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Still Legal But K2 Users Bluffed By Media

     A Happy New Year to all you people who enjoy reading this stuff. We have tried to amuse you in 2010 and hope we can hold your interest in the months and years ahead.

     Today we have the picture of the sexy librarian. Librarians are as sexy as it gets, since they have the power to ‘shush’ you but there is more to it than a fine finger pressed against pursed lips, warning you to shut up. Librarians are sexy because of what they know. They like banned books. They are often political and active in the community and in just plain life. They help breed that vanishing quantity…intelligence.

     What does being sexy in the stacks have to do with the consumption of intoxicants, one may ask. The access to knowledge is powerful. Take the K2-JWH thing. The newspapers, radio, television and internet were abuzz with news about how the dangerous and soothing substance was banned as of December 24. In the meantime, it is still legal and probably will be, at the very least, until Congress convenes on January 6.

     The newspapers lie. The internet lies. The news channels lie. The networks lie…take CBS, for instance…they make a ton, literally wheelbarrows full of cash from Pfizer, manufacturer of Robitussin. In April of 2009, Pfizer spent over $6.2 million just on cash handouts to the folks you elected to make the laws in DC. They will spend over a trillion dollars, by conservative estimates, by the end of this decade, assuring that things like medical marijuana or smokable herbal remedies are illegal and kids are ‘robo-tripping’ by guzzling the hallucinogenic cough syrup.

     Some kids build little ‘stills’ to extract the groovy juice and ingest it. Many get very violent. I personally know a twenty year old girl, a lovely child I watched grow up, suck down the robo until she was so whacked that she attempted murder. Now she sits in a state prison, her son lost to the system, her life a shambles…but Pfizer is sure to turn a profit this year. The next biggest spender of lobbyist dollars in DC is General Electric, gee, what a coincidence…General Electric, which runs the huge military/industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about, also owns NBC and, consequently, NBC News!

     The two biggest ruiners of life in the country have the highest profiles by running their own communications networks and feeding us any news they want to concoct and people worry about Fox News? I watch the news from Asia and the BBC. They have a bit less of the old brainwash mixed in.

     CBS is especially hypocritical. My favorite american tv show is The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig is the most hip and intellectual talking head in the business. He can talk literature, comedy, philosophy and the arts. He often likes to hold forth on the topic of substance abuse and addiction. It seems he was hooked for about ten years. Well, Craigy, I hate to say it but so was ninety per cent of everybody who went to high school in the 1970s. You are really not so special, in your short run at addiction, although you play it for laughs with the gusto of a William S. Burroughs, who was an actual needle-using addict for decade upon decade and never went soft and said it was a bad idea.

     Anyway, if Craig really stood for his convictions about how drugs ruin youth, he ought to put his foot down about that Robotussin commercial they play when he goes to commercial break. Sure, it would be cutting his own throat but he would have what he claims he has now – self-respect…well, he often claims to have none, really, but that is his charm. We love Craig, wimp or not.

     The point here is…maybe in the New Year ahead, Gentle Readers, we can all expand our earthly knowledge by looking into things closely and not living off of sound bytes that the Illuminati want us to hear. Let us open the documents which the reports are based on, like we opened The Federal Register to find out that K2 and JWH are still wholly and completely legal in most states while we have all been told that they have been illegal for a week.

     In other words, we need to step out of the herd and stop being hapless sheep. Don’t count on organizations like NORML or the Willie Nelson Party. NORML has not done very much since it’s inception in the 1970s. Look at the statistics… less people got arrested before NORML. I have also yet to hear of a NORML victory. From what I witnessed in my brief affiliation with the organization, two out of the three chapters in my state are useless and, very unwisely, careless. I have hope for Willie Nelson and the brains who are behind his party. If they can get a big concert and a show of unity that would impress the next president of the country, legal pot could stand a chance in america.

     Lenny Bruce suggested ‘the marijuana mayor’ back in the 1950s. He was ahead of his time in so many ways. How many of the people who got fooled by Obama thought he would be the one who was liberal enough to take a stand, since he IS a user? Another example of the networks telling you what to do…first Bush, now Obama…what about the opinion of the common person, the voter?

