30 Years Sure Pass Fast! We Miss You John Lennon!!!

     Somber Readers,

       There is no joy in recalling the events of December 8, 1980, the day John Lennon, spiritual leader and former Beatle, was gunned down in front of his home in his most beloved city of New York. I was one of those people, before that day, who used to hang out at the doors of the Dakota.

     Back then, David Bowie and Mick Jagger, as well as John and Yoko, took residence there and there were a number of us who would show up and hang out there, get high together and just waste time tripping and waiting for a stoned celeb sighting. It was always the first place I stopped whenever I got to the city. I would walk from the Port Authority up to Central Park West and hang out until the soles of my feet were ready to freeze to the sidewalk (if in Winter) and then pad down to Greenwich Village and the Bowery and St. Mark’s Place – where it was Punk Central.

     The Summer after the shooting, I had ingested something which made feelings well up inside me and, as oft happens, out popped a song. This one was brought on by the nice sunny day and All You Need Is Love playing as I stood on the porch in Coplay, Pa, and missed my idol. Lennon had been my favorite Beatle and followed Bob Dylan in my hallowed hall of heroes. So, from 1981, here is the song. It has music, sort of Grateful Dead Uncle John’s Band groovy, that a few people have heard and a few others have been kind enough to play on their instruments.

                                                    What bold villain

                                                     could ever have sped

                                                     the shots that killed John Lennon dead?

                                                     What kind of man

                                                    do you think he could be?

                                                     Some fragile, twisted piece

                                                     of Society?

                                    (chorus)  So, watch over your children.

                                                     So, keep an eye on the kids.

                                                     So, watch over the children

                                                     and they won’t come to do what their daddies did.

                                                     What trick felon

                                                     could ever produce

                                                     the effect of a neck

                                                     snapping in a noose?

                                                     What cold country

                                                     could ever have raised

                                                     the born loser killer

                                                     with eyes ablaze?

                                      (chorus) Well, does it make you nervous

                                                     when you turn your back on a friend?

                                                     Are you just defeating your purpose

                                                     when you say that you have no hand to lend?

                                                     One just nation has

                                                     managed to save

                                                     the lowlife that laid

                                                     the legend in his grave?

                                                     Do you think that maybe

                                                     it could happen again?

                                                     Close your eyes and don’t

                                                     think about it until then!

                                    (chorus)   But do you ever wonder

                                                      What should you tell your son?

                                                      Should you show him how to plant flowers

                                                      or is he really better off with a gun?

                  (repeat chorus one) So, watch over the children.

                                                      So, keep an eye on the kids.

                                                      So, watch over the children

                                                      so they don’t come to do what their daddies did.



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2 responses to “30 Years Sure Pass Fast! We Miss You John Lennon!!!

  1. Great tribute, Michael.

    December 8th is a big day in music. It was also the day Dimebag Darrell was shot dead onstage. It would have been Jim Morrison’s birthday, too.

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