All Balled Up…A Post From Offline


It seems like we have been to Hell and back, Gentle Readers, and it just goes to show you how the internet can ball you up.

A nice, bright Sunday, it seemed good to sit by the windows and catch up on my favorite sites with some coffee in hand and The McLaughlin Group arguing about the state of the nation in the background. Mort Zuckerman was laughing about something Pat Buchanan said and all of a sudden, there is no connectivity.

After several reboots, troubleshooting indicated that the router was unplugged.

Checking it, it appeared to be plugged in properly but the author stuck yet another piece of tape on the jack connector.

No signal.

What about those updates, which were postponed for a few weeks and then went away? There they were on the bar at bottom screen. So we try that. However, they do not install because it says the router is unplugged. The router is alternately showing a red light and no light at the ‘internet’ indicator.

SpyBot Search and Destroy, why not? So that program is run and McLaughlin and Zuckerman are way in the rearview, along with Gwen on Washington Week. Damn it.

This PC has done this before and it is just a matter of patience.

Try rebooting again…

Even a monkey will resort to calling the banana company if it can’t stack boxes high enough to reach the hanging fruit so, knowing what fun it is to talk to the friendly, digital system at Verizon and go in circles and keep pressing the ‘O’ button for operator while repeatedly shouting ‘Agent!’ into the mouthpiece, a call was placed anyway.

Following my prompts, along with a Sinatra movie on TCM, we fonally find out what happened to those three hours of my life:

“The Washington Pennsylvania Maryland Area is experiencing a service outage. Network engineers are aware of the problem and are working on it!”

And that is where Sunday afternoon went.

This was typed offline on Word, so that the time was not a complete waste which, unless you can identify with this, it was…


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