     At this point, it is like LSD in 1967. It is still legal but it is in a grey area. I often wished I had been old enough in 1967 to have taken the legal LSD, just for the sense of history. Now, scientists at Purdue University are allowed to produce 1000 doses of LSD a year, to test the efficacy of it’s use on cluster headaches. After all these years, they admit that it is a useful drug…although the CIA has known it all along and uses it to heighten the effects of torture on people in Gitmo Bay and other secret dungeons around the world. They are also using it to enhance extra sensory perception (ESP), in order to spy better. They took a good drug, made it illegal and then brought it out of the closet for the most hideous of purposes…the cluster headache study is most likely a front so the CIA and other mindcontrolling entities have access to a good strong, legal source.

     From cluster headaches to clusterfucks, you can be sure the spooks who decide what the people we elected do for extra cash do not want you to read. So make an effort to read more in 2011 for your good and the good of this once-great country.

    Happy? New Year!!!

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Michael Douglas and Marijuana

     Greetings, film buffs and prefilm puffsters, Michael Douglas is in the news a lot lately for fighting throat cancer, as well as dusting off the character of Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s sequel to Wall Street.

     You have to hand it to Michael Douglas; his father is a tough act to follow. A Hollywood Icon is hard to beat but Michael did show that he has what it takes to be a Douglas. I started watching him in 1972, in the TV series The Streets of San Francisco. It was a good show, he and Karl Malden, amoungst all the hippies and street people and great shots of the city. His character, Steve Keller, was always nice to the hippies, especially hippie chicks.

   He showed his chops from Romancing the Stone, A Chorus Line, Falling Down, Wall Street and through all the great films he made along the way, Wonderboys especially. He played against character as our friend and substance-abusing literature professor, Grady Tripp, who drives a stolen car with a dead dog in the trunk who eventually goes straight in the end. We forgive him the going straight part. The rest of the movie is a gas, a cult classic.

   Bob Dylan has a few songs on the soundtrack but won an Oscar for Best Song with the tune Things Have Changed. I like to see the Oscar. Bob takes it on tour with him and puts it on stage behind his keyboard. I have see several shows where Dylan’s Oscar had it own spotlight, like each of the band members. It makes me laugh to see him showing off his Oscar like that.

     Wonderboys is not what I wanted to discuss, but Michael Douglas. So, I already liked him and enjoyed his work for years but I was very surprised one late night, when he appeared with Craig Ferguson and chided him for not being behind pro-marijuana legislation. Douglas feels very strongly about the issue and has been active in pushing reform.

     “America’s corrupt history seems destined to repeat itself until his countrymen can smoke freely, recalling the violence incited by Prohibition, ” he says.

     “I’m questioning it. We’re trying to get a lot of money for health and education and I’m wondering… you look at these gangs, and I look back at Prohibition. When we didn’t allow alcohol, what did we have? We had gangs. We had big gangs. It’s something that needs to be discussed a little more. It’s an economic issue and a violence issue,” the actor added.

     The quotes were lifted from contactmusic, btw.

     So, it is Sunday and it is a good day to sit back and maybe watch Wonderboys and maybe even follow it up with The Big Lebowski.

     What else is there to do?


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Substance Abuse Is the Best Anti-Depressant

     Dearest Readers and Beloved Enemies, Our buddy Gil, the director of the Office of National Drug Policy, tells us he is disappointed that illegal drug use in America had risen nine percent in 2009.

     Gil says that 21,800,000 americans abused illegal drugs in 2009. That accounts for 8.7% of the population 12 years old and older. We at CFYSA would like to take the time to thanks all you newcomers for showing support! Old Gil is not proud of you but his pay will probably go up nine per cent as he hopelessly looks for a solution to your actions. If he ever finds a solution, his job will be terminated.

     When the ranks of the unemployed were almost reaching 10%, a scant one per cent above our number, those lucky jobless bastards got all sorts of attention from Obama, Wall Street and, last but never least, the bloated american media machine. We are approaching 10% strong and Gil is disappointed. I think the best thing for Gil, but not for me, would be a good, new-fashioned anti-depressant.

