On Occupying Wall Street…What Would Allen Ginsberg Do?

 Gentle Readers and Reasonable Minded Thinkers,

 We see here a photo of Allen Ginsberg, taken by Jerry Aronson, maker of The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg, which is reviewed (with four more exclusive photos) in Beatdom Issue 9. It was taken at Grant Park, Chicago, in 1968 during the infamous riots at the Democratic National Convention.

 Ginsberg chanted to distract the protestors from marching because he did not want them becoming active due to his presence and ending up with their blood on his hands because he incited them to challenge armed police.

 Allen Ginsberg is universally-known as a good and kind man. In Aronson’s film, a comment is made by counterculture icon Ed Sanders about how to decide if a course of action is right or wrong. He offers that the best choice is to ask ourselves, ‘What would Allen do?’

Today, someone took umbrage to the fact that we stated that the list of ‘demands’ offered by the protestors have nothing to do with day to day trading activity on Wall Street. The demands, if anything, would benefit Wall Street. Take the end of the war on drugs, for instance. If that were to happen and sweet marijuana were made legal, it would open up a whole new industrial segment and provide jobs for millions and bring billions into the economy yearly. Companies would be formed, like the already existing Medical Marijuana, Inc, (MJNA.PK), which would put a whole new breath of air into the sagging sails of the US economy.

The protestors want student loan forgiveness. If student loans were forgiven, people would have more money to spend on other things. This would lead to an increase of profits by many industry segments, including food, clothing and consumer discretional spending, to name just a few. The increased profits would lead to stronger balance sheets and the value of the stocks of these companies would rise with the tide. How is this an anti-Wall Sreet agenda?

How about ‘free education kindergarten through college’?  That one seems to undermine the whole financial system, alright, as who is going to pay and since we have never had any children we certainly hope these protestors have pockets that are deep enough to pay our share. Again, though…what does this have to do with Wall Street…not one bleeding thing!

Oh, and let us remind you all that these are ‘Official’ demands. Who is the official? Did the protestors elect another Obama-like figure who is the Official and presides over them? Speaking of His Nibs, the Prez, most of these protestors look like the same foolish bastards that were campaigning for Obama in the first place and if it were not for the pissing contest between Obama and the GOP in Congress, we would not be in the bad economic shape we are in.

The problem lies in Washington, not on Wall Street. Regulatory statutes are not voted on by the men and women who broker trades on Wall Sreeet. They are voted on by the elected official picked by the american voters. Put the blame in the right place if you expect any real action. This is the real world. School is out for ever, as Alice Cooper said.

Then we have the repeal of capital punishment…another hot topic on Wall Street. We guess what happens is that when somebody is meant to be executed, they are transported to New York City, where a bunch of stock brokers have a secret back room where they hang, dismember, gas, stab, shoot and stone the poor people who do not have jobs because Obama does not agree with Congress…does this make sense to you? Odd, it makes no sense to us but this is what people are getting their heads busted over.

Who is the great mind who thought of having all the kids go out and get gassed and clubbed by the garda? Who put the lives and safety of all those people behind their own twisted ideology and is responsible for the violence that the protestors wear like the red badge of courage? Who is the face behind this? That is your criminal. There is the evil force du jour.

Equal Rights for women…gee, we have seen many successful women on Wall Street. As long as they can hustle the equities, they are equal. As long as they make money for their company, they are equal. In the minds of the protestors, however, Wall Street is a place in New York City, once the most progressive city in the world until LA got the jump with medical marijuana, where woman are held in dungeons and treated like serfs. This is all getting a bit silly but we reckon you get the idea.

Why Wall Street? It does not make the laws. Wall Street is their saviour, if these moron would open their eyes. If they had jobs, they would not be in the park. If they were looking for a job, they would not be in the park. If they had not voted for Obama, they would not be in the park. Why not Washington? Why not in front of the White House?

These kids are amateurs, for one thing. They have no grasp of how society works, if they are in NYC and the problem is in DC.

They will affect no real change, except for the change in a few profiles when the billyclubs break their noses and open their foreheads. It is more likely that some old guy, some old WWII veteran, who’s wife died because she could not get the proper medical attention or because they could not afford medicine due to the tactics of our elected officials – the ones who are paid to represent our voices and then take money from lobbyists to stick up our collective ass. One of these old guys is going to take his hunting rifle down off the wall, where it has been collecting dust for 20 years and go to DC and plug himself a few pols. As he is led away in cuffs, some of his buddies from the VFW will see him on TV, while drinking at the bar, and feel the ‘band of brothers’ emotion that got them through that great war and take to DC with their own guns. They will not care about mace because they will just shoot. They are not far from dead and what they had is being taken away bit by bit, so what do they have to lose? Not a damned thing. The old guys are our hope for change, not these young wankers who think it is time for a party and may as well get their childhood agressions beat out of them by a uniformed cop.

Occupy Wall Street? Why not occupy Disneyworld?  That would hurt a lot more people. It would dent the tourism, airline, automobile rental, hotel and restaurant businesses from Florida to all ends of the USA because people would not be buying gas or taking planes or stopping to eat or staying at a hotel on their way to the wonderland of american moronism. This would really hurt Wall Street.

