Obama’s Top Ten Reasons For Shunning the Gulf and American Oil Companies

     Gentle Readers,

     We are heartfeltly sorry if we scared you with the horrid photo to the left but we wanted to blog about the ocean and the gulf and were looking for a picture of a big, fat alligator with his maw hanging open, in wait of a McRib Sandwich, er, that is, a meal. Yes, that is Governor Cartman, (Gov Chris Christie, R-NJ) the fathead who denies global warming and says he is not running for president everytime you see him campaigning on television when he should be in his home state of New Jersey, fixing the budget.

     The oversized lug was on yesterday, shouting at the teachers union. They want a pension which they deserve. They felt they were being taken advantage of by the state and this slab of flubber tells an upset teacher, “Well, you don’t have to do it“…meaning teach children. Do you think he ever missed a meal a single day in his life? I rather doubt it. And thanks to Obama’s pitiful performance, this paleontologistic parasite will eat the country before he saves it.

     That had nothing to do with today’s blog but I found his remarks to be rather insulting to teachers and it makes me wonder what happens to the school taxes I pay since they do not work for us childless-types.

     Here is the blog:

Obama’s Top Ten Reasons for Selling Out the Gulf Coast and American Oil Companies

10. Gets enough lubrication shaking hands with congressmen coming from the airport.

9.   Most of ‘those’ people in the gulf can’t afford internet anymore.

8.   Primadonnas don’t do oil.

7.   His real father lives there.

6.   Has enough other important issues to lie about.

5.   Gets free black hashish from the Afghani’s for allowing them to sneak it into Russia.

4.   Good excuse for a future hissy-fit.

3.   Biden will fix it so who cares?

2.   Why waste money at home when we can benefit our enemies by buying oil from them?

1.   They voted for me!!!!


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