     The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the use of anti-depressant – lets call them ‘flatline’ since it is easier to type – flatline drugs rose a whopping 48% just between 1995 and 2002, alone. Newer statistics are unavailable but I think you get the picture. As we note in a previous blog, Gil can get legal medical marijuana because he is in Washington DC with the president and all the politicians who have offices there and who can also get legal medical pot.

     Ten per cent of the whole of a population is nothing to snort up, er, sneeze at, but it is still low compared to the 25% of americans who will have a major depressive episode at some time. Once they have the episode and get hooked on the flatliners, we have seen the last of their souls.

     Your happily intrepid experts here at CFYSA have tried most of these terrible pills and can understand why people are so depressed. First of all, never trust a drug that you have to take for a month before you see the results. It is brainwashing. It is wiping the slate of your brain clean of emotions.

     Emotions are the culprit here. We can’t deal with our emotions. Maybe that is because we fell for the american dream and it is not there anymore and we are looking at the reality of life as it will play out in our pathetic times. Emotions make us feel unpleasant things…we care for other people, get sexually aroused, interface socially in person, feel our own glad/sad/madness, think of things besides suicide, have fun, laugh, get hurt, take chances, do it all over again…all of those things which will disappoint us in the end; all those things which make us HUMAN.

     It is the American Way, since British Imperialism first soiled our shores, to take away anything which allows us to feel or think for ourselves. If we do not blindly follow, we are a danger.

     Did you ever see one of those tv commercials for these drugs where they tell all the side-effects at the end? They actually are selling one such flatliner that ‘can cause certain lymphomas’ in some patients. What they are saying is that the pills can give you CANCER but if we tell you first, we can get away with it…an american concept if ever there was one!

     All we have to do is take the pills we are told to take every day for a month and the next you know, we are flatlining our way directly to farmville, yo-ville and all points inbetween. No need for people when we are on anti-depressants. no need for laughing or sex when The Price Is Right is on Facebook. Just the need to take our meds every day, like Nurse Ratchet tried to force on R P McMurphy in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ an excellent novel, written by Ken Kesey while under the influence of the fun-to-abuse drug LSD.

     Kesey wrote it after ingesting very strong doses of LSD which were given to him by researchers who were trying to figure out if the CIA could use the stuff for developing ESP, extra sensory perception, and other funny brain tricks, in the agents who spy on us. It is not the story of a man. It is the lesson for american society. If you haven’t read it, please do. It is free at the library. If you have read it, then make like the Big Chief and throw that sink through the window and escape. You may not have a sink to throw but you do have a substance to abuse, if you look around.

     Reality is a problem in the scenario, as well. In my office days, I worked a lot of overtime. I needed the money to buy a house, make car payments, abuse stuff and buy new clothes for work. A typical day at the office for me was 545am-6pm. That is not just a lot of work, it is a lot of reality! If I started work at 545am, then surely I was smoking a bowl at 530am, then at a 10am, then at lunch, then a 2pm break, a 5pm break when everybody was leaving, one on the way home and another after dinner.

     Since I have retired from the rat race (where even if you win, you are still a rat), I no longer deal with a reality which is pressed upon me. I have my own reality. It kinda sucks, in a way, because I do not feel like getting high so much now, in my own reality. Now I do not get stoned in the morning or the afternoon, unless having a special occassion.

     We all have two realities – ours and the one they start trying to pull over our eyes as soon as we get to school. We are taught to learn this and be like that so we can make it to high school. In high school, we can pick a trade or prepare for college. If you are smart you will choose a trade. People who think they are smart generally choose college prep. When they get to college, they are encouraged to do well so that they get good grades and will build a good resume and end up in a job with a Fortune 500 company that has a nice pension plan for you.

     RRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG – wake the feck up, people! There are no more pensions. Fortune 500 companies have become the most unstable of places to waste your lives. Even your dear author got downsized from two of them in a row, where I had worked hard, become employee of the month, put in position of authority and then ‘downsized’ because I made too much money due to all the bonuses and raises I got from working hard. There is the reality of the american dream.

     The other reality, your own true reality, lives and breathes in our heart of hearts as we try to smoke, drink, exercise, pray, game, ignore and screw it out of our own conscious minds. We do this because we can’t reconcile what WE wanted to be with what they want us to become – in essence a nation of slaves that rally around the flag and stick our asses in the air to get screwed by any fatcat who has the inclination.

