Sunday Funnies. Best New TV Show ~ “Must Love Cats” on Animal Planet

     Kind Souls Everywhere, who doesn’t like to watch the antics of kitties at play? Who can resist the fuzzywuzzy rascal wrapped around your ankle, purring while you open the can of tuna (which is bad for them so don’t do it too often)? Who has not admired the sleek grace and comic play of our feline friends?

     Well, if you cannot get enough of it, there is the new show Must Love Cats, which premiered on the AnimalPlanet station on February 18.  Considering the state of commercial broadcasting, this has to be the absolute best show on the tube these days. 

     (from the website)Must Love Cats is a celebration of fascinating felines and the fascinating people who love them.

     From cats that saved their owners’ lives to swanky cat-only hotels, the series spans the realm of all things “cat.” It offers a potpourri of amazing feline stories, jam-packed with interesting factoids and trivia bits.

     The show is hosted by musician John Fulton, who combines his love for ditties with kitties. He is on a mission to prove to himself and the world that America is filled — north to south, east to west — with cat lovers, and is in fact a Cat-nation.

     Where else can you see ‘Klepto Kittie,’ the adorable furball who goes out in the night when humans are sleeping and steals items from all over the neighborhood, bringing them home as gifts.  We are not talking a mousey here or a squeeze toy there, we are looking at a thief that has taken over 600 items so far.

     “He’s not choosy,” said owner Jean Chu. “Stolen goods include towels, stuffed animals, gloves, socks, shoes, spongy footballs. He stole a Converse sneaker and returned later for the other one,” reports SeattlePi. ” He even swiped a neighbor’s bikini bottom that was drying outside, and came back minutes later for the top. He has also pilfered someone’s underwear.”

     That is Dusty stealing a glove, in the photo above.  The numbers are amazing…something like 208 towels, 69 gloves, 68 sponges, 30-odd shoes…you have to see it to believe it!!!
     Aside from deviant criminal behavior, cats can also be seen vacationing in the Rockies, being trained to use a flush toilet, there are dozens of performing cats, including ‘Rock Cats’.  Rock Cats are an actual group of kitties that play instruments…drums, bass, lead guitar, in time with each other but not necessarily the rest of the music-loving world.  The ‘Acro-cats’ are a group which is trained to perform tricks to defy gravity and lift the soul of the watcher.
     This is only one episode!  They had a whole marathon of these shows and they were all great!
How about this 34-pound kit, who has the same body mass idex as a 500-pound man? It sort of looks like a cat belonging to a friend of mine, who also tends to the fatso realm (the cat not the friend).  Readers of Beatdom may think this cat looks a little familiar but, no, this is not the publisher’s cat…which reminds us that William S. Burroughs had six cats that he loved and doted on.
     So if you want to find out about cat poo coffee, the yodeling cats or even the first same-sex, cat-couple to be ‘married’  in a the New York City shelter.  In this age of internet-dating, the show’s homepage even features a link to a site called, where those who like to ogle male flesh along with their pussy can find a cat-loving man.  It is not a dating site, per se, but one can see the potential.  More cats reside in this country than dogs.  More houses have dogs but, per capita, the kitties have them outnumbered.  Speaking of men and cats, odd factoids aplenty pop up throughout the shows, such as the fact that the majority of abused cats are afraid of men but not women….a damning fact.  Why does anybody have to abuse any animal?  It is sick.
     So, we do not know when this show is slotted for regular rotation or what channel number the AnimalPlanet is on your cable system but if you like cats and kittens, you have to watch this.  If you are a new cat owner, the website has plenty of information on raising and training them.  If you have loved cats for a long time, this is the best show you have seen yet. It even tops Cats 101, which also aired on AnimalPlanet.
     We leave you with Henry, who is an artist.  If you want to know what kind, tune in…
     Ciao, ciao, ciao.


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