Extra, Extra! Read All About It. Uruguay 1st Country to Legalize Pot!

not chilly in Uruguay...

not chilly in Uruguay…

Reverent Readers,
This slightly dated yet still-hot news emerged in recent days, 11/11/13 to be specific, quoted from the MJNA website, with full recognition to them for lifting it from UPS and FOX…thanks, all!!!
MJNA is the stock ticker symbol for Medical Marijuana, Inc, and though it has proven to not be wholly reliable, the following items were copied by them from reliable sources. To avoid conflict of interest, we did not read the news on the first two sites – this way we simply pass on what they posted…but it looks like positive news to us and last we heard they were negotiating with Jamaica to do the same thing.

Uruguay First Country to Legalize Cannabis

As was anticipated in July, Uruguay today became the first country in the world to fully legalize cannabis. The country is the first to legalize all aspects of the marijuana trade, with the government regulating the production, sale, and use of cannabis. The measure is aimed to stem the growing violence related to the drug trade and to offer treatment instead of punishment.

From Fox News Latino:

The Senate gave final legislative approval to the bill late Tuesday, and President José Mujica, who campaigned for the legislation, is expected to sign it into law. The 78-year-old president has said he wants the market to begin operating next year.

“Today is an historic day. Many countries of Latin America, and many governments, will take this law as an example,” Sen. Constanza Moreira, a member of the governing Broad Front coalition, said as the bill passed with 16 votes in favor and 13 against. Congress’ lower house approved the measure in late July.


“This is not liberalization of marijuana. It can be consumed within certain parameters established by law. I think it will reduce consumption,” Sen. Luis Gallo, a retired doctor who favored the bill, told the Associated Press.


The government got help from a national TV campaign and other lobbying efforts supporting by billionaire currency speculator and philanthropist George Soros and his Open Society Foundation and Drug Policy Alliance. In September, Mujica met with Soros and billionaire David Rockefeller in New York to explain his legal-market plan.

Read the full article at Fox News Latino or The Associated Press but remember where you saw it first.


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