     We do as we are told and we are told to take anti-depressants. We do that until we wake up, which is often after we are old, bitter and too tired to complain. We couldn’t complain, anyway, because that would show some emotion.

     The fact still remains that we have this unbearable reality that is never going to work and it is being pushed on us. We can take the flatline pill and start to color by the numbers – OR, we can take matters into our OWN hands and abuse a nice friendly substance, like pot or maybe a nice Guinness stout or six (I’ll have the Magner’s Irish Cider, thanks). In the long run, we may feel funky for a few days, may have hangovers, may be tipsy of high – but we will be in control of our own brains. We will ‘choose our own poison’ like they said in the cowboy movies when deciding which liquor to drink.

     It is all not so easy as I make it sound, and we all know that. To my east, in the great state of New Jersey, citizens passed a law about seven or eight months ago to make marijuana legal for medical use in that state. It passed through the senate and the house with no flack and the governor at the time had promised to sign it as soon as it reached his desk. He was voted out of office in the great anti-dem groundswell caused by too much liberalism and now the legal marijuana is just out of reach of patients in NJ. One such person, a young man with multiple sclerosis, was jailed for growing mj plants for his own use – after the law had passed. He was thrown in stir, where his condition rapidly deteriorated due to his illness.

     The new guy in charge in NJ, Chris Christie, an over-fed parcel of pork who reminds one of ham, eggs, homefries and greasy lip-stains on a shirtsleeve, is known to voters as Governor Cartman.  Literally, billions of dollars in taxes from legal pot sales are going up in potential smoke because the law was supposed to change in summer but Cartman has not seen fit to put his pen to paper as quickly as he might fork to mouth. It is not like the money matters, since last week it was reported that he lost the state $480 million because he could not be bothered with correct paperwork.

     When we look around and see these things, who doesn’t feel the need to abuse something, who doesn’t want a drink? Ah-Ah-Ah! We are getting close to the forbidden zone of free thought. If you have a few drinks and mull the situation over, you may see it for what it is – better they shove a pill in your mouth so you stop thinking about this stuff. Those annoying feelings do lead to thoughts, you know, and thoughts can lead to action and that is the main reason they prefer us to flatline; they are afraid we will think and take action.

     So if you feel down, try an amphetamine. We suggest the legal ones, like adderall, since you won’t get arrested for having them and in some medical communities are found to be the perfect thing for getting us up and off our asses and back into the flow of being a living, viable person again. They are a great source of energy and have gotten a bad rap. The pill is not good or bad. That is the reality trip they try to force. How we act when we take the pill is either good or bad. If you take an amphetamine and, as a consequence, drink too much because your mouth is dry, stay up all night long because you are doing something interesting or stay up all week long because you are trying to kill something inside yourself – that is the bad abuse. The good abuse is when we take our uppers and eat and sleep and exercise and feel happy because we have all the time and energy we want and are not tired.

     If prone to anxiety and pot is not strong enough to overcome what the system is trying to do to us, valium or any of the benzo-diazapine family are excellent choices to cool our heels and not feel like we are being pushed to the slaughter pen. Joe Kiernan, on the stock program ‘Morning Call’ on CNBC, recently made a comment on air about how nice it is to mix oxycontin with wine. We do not suggest that but merely mention it to point out that Joe has a job that most people would kill for, has nice homes, a family, money out the wazoo and still likes to abuse the substances. Way to go, Joe. You are my favorite market analyst! You tell the truth.

     Isn’t that what all this is about…truth?

     Most people hate truth. If you are fighting with your lover or mate and want to get rid of them once and for all, try telling them the truth. It is usually much more vicious than anything you could make up. People hate the truth about themselves and, in so doing, build a screen of resentment against all truths.

     The flatliners get packaged, prescribed, sold and swallowed. Feelings are not expressed, orgasms become extinct, eyes glaze to a nice sheen and we do what we are told when we take them. Pot makes your eyes red and takes off some of the sheen. LSD will pop them out of the sockets and wash them in a solution that allows you to see again.

