Still Legal After All That Fuss…Smoke that Spice and K2. Save Me Some K4

     Stalwart Stoners and Simple Sods,

      As you can see, Budderz is very happy today because he woke up and looked at the Federal Register and did not see a notice about the recall on K2, Spice and other JWH products!

     Look at him roll in delightful intoxication. He is a cat. He doesn’t know or care how much longer this game will last but it makes him feel good today, alright.

     To refresh all of you, Gentle Readers, the law says that the K2 ban ‘Rule’ had to be posted today in the Federal Register. It is not posted. There is none today and will probably not be one until Monday…or who knows…maybe until Congress reconvenes in January. You can ‘google’ the Register daily, to see if you are breaking law or not.

     So live it up, laugh it up, try all the flavours and like Janis Joplin said, “Get It While You Can.”

     I just called The Balancing Soul to see what kind of stock is left and I got a recording saying that they are moving to Hawaii. Well, how dare they! The best of wishes to Tara and the Balancing Soul. What a beautiful place to move to!

     So for the rest of you, enjoy!!!

     Have a safe and happy holiday season. Keep one eye on the wheel and both hands on the road!

     All the Best!


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One response to “Still Legal After All That Fuss…Smoke that Spice and K2. Save Me Some K4

  1. rollingstoner

    as of today the goodness is still legal here in nc. i have a joint of strawberry funky monkey rolled up that im about to enjoy. glad i found the blog.

    in liberty,


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