Next Best Thing To Medical Marijuana

      Fearless Followers, while I thought that I was late to the JWH bandwagon, I continue to be pleasantly surprised. Since first trying the herbal blends in August, my place of purchase has been a dirty filling station on a seemy street in a crumbling town forty miles to the East.
     Scanning the net turned up many new sources with free delivery but the prices and potency remain unstable or too high to risk. Recently, I was trolling the ‘for sale’ items on Craig’s List when I found a new source just a few miles from home…as Dylan would say, ‘out on Highway 61′.

     Working the register at a 24-hour market for two years can have a devastating affect on a person, I suppose. I tried it for three months on the night shift when living in Newport News, VA, and it is not the kind of job where you see the best side of people. It can make you withdrawn and grumpy.
     There is a sign behind the counter that holds the JWH products at the mini-mart that says not to ask about them. After forking over enough $20 bills, and emboldened to ask why you cannot ask, I learned that there was no answer anyway! All that type of logic aside, I kept returning because three grams for $20 is about as cheap as small quantities get. However, I did notice that the packets were unsealable and that some packages seemed to contain less. It was at this point that it became apparent that you can tell if your K2 has been opened. It comes in a small, clear, zip-lock plastic bag. When a bag is opened, fingerprints appear on the two strips of plastic that you grasp to pull it open.
     The grouchy guy made no comment but did raise an eyebrow the last time a couple bags were held up to the light for inspection before purchase. He does have a few brands I like that come in sealed jars (cool little jars, too!) and they can’t be tampered with, so when I am in that county, I shall stock up.
     Back on Highway 61 is The Balancing Soul, the business which had the listing on Craig’s. Not a headshop or a mini-mart, it is a holistic healing center, offering Reiki, other forms of energy healing, shell massage, seaweed wraps (to relax, not to eat) and a lot of standard hippie accoutrements like cotton baja hoodies, indian-style meditation flags and a great collection of herbal products at the best prices I have seen anywhere.
     Being sceptical by nature, I saw the prices online and expected a trick but not only do they have the same cheap deal as the service station, they have the cheapest take on the product – a very smooth but high-test variety which is only $8.50 for a half gram. The higher test stuff seems to always come in larger bags or $20, one gram bags, at the other place. It is nice to be able to try something new without paying a lot.
     So, visiting The Balancing Soul was a positive experience. One thing I really like is that they associate the products with healing.  The service is excellent, provided by a lovely woman named Tara who is more than happy to tell about each and every product and to point out the ’50 state blends,’ which do not contain the ingredient which has been outlawed in some states and which titillates the cannibinoid receptors. No sense buying the 50 State blends yet.

     As a cancer survivor who has used gifted MJ to get through chemotherapy and to steady my stomach when even the opiates and valium didn’t do the trick, it is comforting to have an alternative, for as long as it lasts.
     Who knows what will happen with the legislation, introduced in PA HB 176 by that horrible State Rep. Jennifer Mann, but I have to admit I have never seen a single article or online comment which referred to medicinal use of K2 or other JWH products. If you see one, please send the link to it.

     There have not even been any tests conducted to see what is exactly in the stuff but it really roils me (literally) to see a good cure go away. Yesterday, while tracking stocks on CNBC, I saw a report about the lobbyists in Washington, DC. The largest lobbying sector, far higher than any other, is the ‘health/pharma’ sector, where $123.9 million dollars are spent annually to garnish favor for big drug companies in Congress. When it seems so strange that the marijuana legalization movement has been functionally useless nationwide, consider big pharma. Have you ever noticed how people who use medical marijuana often note that they do not need to take as many pills as they did before getting medical mj? Afterall, it was the second most prescribed drug in the USA up until our Government put it in prohibition.

     As long as big pharma is dropping all those $millions$ to control our legislators by appealing to their greed, the reform issue is a lost cause. Face it, it is almost impossible to fight against cash.

      On the other hand, as long as there are understanding, balanced souls who take interest in the care and comfort of others, there is some respite…so cheer up!



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3 responses to “Next Best Thing To Medical Marijuana

  1. That’s cool you can diversify, man. It’s nice to have a choice.

  2. The Balancing Soul has new flavors of authentic K2. K2 sex- $21, k2 citron- $20, k2 blue- $20, k2 summit- $22, k2 ultra- $23, k2 avalanche- $24. We also just restocked in Ultra Cloud 10 1g, Mr Nice Guy (in regular, strawberry, and mango).

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