What Have I Done?

     Cherished Readers,

      Often, when I am running off at the mouth, people look at me and I can see the question in their minds, “What in Christ is this nutter talking about?”

      Well, Friends and Foes, I say a lot of things that people do not understand. I mean well but just speak from experience.

     What experience? is, of course, the logical answer and so today, I recount all the things I had to do in this life to make money. I stick mostly to the legal methods and those which are most socially accepted. I did not spend my whole life sprawled on this sofa, like Budderz up there, tapping at the laptop. I really had to work sometimes. So what have I wrought?

fur trapper


pig shit shoveler

dish washer




newspaper reporter/features articles writer

magazine editor


lawn mower


forestry worker

hotel maintenance person

women’s shoes salesman

cook at Chi-Chi’s


tree climber

theatre box office intern

theatre fundraising telemarketing manager

ballet company fundraising telemarketing manager

book store clerk

market research phone room manager

book store clerk

newspaper features article writer

handyman’s assistant


lightbulb telemarketer

taxi driver


newspaper deliverer

forestry worker

bank teller

insurance company customer service agent

bookstore clerk

long distance phone service customer service agent

national e911 database manager

hawk sanctuary bookstore clerk

arts center receptionist

medical marijuana taxation systems sales agent

     And there you have it, Curious Ones. Some positions were done more than once in different places, most specifically book store clerk. I have worked as a clerk in five bookstores as well as having been a library volunteer for fourteen months.

     This also does not include and volunteer work or illegal activities, except for the reported shoplifting, which took place in high school. I have also held fifteen volunteer positions, one of which I still perform after thirteen years on the job. With that many jobs, you meet many different people and learn a lot of esoteric facts.

     Like Budderz, I now prefer the sofa and the company of my readers.


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