With the elections coming up, all this protesting does is to keep focus off the real issues and agendas facing the american people…like voting for somebody with a brain who can get us out of this mess.  This is the sort of thing the FBI of CIA could arrange to keep the country is a state of upheaval so the light is not shone of the FEMA camps they set up in Denver, CO, this weekend. Did you hear about that? – or was there not enough space for the news on both so you hear about the protestors, instead? These kids in the parks deserve what they get. Anybody who is dumb enough to challenge a policeman, whether you are on the right side or the wrong side of moral boundary, is gonna get one up against the side of the head. That is how it works. It has always been that way and if you do not get it, you are a right imbecile!

These people act surprised that the police are hurting them…what the fuck? The city is broke enough and can’t feed kids in school and has other programs where funds have been cut and now they have to pick up the tab for all the overtime the police are working to contain this foolish fracas.

We hope that every cop who gets paid overtime for working the Wall Street Occupation, cashes his check and takes that money right to Wall Street and purchases some stock in American companies. Then, the ‘occupation’ would actually help the economy. We wonder how many displaced pretzel and falafel vendors have gone out of business because they could not find space to park their food carts. This occupation is for idiots but we are a nation of idiots so it will probably drag on for a while…but on the bright side, at least they are not teabaggers.






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9 responses to “On Occupying Wall Street…What Would Allen Ginsberg Do?

  1. If they were teabaggers they would’ve gotten more attention and affected more change. Not because they’d be right or wrong, but they’d be media darlings. As it stands, they are being ignored. The police are the only ones who really care, and they are doing their usual routine of mindless violence.

    Ah shit. It’s just anger and frustration. People get all crazy when they have no money and they all start taking shots in random directions. I can’t blame them too much.

  2. wow. it has been weeks since you replied, david, and since then they have gotten a ton of attention but the main thing is that do not have any leaders. they should elect some from within their group and use the power of their votes! elections are less than a month away and i am sure they are the farthest thing from the minds of this group, yet they are the only viable tool we can weild for change, and even that is flawed and takes a vast majority to overcome what the new world order has planned…

  3. I understand that the Occupy gameplan is loosely defined and kinda messy, but I’m thrilled to see folks out there protesting! I sat in on a day of the recent Occupy Seattle protests and there were many older folks, veterans, and union people in attendance. I’m tired of the hypocritical tea party hate mongering and glad to see some folks rallying behind the general feeling of political exclusion that everyone feels these days. I’m hoping a national leader will organize this enthusiasm and create a third party or movement that wields some power at the polls. This two-party bantering and gamesmanship has become Theater of the Absurd. I’m hoping that some bright people capitalize (pun intended) on the Occupy movement: organize participants; send them home to channel their energies in developing a platform; select certain days to protest in unison across the country. Occupy will lose momentum if everyone’s getting arrested and clubbed over silly camping Hoovervilles the public parks. The opportunity is there — someone needs to capitalize. Good to see the country still has a freakin’ pulse!

    • i have to agree, robin. it is good to see a pulse. it is too bad that they have no leaders but that in itslef is a threat to existing leaders and maybe a call to wake up. i would still rather see it in front of the white house or on the plaza where MLK made the ‘i have a fream speech” so it ties up washington, where the rules are actually made and enacted, as opposed to scattered locations with scattered leadership. the spirit of speaking out is good to see in action. i think people are so not used to it that they don;t know what to do next…like i wonder how many occupiers are registered to vote next week? do they know who is running in their districts and how to vote against incumbents to send a message? the people who make up the majority of the occupiers, the young, the retired and the unemployed…these are traditionally the people who do not vote. they are getting no education on who to vote for while camping in the park and i did not see a single photo of anybody going around trying to get them to register. my grandfather used to say ’empty barrels make the most noise’ and we have a lot of noise but there is nothing in the barrel to say what true intentions they have to enact the changes they are griping about and the really need to go and vote…you can hate the two party system, and rightly so, but we have to work with what we have at the moment and it was youth votes who put obama in office and accelerated this economic decline so i hope they remember that and go vote against somebody or vote for themselves, even, write in…just to make the statement of all the lost votes…they created a good media circus, a real dog and pony show but where is the results? what have they changed? what will change after elections? not a thing if nobody votes in the proper way…we have to infiltrate the system we have got before we can change it into one of our own. it is nice sentiment that everybody gets to say i’m as mad as hell and i’m not going to take it any more, like howard beale in network…but how does that improve a single thing? changes are enacted through laws. lawmakers are voted in to their seats. you cannot vote unless you are at the polls, you cannot habd your vote to a park squirrel and have them carry it in for you…they need to organize and do something real…not just make noise. anybody can make noise. look at hitler, he was great at it but what good did it do for humanity. noise is cheap. actions are golden. a vote can change things if you write you own name in to show you withhold your vote, or if you vote against an offending party…that was a blog in itself! thanks for sharing your experience and your opinion, robin. reply some more if you do not agree with my reply. i do not mind. thanks. michael

  4. I appreciate you writing this blog, I was not familiar with this subject. It’s always great learning unusual concepts.

  5. this has been used in a course of study in NJ schools, so i thought i would reprint and make it more accessible. if you google the tile, i am flattered by how many other people stole my title almost word for word…and just days after i wrote it…haha…

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