How About Them Pirates?

     Pictured is the Italian oil tanker, Caylyn, which was hi-jacked on the high seas by Somali pirates the day before they siezed the Greek oil tanker, with its two hundred million dollars worth of crude oil.  Two ships in two days is pretty good.  The Greek tanker,  Mount Irene, was worth a hundred million dollars by itself, even if it were empty, which it wasn’t.

     Hostages are taken and ransoms are paid and the pirates are doing pretty well, for their part.  They are keeping foreign oil from reaching the US and since the Obama people do not want American oil companies to survive, it will just drive prices on fuel oil and gasoline even higher.  Of course, we could produce our own oil in the US but the White House prefers to make the public pay for the high-priced imported stuff.

     There has been talk of miltary action against the pirates but nobody is sure which military from which country should handle this.  It is sort of like which country has the military forces in Afghanistan which allow 95 tons of heroin and 120 tons of opium to slip through Tajikistan each year, according to the United Nations.  The drugs are then trafficked to Russia, where they are processed for worldwide distribution and addiction.  It just makes us wonder how they get it past all those troops we have over there.  Somebody is not keeping watch.

     Anti-drug sentiment has hit fever-pitch in the US but the only way to stop the flow is to stop the customers from wanting the product.  We are a nation of consumers and we were brought up to be such, with subliminal cues used in TV commercials using sex and hidden images to convince us that we want to buy whatever they have to sell us. 

     People at the Mexican border opine that if marijuana were not illegal, then it would not be as easy to ship the hard drugs into the US. The illegality of pot has created a cover for other, much more seriously damaging drugs to hit the market.  Funds from pot sales help with the smuggling.  This could not happen if it were legal, like it was 100 years ago, when wars had endings and we trusted the people we elect.

     So now it is time to watch the pirates and see who’s ship they steal next. Where do they park them, we wonder?


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