A Moment of Silence For the True Irish Saint, Bobby Sands

     Informed Readers,

     While we celebrate Saint Patrick, who made a name for himself by having a corpse dug from the ground so he could ‘baptize’ it and claim to have called the man from his grave,  we need to keep the real Irish Patriots in mind.  It is much better to save the lives of countless women and children by starving yourself than graverobbing in the name of the Pope.

    Read about Bobby Sands.

Bobby Sands Portrait

Bobby Sands MP

Officer Commanding IRA political prisoners, H-Blocks, Long Kesh. Born 9th March 1954, died 5th May 1981 after sixty-six days on hunger strike.
Twenty-seven-year old Bobby Sands, after enduring years of solitary confinement and beatings, led the 1981 hunger strike, during which he was elected as MP for the constituency of Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the north of Ireland.
Bobby became an international figure who to this day continues to inspire not just Irish republicans in their pursuit of freedom from British rule but people around the world struggling for their rights.


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