor, I want to see General Corbett in the seat even less. The lesser of two weasels is not a choice here. They are both rodents that want to take a bite out of us. My cartoon counterpart, Ignatz Mouse, takes umbrage at that remark but it was the first thing to come to mind.

     If you are not convinced that neither of these men are worthy enough to carry water to a sick whore (thanks to Meg Whitman I can use the word whore without sexual connotations these days. Thanks, Meg!!!)

     General Corbett has actually gone on record as saying that there are plenty of jobs in Pennsylvania but that people just don’t want to work until the unemployment well is totally drained. Corbett never made his bones in the real world. He did the military kiss ass thing and did dirty jobs for his superiors, probably until he had enough dirt on them to get promoted. We know that he likes to abuse the power of office but none of us think that it could happen to us, specifically. Big Brother is watching and he is a General now.

      I am sorry to not have an inflammatory quote or statement to attribute to Dan Onorato to even things out. The thing is, he is so mean and hostile-looking that I do not even want to have to dig through the texts to find something. I heard enough during the debate. But look how he had his eyebrows ‘done’ to give him a sympathetic look….just check his recent pics online.


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