awww…kitties…and a warning about cosmetics from Italy!!!

Purina says it is National Cat Day, so I believe them. Why not? It is for the kitties!!! Featured kittie is Good Girl Inkie, aka Bad Girl Inkie, since it is so close to Samhain and we need to talk about black cats.
I got Inkie about five years ago, when she was six months old, at the Easton Area ASPCA. Bless them for taking care of all the creatures that they do. A friend picked Inkie out before we got there. She and her daughter spent a lot of time visiting with the kitties in the ‘pound’ and had made friends with Inkie, known as ‘Spears’ back then. When I first saw her, she was in a room with maybe 15-20 other cats. She was perched on a high shelf, keeping watch, as is still her style. I got her and a longhaired male, named General O’Duffy, who died of feline peritonitis a few months after I took them both home. It was a sad thing and Inkie didn’t understand and kept attacking her little (adopted) brother in play. Duffy could not defend himself and Inkie loved that. She got yelled at quite a bit then because she was the only cat physically capable of the mischief which occurred in the house.
General O’Duffy died and was buried in the yard with the others and it was down to Inkie and me. She was a bit skittish, as I had been yelling at her a bit too much in my frustration over Duffy. She would only allow me to pet her after I chased her around the house and caught her. She soon developed a stomach problem, losing weight and constantly suffering diarrhea. I took her to the vet many times, trying to find a cure and every month we would try something new but she never gained weight.
The last time I took Inkie to the vet, we checked her out and got her medicines and I made a remark about ‘just needing to find her a brother’ and it so happened that they had a six-week-old male. Someone had left a basket of month-old kitties on the vet’s doorstep and the little grey and white guy was the last one left. He had been pampered and cooed over by the whole staff and they were sorry to see him go but you can only have so many cats wandering the office comfortably.
At any rate, I got them both home and inside, then opened up the carriers. The little guy, soon to be known as ‘Budderz,’ was no bigger than my hand and Inkie attacked immediately, hissing and looming over him, at least five times bigger. He remained unphased and spent the evening on the sofa with me, where we watched South Park and found him a name. When I woke the following morning, Inkie and Budders were shoulder to shoulder at the livingroom window, watching the birdies, heads moving in unison when the feathery prey jumped about the lawn out front.
They were best of friends! That was great but the better thing is that Inkie changed almost immediately. She gained weight, lost the diarrhea and, after a number of months, started ‘peeping’ at me and stopped running away when I want to pet her. What was it about that Budderz, huh? Was it that Inkie needed companionship? Did she need competition at the food bowl? As it is now, Inkie is a big fatso…not real fat, like some I have seen but fat enough that she can lose balance easily (which is also partly due to her breed, mostly Angora, which leaves large tufts of fur sticking out an inch and a half from between her toepads) making her slide on surfaces which Budderz can rule with tactile grace. Sometimes, nearing Winter, her new coat is so thick that she has to have a ‘butt-hole-tunnel’ cut out so that the odd turd (and aren’t they all?) can pass to the litterpan without being held in place by fur. It is funny when she tries to jump up on her favorite windowsill. It is wooden and slick but there is a pear tree with birds and azaleas with bunnies and all sorts of attractions, so she will approach the window and rest her front paws on the sill to peek out and see what is there. Then the show begins…if she wants to get up on the sill, she makes a few false starts, like a person does at the end of a diving board before finally letting go. Inkie may make up to twenty of these little fake jumps before she jumps. On one recent occasion, a friend and I were watching while she tried and she looked and saw us laughing, then gave up and ran away. She hates being the fool.
Budderz, on the other hand, always plays the fool. I think it is because of all that human attention before he was six weeks old. He knows that nothing will hurt him, so he fears nothing. Yell ‘No’ and he will look at you for a second. Pour water on his head and it will bead up and roll off like drops from a duck’s back. The only thing he gets serious about is his laser light. It is in the bathroom, which now makes all reading there practically impossible. No matter what time, day or night, he knows if I am in the bathroom and that the laser is there. Not to be Halloweenish, but i did create a Frankenstein. I have had those lasers before but no kittie has ever took to them like Budderz. He is a good boy but Inkie is the black one and so, back to the subject.
Do you know that black cats are killed in order to make cosmetics? It is terrible but since it happens, only the consumer can make it stop. Buy all-natural cosmetics and soaps. Check the ingredients. Inkie would thanks you. Posted below is an itefrom from Reuters, printed November 17, 2007…

ROME (Reuters) – Saturday is “black cat day”, in Italy, an initiative by an animal rights group to try to stop the killing of thousands of the cats by superstitious citizens convinced they bring bad luck.

Black cats have a bad name in many countries, but nowhere more so than Italy, where a papal edict in the middle ages declared they were instruments of the devil. Black cats were thrown into the fires to join witches burned at the stake.

The Italian Association for the Defence of Animals and the Environment (AIDAA) estimates 60,000 were killed last year, to ward off bad luck but also for use in satanic rites and in cosmetics laboratories where black fur gives the best results.

“We want to halt this massacre, educate people and restore dignity to black cats,” said AIDAA President Lorenzo Croce.

The group has set up 200 information points in towns and cities around Italy, where passers-by will be given literature on black cats, asked to sign a petition and urged to adopt one of the 5,000 in cat refuges.

AIDAA has also sent a letter to Pope Benedict, a well known cat lover. “It would be great if he would speak out in recognition of our initiative and say the prejudice against black cats is a lot of nonsense,” Croce said.

Maybe there will be a Black Cat Day again this year? Now that I have printed this, I will have to let you know how the Papal Father reacted to this plea from the kittie lovers. I am sure the Pontiff was quite concerned!


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