The Arrogant President…Feel A Change Comin’ On?

Tsk, Tsk, what a failure we have in Obama.
Chemise-stainer Bill Clinton has been making his rounds for him, being perceived as a better example of the Democratic Principles – even after facing filed impeachment charges! Bill’s little problems have been forgiven, forgotten and relegated to a place of fond nostalgia in the public eye. Clinton could not play sax very well but tried and also tried to be a good President, despite human shortcomings.
Obama is taking it on the chin bigtime this week. From being ‘dude-ed’ by Jon Stewart to being called ‘arrogant’ by a Meet the Press panelist, it is very hard to find any positive sentiment to prop up the New Saviour of Liberalism. Liberals do not seem to be saying much, perhaps from the embarrassment of foisting the warped dream of ‘the president who didn’t like people’. That is another thing many experienced newpeople and members of the White House Press Corps seem to agree on – he does not seem to like people. He can paste on the phony smile and gladhand with the best of them (a benefit derived by way of a Chicago-based political orientation) but he just doesn’t seem to like people.
Many politicos can tell stories of Presidents who reached out and showed a human side, one specific tale recalls how Clinton would call political enemy Newt Gingrich at 2am and bullshit with him in the middle of the night. They were enemies at work but enjoyed conversation with each other, kind of like Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner meeting at the timeclock at the end of a day’s work in the cartoon desert. Obama exudes an elusive chill. There is no warmth. His smile can be felt just as much on a billboard, if not more, than it can when viewing his visage.
The first strike of arrogance appeared at the email townhall, an event I return to often. Millions of voters who put him in office were asked to send him their greatest concerns, so he could start working on them before he got to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A staggering 75% of the emails asked him to reform marijuana laws. Naturally, he laughed in the faces of the people who put him in the office as part of the first internet-based political campaign. Considering that these people put him in office, the Asshole in Chief could at least have lied and said he would work on it. Instead, he turned to the people standing on the dais behind him and had a laugh at the expense of his own voters. WRONG!
This is the president who smoked pot as a youth and who understood us, right? WRONG!
This is the president who ran on a platform of change and is running ‘business as usual’. (I get tired of how WRONG)
This is the president who swore to bring the nation together in a wave of bi-partisanism and in recent days has made many politically-incorrect statements like telling a group of latinos to ‘punish their enemies’ and who used a racist image to suggest that democrats put republicans ‘at the back of the bus’. How rude!
By the way, you can thank the influential Dylan family for the whole ‘CHANGE’ slogan. It was Jesse Dylan, son of songwriting legend Bob Dylan (who just gave Obama a cold shoulder at the White House a few weeks ago), who is a successful movie-maker and videographer and who was the creative force behind the first videos touting ‘change’. Change seems like a recurrent themes amoung those Dylans. The Times They Are A-Changing is so often sung in the hearts of the hopeful that it is now a national intellectual property. Bob Dylan marched with Martin Luther King in the historic civil rights march on Washington, DC, along with Joan Baez and Forrest Gump. At least he stays true to his heart.
What has changed since Obama took office? Have things gotten better? Does it feel better? It damned sure felt good before he got elected and was in full party mode. He was all smiles back then. Sure he got hurt by the legacy left behind by Bush but that does not touch the basic point…he just doesn’t like people. Maybe that is why he used to like to smoke pot. Some people get quiet and isolate themselves after smoking. It is entirely possible that Obama is a daily pot smoker. Since he became president, medical marijuana became legal in DC, where he lives. What greater stress can be put upon a man than his office? Look at how fast his hair is greying! I wonder why DEA Chief Erik Holder has not arrested anyone for marijuana in DC yet?
Do keep in mind that pot became legal for medical purposes in DC since Obama was elected. The DEA was given power over the states during that same time. All the people crowing about Proposition 19 in California do not have an answer on how that will protect them from the long arm of Holder’s DEA. It is a good way to keep people from the real issue of being let down by the liberal saviour. Yes, that pic at the top is Obama with a joint in his mouth. If you have any doubts, check out the other pics taken after he lit it up, most people have seen that shot already. If you haven’t, just email me and I will post it for you.
That is more than Obama would do for you, especially if you help him get elected.



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4 responses to “The Arrogant President…Feel A Change Comin’ On?

  1. Good article, Michael. A lot of things to think about here.

    I always liked Obama… until I realised that he’s just not that good of a president. I honestly still think he’s a decent guy; probably he does like people. But he’s incompetent. Not fit for his job. Republicans are evil and Democrats are stupid. It’s true. He’s made promises and now he’s realising he can only keep the ones he’s been paid to keep, and paid well. It’s politics, after all.

    I hope Californians do the right thing today. That’s a tremendous step for the world. First California, then America. America, then the world. Maybe. Gotta think positive, right?

    Hey, you should get a Krazy Korean to stalk your comment boards… I’ve got about two of them joined up over the past few days and my view count is around 350. It’s insane. I deleted most of their comments, but kept a couple that were on track. People swing by for the freakshow. Maybe you’ll get lucky and piss off the few remaining Obama-lovers.

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