Election Special-GLBTs, Latinos, Seniors, Boomers and MMJ Wishfuls- Go See Clinton&Onorato at NCACC Tomorrow!

  • i The ugly time is soon upon us when wicked spirits with dark and scary visages fly across the state, bringing fear to minority groups…I am not talking about ‘Halloween,’ ‘All Souls Day’ or Samhain, I refer to General Corbett and Dan (Nugget) Onorato. They are the spooky candidates for Governor of PA who want to push economic agendas and subvert any positivity in Pennsylvania for the next four years, minimum.

    The best thing would be to break the republican machine (who wants a real life General for Governor?) so write in for Samuel E Rohrer of Berks County if you MUST vote Republican.
    The best thing for democrats would be to write in Joseph Hoeffel of Berks County, if you are such a stiff that you MUST vote Democrat. (I didn’t call the gop stiffs because they are SUPPOSED to be).

    A vote for Corbett or Onorato is a vote for a wrong Pennsylvania, a vote for people who do not think or read about the state they live in, a vote for trouble for all of us – but maybe the vote that will make me move to New Jersey, which would not be a bad thing considering the mentality of PA. Like Chris Matthews said on Hardball last night, Philadelphia is one place. Pennsylvania is a whole other world.
    This is a chance to change it. But don’t count on Obama’s youth vote. Now more like the Hitler Youth, they goose-step to what they think is liberalism and Obama is counting on just that.

    President Clinton and Onorato will be at the community college in Bethlehem tomorrow, just off Route 512. Go see them and try to voice any protest to the anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-freechoice, anti-pot concerns that you have. Clinton will probably make a mental note and counsel fellow dems in the future and Onorato will probably go red in the face and raise his voice like the big baby that he is. Show up! Try and see! This is YOUR state, not THEIRS.

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