Bits and Beats Again

     Dear Readers,

     Today I type with left hand, my right arm in a sling from a slight mishap while carrying an extension ladder. I am in pain but aren’t I always pained?

     So, to keep you up to date on Rick the Dick and his campaign of phony emails, letters and you name it, in order to ‘punk’ me, as he so telemoronically calls it. After my Veterans Day post, he sent me a lengthy email in the guise of a marine corp officer. His style of writing is so juvenile that it is like a fingerprint.

     Then, of course, there was the letter with the phony handwriting and the date on the back. I learned that, on that date, Rick the Dick was visiting the state of PA and had used the pc of a mutual acquaintance. Apparently, his attempt to punk me from another pc failed, since I am told that the ‘friend’ who allowed him to use the pc was left with a virus and also lost a ton of valuable information since Rick deleted all his friend’s ‘sent items’ in effort to cover his own tracks. Said ‘friend’ is pissed! Way to go, Rick the Dick.

     The Dylan concert was good. I had row twelve seats but Ferd and I stood at the end of the first row during the entire show and were maybe 15-20 feet from Bobby D the whole time, except for the encore when we got closer to the microphone he was using.

     Of note, the Oscar that Dylan won for Wonder Boys has been moved from rear stage to front stage, standing in front of all the musicians. He sure loves that Oscar! It no longer has it’s own light, like the band members do, though.

     Before the show, I visited Tara at The Balancing Soul and she had a new batch of aromatic specialties. It is amazing how aromatic you can get legally. Ferd was impressed, too, saying he was so aromatic that he felt like he was tripping. I would tell you which brand it was that we enjoyed so much but it may be sold out by the time I go back, so I suggest you go and ask Tara which one is the best aromatic blend for you…and remember they are all legal.

     Speaking of which, I have been searching all the records for the state senate and house of representatives and it seems like that nasty Jennifer Mann’s idiot HB 176, is now being referred to as ‘The Anti-Cancer Research Bill’ because people like myself are finding that these blends relieve a lot of discomfort that chemotherapy can cause. It seems like the latest vote shook things up so much that the main things our legislators are concerned with are their own pensions and the issue of whether it is okay to shoot an intruder in your yard or if you have to lure them into the house in order to take a shot at them.

     Hopefully, the session will close before they have time to address this pissant complaint of a bill. The author just took a look at the legislative schedules for both the PA House and Senate and HB 176 is not up for consideration in either place. It had been tabled and then taken off the table but it seems that Frederick Douglass is next in line to be honoured by the state and they will vote on his status, which is good since he died in which century? The bill had been referred to Judiciary, which is busy with the prison break laws today.  

     This week, also mentioned in a previous blog, brought home the realization that we truly live in a police state here in Pennsylvania. Our incoming governor, General Tom Corbett, as Attorney General, has all activists under surveillance. The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania, if you pay taxes here, uses the taxes to fund a million dollar budget to spy on people like me. I call myself an activist on several pages where a self-description is called for. Maybe they missed me…who knows…and who is that parked in the van outside?

     He has already lost a court battle with the ACLU, who sued him on behalf of two ‘tweeters’ who were tweeting about the twit. Corbett could not stand up to the pressure of two anonymous typers, so he used the powers of his office to hunt down the people who criticized him. This is how he acts before he takes office, so hold onto your hats, PA-dwellers. However, if you do not hold onto your hat and it blows away, the state has it on film so it will not get lost.

     Tomorrow will be my last shift for the year at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. That is thirteen years of service. Yay for me and Yay for Hawk Mountain.

     And so, Gentle Readers, that is all I have for now, or rather all I can physically manage for the time being. My brain and mouth are still in great working order, however.



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3 responses to “Bits and Beats Again

  1. Pete Hyland

    Hi Mike,
    The Dylan concert was great from what I hear.

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