From the Beat Cookie Jar…Poetry Corner



     Gentle Readers,

     Today we have a poem, or rather, a song.  It has music but you cannot hear it.  Your Humble Narrator  can hear it in his head, as he could when it was written but the only way to hear it with the melody intact is to have me sing it to you, which usually requires a certain amount of alcohol, which we do not think the Gentle Readers would be able to afford, at our rate of consumption.

     It was the first song to pop out in awhile and, mystically, popped out at a time when all the things we used to love were eluding Your Narrator.  The song seemed to open up a number of doors, from the door to travel to the door to my pens and pencils and paper.  It got the writing started again and it has been snowballing, ending up in various new venues for voice.

     We hope you enjoy.

Lately,  I’ve been thinking
about all the things i used to love.
Lately, I’ve been drinking up
to all the things I used to love and
all the things
I use to love.

Laughing about the fun we had,
so many different things to do.
In smoky clubs and stumbling home
and yelling at the neighbors, too!

Lately, I’ve been looking back
at all the things we wanted then.
Lately, I’ve been wondering
if we could still feel that way again
about all the things we use to love.

These days, I’ve been falling out
with what life has been handing me.
Love is there, without a doubt,
Passion stalks behind a tree.

I feel my heart in symphony
– been cutting slack to humanity.
I am related to a bee
and grateful now that I can see
all the things I use to be.

We kicked down the old black doors.
We drove home on rusty rims.
We drank all the wine we stole from church
We woke up to the sound of hymns.

Lately, I been thinking
about all those things I use to love.
Baby, I’m still drinking up
Those crazy drinks we used to love

so many things we use to love.


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