Bits and Beats

     Dearest Readers, please pardon the lapse in lunacy but your humble narrator was sidelined by a bit of a coughy, coldish, kind of sickly feeling sort of a thing last week. Even my shift at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary had to be put aside and handed off to another.

     Fear not for I am now in fine fettle and also have heard news from Our Happy Holistic Helper, Tara at The Balancing Soul in Leesport,, that a number of new aromatic blends have arrived, high in JWH aroma and easy to afford. Go visit her and take a look. She has some cool clothes for winter and nice gift items for the holidays. Support your local Healer!

     In other news, The Bob Dylan Show lands in Bethlehem on Friday night, having gotten rave reviews at all venues it has played so far on this tour. I am hoping to hear ‘Visions of Johanna’ and hear Dylan sing about when the big ‘girl with the mustache says ‘geez’/i can’t find my knees.’ People do not comment much on his sense of humour but Bob does bring it to the table with an apt description of modern GMO, HFC, MacBurger casualties that was very omniscient in its scope. Ferd and I are attending the show and this will probably be the last time I see Dylan before he turns 70 next year.

     Also, we have the slick new Beatdom website,, which has been updated and looks very nice. Well done to David Wills for keeping a centralized world Beat forum going, as well as Kudos for establishing it in the first place. David turned 25 this week and that is one fine accomplishment for a man of his age. When I see how most 20-something americans spend their time, I have to hand it to him. Beatdom will be publish Issue Eight soon, the big SEX Issue, so keep your eyes open. Subscriptions will be available this year and there are wonderful new artists, and don’t forget, Gentle Readers, that I also appear there with my witty observations which, sad to say, are much better than the stuff I blog.

     In the dissappointments department, I am sad to say that the media coverage in the town where I live is pathetic. The local paper, The Reading Eagle, is a poorly-written rag, with the exception of work by columnist Ron Devlin, who worked at The Morning Call when I did and who was the only other witness to the time I saw Billy Carter, brother of then President Jimmy Carter (the one who played Dylan at his inauguration and tried to legalize pot nationwide. He also installed solar power at The White House but Reagan had it removed in a fit of what he must have thought was clarity.). It was no big deal to see Billy Carter, many people did. He drank the same brand of beer as I did at the time, PBR, and he was a sort of hero to me as a teen…a drunk with a film crew catching every can gulped.

     I did get to enjoy a can of Billy Beer with the late Mr. Carter. He offered to sign the can but I preferred to just drink it. Then the fun began. A bunch of photographers needed a photo opportunity and, so doing, produced a baby elephant for Billy to sit on while drinking beer. You know, democrat sits on symbol of GOP?

     It was a hot day and Billy was not the only thirsty one there. The elephant was obviously warm, as evidenced by the way it urinated on the ground and then snorkeled up the puddle and sprayed it on it’s own back to cool off. Too bad Billy was still sitting there. He got a bit wet.

     Pardon the digression…the paper here sucks and a lot of articles are based on non-truths. I wrote a lot of letters to the editor when i first moved here but it was a lost cause. The point I am getting to is that my fav comedian, Craig Furgeson was in Reading a week or two ago and I was unaware until the next day, when I saw the story on the local TV news. I had hoped to catch Leon Redbone’s show at RACC on Saturday evening but, since I do not get the rotten paper, I did not even hear about it until all the good seats were gone. Leon Redbone is a national treasure and everybody should see him at least once, from good seats.

     The same thing keeps happening – I hear about things on the local news on TV when it is too late. The TV station is not too slick, either. It is run by an ultra-conservative dickwad named (what else?) Dick Dean. A typical story on Channel 69 was the passport story. One day, while catching the news, a story came on about how the price of US passports went up $30. This interested me, since mine expired this year. It annoyed me, as well, since they ran no stories saying that the price was going to go up so the viewers could use the news to save a little money in these trying times. They wait until it is too late. They won’t say Craig Furgeson is coming to town but they will tell you after he is gone.

     Not good!

     You may notice a photo image of a strange man in the upper corner. That is Lord Buckley. Did he invent hip? Was he the first Beatnik? Did he like K2? These and other questions will be answered in the next installment of this little blog o’mine.

     Have a wonderful day, Darling Readers, and remember – QUESTION AUTHORITY


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