Thanks, Obama! Who Needs American Oil? We Depend on Foreign Oil!!!!

     Informed Intellects, One and All,

     We actually break the focus on the murder of John Winston Lennon to give a tip’o’the hat to our hypocrit Commander and Thief, Baccarat Obama.

      Thanks to his childish display of emotion, directed at the lunkheads who voted for the chump, hahahahaha, er, ha, he has so universally alienated himself that we at CFYOSA no longer need to insult him…for the moment.

     This past week, he admonished the people who elected him. He was angry and you could see it. Good for him. The crowd should have thrown eggs but it was just the press corps. If he spoke to a live audience the way he addressed the American People yesterday, he would have been diving the flying shoe like Bush had to.

     It is sad to see him self-immolate…then, again, nah…he deserves it. He has been lying, cutting deals, smoking pot in the Oval Office and buggering the maturing White House pooches he bought for his daughters.

     Another good move by this jackass has been his deliberate shut-off of opportunity to the wounded unfortunates in the Gulf of Mexico – on the American side…the Mexicans are making billions of dollars in marijuana revenue. Our Fearless (with our money) Leader, in the days after the BP oil fountain became the biggest aquatic attraction since Gov. Cartman, Chris Christie (R-NJ) got his fat ass caught in the gubernatorial bathtub and had to be evacuated by being saturated in butter and pried out with a couple of lifeboat oars that were handily available. He decided to shut down all oil production by American companies in the Gulf.

     It is bad enough that Katrina decimated the whole society in the region, practically, but to shut down a major source of cashflow to the victimized areas is an inexcusable sin. Does anybody take ito consideration that children in certain areas of this country (USA) go hungry as a direct result of the actions of this ‘First Father’. Obama appears to be our most abusive First Father, promising us the love but never coming though. Besides the oil industry being shutdown, along with them go the hotels, grocery stores, hardware, sustainables, beer, K2, beer, sustainables, etc…a whole infrastructure of industry is left in limbo thanks to the December 1 decision to continue a moratorium on Gulf drilling by US oil companies. So far, heating oil is up about 18% over last year, according to my bills. Obama will be sure to drive the prices higher. It is calculated when you consider the drill moratorium and the Marcellus Shale free for all, which Pennsylvania Governor Elect Tom (Coronary-Bait) Corbett sold ‘transition team’ tickets to at the price of $1,500,000 per ducat.

     When the BP well leaked and spewed oil in all directions, what did Obama do? He declared that all wells in the Gulf be shut down, pronto. So, instead of having a bunch of American companies catching the oil at the rigs and putting it conveniently into barrels, the US-owned wells were shut down. Think of the dynamics involved here. You have a bunch of wells and one breaks, spewing oil. Shut down all the others and what is the result? D-uhhhh. Ever hear of pressure? Like that gauge on your car – oil pressure? Like when you flush the toilet while somebody is in the shower? By shutting down the US rigs, Obama effectively allowed seismic pressure build and force the oil into the ocean, as opposed to the handy barrels which would have made a profit for American oil companies, taken a little pressure off the economy, kept thousands of oilmen and realted-industry-workers off of unemployment and BEEN THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

      Osama Olama Obama, the spirits are about to speak and they are saying that you suck, bigtime. It is one distinction to be the first black president. Why not be the first suicidal president? It may be messy but it would set an example for a lot of would-bes who are in that position due to your policy fumblings. If you are reading this Mr. Obama, as a substance abuser, you owe us one for the pot trick you pulled. Bow out and allow a real President to take over and get something done. You are worthless.

     No wonder South Korea thinks they are Number One!


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