Beware the Kaustic Kimchi!!!

     Fractured Foodies and Cabbage Commandoes, we at CFYSA have to ask…why do you eat this stuff?  On Monday, we went to market and found nova lox on sale and so we grabbed some, as we always do when the price drops after the holidays.  When we arrived home the precious salmon was not to be found so, upon calling Weis Market, were told to just come in and get another package.  Somebody must have found them at the register.

     Returning to the store days later, a trip to the produce section was necessary, since sliced blue onion is a must with the lox.  A pause in the ‘organic’ section brought us face to face with the jars of kimchi.  On a recent trip to the whole foods market, a visitor was surprised to see kimchi on the shelf.  This was a part of a large market chain. Kimchi is really taking over.

     Remembering the ‘kimchi devil sex’ post that we ran and how people still end up on the page due to a search for kimchi devil or devil sex or kimchi whore, we had a laugh and picked up a bottle for examination.  The first thing to be noticed was a warning on the label to wear some type of rain gear when eating the stuff.  It said that kimchi is still in the fermenting state and is apt to ‘pop’ or ‘burst’ while eating it, showering the person dining with a misty sheen of cabbage juice which has just fermented. Yum!!!

     My friend, who spent time in Korea and warned me off the kimchi, told us how the whole counntry smelled of fermented cabbage and we took it to be a slight exaggeration.  After seeing the warning on the label, we found it prudent to warn all our Gentle Readers of the consequences of dining on such a roiling and tempestuous bit of cabbagery.

     It is always fun to see what people eat in other parts of the world, like stink bugs and kimchi.  In ten years, we all may be eating stink bugs and kimchi.  Then it will not be funny.

     By the way, the lox had rolled underneath the rollers on the checkout counter and had been clogging things up in a fishy way for a day or two until discovered.  That part was funny.


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  1. Fucking kimchi… Rots the brain and rids humans of the ability to function civilly.

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