Bob Dylan, Sony and the Supper Club- Set Your Chickens Free!!!!

Dearest Readers,

We crawl out of our hole to post again, it being closer to Spring and we having things on our mind.

Thank you for your repeated visits over the past months and keeping this blog going with your reading. We have been involved in setting up a new online book and vinyl shop, called The Used Beat Book Shop and it is online at , although it is still under construction in the capable hands of the folks at SONA (not Sony) Entertainment.

You can click on the url to see about that one…but today we want to chat about chicks…chickens, that is and why they should be set free. It is all allegorical and not a reality, as it would appear in real life as shown in the cartoon here by Gilbert Shelton, writer and artist of such wonderful comix as The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and his work in Zap, Rip-Off and other higher-grade underground comix. They are, ahem, available at The Used Beat Book Shop and will be online with prices attached one day very soon. Keep looking!

Anyway, Bob Dylan and Sony have chickens they ought to release in the form of the Supper Club tapes, two nights of live performances in the NYC venue by Dylan in November 1993. These are excellent performances of many songs which have become staples to Dylan fans and have never been heard in live or alternate takes. In some cases these live versions are more touching than the originally-released recordings.

Many of them have been popping up on Youtube and then taken down by the record company after a few days. It would be nice to have a copy of the songs on a cd, perhaps as the next volume in the official Bootleg Series, but fact is the performances were professionally filmed and recorded and would be a wonderful treat for fans around the world!

To this end, a Facebook group has formed to push a petition, the page is called Petition To Convince Sony & Bob Dylan to Release the Supper Club Tapes. It is gaining ground with more people signing the petition every day. They need you to sign. You need to sign, if you would like to have these great performances available to you and not ‘here today and yanked from the web tomorrow’, as has been happening with them.

A lot of excellent songs and new versions of the standards are found here, like Tight Connection To My Heart, Ring Them Bells, Jack-A-Roe, Ragged and Dirty, Blood In My Eyes and others.

It does not take much to sign the petition, just go to FaceBook and copy the name of the group from this blog onto the search bar and, Hey! Presto!, there it is. It is that easy, so please do it and we can all have these to play in our cars or watch on our screens at some time in the near future.

Again, we thank you for supporting this blog. We thank you for checking in every day, all those of you who know who you are, whether for kind or nefarious purposes – we welcome you all!

The Used Beat Book Shop will be up and running soon…we have so much inventory it is a monumental task just to scan it all and figure the proper price. You can sell stuff there, too, and if you look at the site you will notice that details about that are shown near the bottom of the page. There will be no fee or charges. It is a community service to an underground community.

In the meantime, we are plugging away on the next issue of Beatdom. This issue, your humble narrator has managed to get interviews with Ann Charters, noted Beat Historian, and Hank3, the grandson of Hank Williams (arguably the father of country music and, according to Hank3, maybe the father of rock and roll). For details on that, see

Allow us to entertain you with one of the songs from the Supper Club tapes. This is a great version of Tight Connection To My Heart, a song that a lot of people write off but which is a favorite of true Dylan fans around the world.

Oh, and another reason we have been so scarce is that we are hard at work on our novel, Egypt Cemetery, which will be  released by Beatdom Books in Spring, so please keep your eyes open for that, too! Once that is done, we will show some excerpts and get back to more regular blogging…we have just had SO much work to do that we are happy to have busy hands but we can only write so much and the blog takes a lot of energy, since it is so damned good!



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2 responses to “Bob Dylan, Sony and the Supper Club- Set Your Chickens Free!!!!

  1. Trevor Osborne

    They should release the 1963 carnegie hall show in its entirety (when his vocal chords were still intact) rather than the overrated supper shows .If it was possible to take out his ravaged voice and replace them with Dylans mid 70s voice then they would be worthy of official release.

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