Obama Blames American Oil For Egyptian Molotov Cocktails

     You have to give it to the Egyptians for their use of symbolism in choice of weaponry.  Hurling flaming bottles of gasoline in a part of the world that has been unstable for decades, due to economies that depend on the oil sucked out of the sandy countryside, is an excellent way to express discontent and make a flashy statement in one toss.

     Gasoline producing companies in the USA need to bear the brunt of the blame since we are the major guzzlers of the stuff on the planet.  We just have to drive all these SUVs, don’t we?  Just like we have violence on our Mexican border fueled by our evil love of a lowly weed, we fill those glass bottles with the accelerant of commerce because of our greedy driving habits.  We are the consumers of world violence and we fund the firebombs.

     Does Obama really blame American Oil?  No, but he may as well. Sitting on his hands while the people in the Gulf who make a living, in and on the periphery of the petroleum industry, suffer with no jobs, no food, no homes and no lives is almost as good as an indictment of these poor people. 

     What has the administration done to help the people of the Gulf Coast? Really?

     A while back,  a local news story told the tale of a tractor-trailer, loaded with ice and bound for the citizens displaced by Katrina.  When the truck arrived at the Gulf, there was so much confusion that nobody knew where the ice went.  The driver, naturally kept it frozen for two years by keeping his engine running on foreign diesel fuel. 

     He drove it around the country and when he could no longer get paid for his effort, he let it melt and emptied his load into a Pennsylvania landfill.  Imagine how much fuel it took to keep that ice from melting, to drive it from the Gulf to Pennsylvania, to idle while the driver ate and slept; then imagine the cost per gallon of diesel.  This really has nothing to do with the article here, except to show how your money is wasted by your elected officials while the needy shiver and stomachs growl.

     How many meals could have been bought for the homeless with the cash spent on fuel to drive bags of ice around the country?  How long will the people of the Gulf remain displaced?  How long until America starts to produce it’s own fuel again so that WE can make a profit, as opposed to Them?

     How long until the President acts like he cares about the people he was so eager to serve?  The campaigning starts in about six months – then you will see some empathy and concern…sure, you will.


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