DEA Unleashes New Law to Try To Curtail K2, Spice and JWH

     Gentle Readers and Lovers of the Constitution, it is a sad day today for yours truly because I saw the report about the DEA stopping the selling of the JWH products for one year.

     One year? I will buy enough to last that long ahead of time and be forced back to buying pot from criminals and not paying taxes on it.

     This is just another direct fallout of the failed drug war. In a month, the residents of New Jersey will be allowed to get medical marijuana from their doctor. In California, that was supposed to be the law but the federal government has no regard for state laws and so people who are sick and smoke pot legally in CA can end up in a federal prison, even though they followed the law.

     Dear Compatriots, when will we rise as a force and stop them from keeping us from having what we want, as the Constitution provides for? I was involved with two NORML groups that have proved to be totally useless. I went to a NORML sponsored ‘pot rally’ and I was the one who had to supply the joints to the members of NORML. These people cannot even get themselves high during the High Event of their year and they think they can change the laws?

     Part of it lies in members being so young. It is too ironic that 90% of the students and young people who voted for Obama did not show up at the polls this month to show further responsibility. Obama is priming them for 2012 and people are such morons these days, they will probably fall for it.

     Does anyone think it is fair that 190 million americans routinely smoke marijuana and there are about 1000 people who are stopping it from being legal? NORML is not serious. Go to a board of theirs on FB and see a lot of people gushing about ”wake and bake” and referring to Beatles songs. They ought to put on a David Peel record and get their asses in gear and off the chairs. I understand that it is a different issue if you have never been sick enough to need it. At the same time, it is criminal that what is good for people in one state can be stopped by narrow minds in other states.

     Nobody was around to help when cancer almost took my body so why should I allow them to take the medicine I used to cure myself?

     The sad thing is that the people will never stand up and do a thing. It takes individuals. Crowds look effective but it takes an individual to start a crowd. It takes a singular thought or idea. It takes energy and a desire to get off your ass and do something to benefit somebody besides yourself. Making jokes about being a stoner is so passe’ as to be downright idiotic.

     This week I will run around and stock up. I will even buy a pack of the ’50 state blend’ which is not illegal but does not have a chemical listed by the DEA. The DEA is a dinosaur. It is one of the few federal agencies with an identifiable leader, haha…the CIA and the FBI are all rogue agents but the DEA has control. This country is good but the people had better wake up soon.

     There are a lot more things than pot and K2 taking place around us and we lose more rights by the week, We are spied on, experimented on without our knowledge, told what we can eat, drink and smoke, our jails are full of low-level possessors, not dealers  of drugs and we will lose our Social Securitybenefits because they are spending all the money on a war against a weed that was legal 70 years ago and didn’t bother anybody…except white people.

     White people believed that marijuana made black men rape white women and eat babies and so they outlawed it. Historically, this is true and it is sad that this is how we thought only 70 years ago. The war on drugs started as a war on the black man and then the white kids, zootsuiters, beats and hippies got into it and the war grew as fast as the amounts of cash wasted on it.

     When I buy my aromatics from Tara, she charges me a tax. God knows how much tax she sends to the State of Pennsylvania but I guess states do not need the tax money. We are not looking at financial problems in this country, are we? (sarcasm)We are trying to stimulate spending and then when people find something they like to buy and are willing to pay the tax, the fed yanks it out from under us and cries POVERTY.

     Hey, I am 53 years old and I am glad of it. All the complacent young people are going to pay for that complacency as their rights are yanked from them. It is like a witch told me about pulling weeds. The first one always comes out easily but the others are harder to pull because the first weed warns them. That is how it is with our rights, except the first one got pulled 70 years ago…or more. Once they start taking them away, we get used to it. I am glad I have no children and I feel sad for those who do.

     This country is just going to suck more as time goes on and I am glad to be leaving it. I am glad I grew up when I could make prank phone calls and when your license plate number could not be called in by cell phone. I am glad I grew up before people like Rep. Jennifer Mann started peeking out of my toilet bowl to see what I am doing there.


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One response to “DEA Unleashes New Law to Try To Curtail K2, Spice and JWH

  1. Believer

    Right on man!

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