   Old Gil, meanwhile, is twiddling his thumbs behind a desk, down the street from a compassion center where he can buy kush or hashish and it is totally legal while our prisons are filled to capacity with people who made the mistake of having the wrong colour skin while smoking the same stuff Gil and Obama can get legally in DC. We have all seen the pics of Obama smoking pot by now, right? We have also heard of the people service LIFE sentences for simple ossession of small amounts of what the president is allowed to have legally. Is this the kind of place you want to raise shildren in?

     Gil works for the government and gets paid by our taxes and can do whatever the feck he wants as long as he keeps out of the papers. He can look at his numbers and reckon percentages and spend all day worrying about ‘eroding attitudes’ being the cause for senior citizens (the quickest growing segment of potsmoking substance abusers) and twelve year olds smoking the devil’s weed.

     If Gil is so disappointed, I wonder why he doesn’t take a nice anti-depressant. He is showing feelings.        

     Oh, yeah, he can just buy some legal pot. Way to go Gil!


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Bill Maher – ‘The Emperor’s New Ho’?

     Friends and critics, our last post took a swipe at television’s Craig Ferguson, host of the Late, Late Show on CBS. The slight was not intended toward Craigy but meant to point out how irresponsible CBS is in choosing sponsors. We at CFYSA admire Mr. Ferguson. He is an excellent author of film, novel and biography, a highly intelligent personage and a fun guy, as well. He may decry the use of illegal substances for himself but is still kind enough to do ‘tricks for stoners’ on Fridays nights, when they watch in ‘high’ concentration.

     God Bless You, Craigy, and all of your zany ways!

     This behaviour is in sharp contrast to the anaconda-like personage of Bill Maher, poster child for liberals worldwide. Maher used to be funny, up to date with contemporary society and a viable force in the last presidential election. Most young liberals who were on the Obama bandwagon laughed as Maher poked at George W. He made sense and he smoked pot.

     Fast-forward, not even two years…Obama is in office, due largely to votes gathered in colleges and other hotbeds of liberalism. Once the Saviour of America won the office, he decided to show his voters how interested he was in their lives and concerns. He opened up the White House computer bank to a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ of email questions. When more than 75% of the emails asked what he would do as regards legalization of marijuana, he laughed them off and suggested that the voters who sent them were ‘high’ and laughed off his largest core constituency, next to black voters. A lot of the black voters wanted legal pot, too.

     Following this debacle, a law was passed in Washington DC, allowing the use of medical marijuana for people who live in the District of Columbia. This accomplished, any senator, congressman, president, representative or lobbyist with a brick-and-mortar address in DC can feign a headache and get high grade marijuana whenever they have the urge. Not us.

     The majority of the remaining citizens of the USA cannot afford such medicine, even if we have cancer of MS. We are the poor schmucks who pay for the ticket so these left and right wing con artists can ride the reefer bus. This is where Bill Maher comes in.

     Maher has taken to criticizing the Obama administration, yet not with the zest with which he attacked W. Along with this, he has (or his writers, more like) fallen far out of touch with the american middle class, who he pretends to champion.

     Maher loves to talk about his ‘volcano,’ a marijuana-smoking device which vaporizes MJ so that it may be ingested without the danger of inhaling smoke. This piece of equipment costs more than most motor vehicles I, and many of my friends, ever owned. He jumps at the chance to note how expensive the weed he smokes is. He rubs it in our faces.

     It is amusing when he claims that his genetics and behaviour make him immune to diseases which plague many people and are simply unavoidable. He never gets a common cold, he claims. This is because he lives in a bubble and has no contact with people at large. No matter how healthy you are, if a person on a plane is sick with something that is contagious and they sneeze during flight, most people will catch the virus. Not our Bill, however. He claims it is because of his superiorly-expensive diet but we know it is because he has a private jet and all crew members wear rubber gloves, changing them for new pairs frequently. He IS a comedian and this stuff MIGHT be funny, if he were not dead serious.

     One of the swipes he took at Obama, after helping his campaign with sly jokes and witty rhetoric, concerned the stimulus checks of last winter. Laughing at how useless they were, he cited these $600 checks as not enough to buy a bag of pot with. In my case, $600 goes a long way in filling the oil tank and keeping my house warm so cats and kitties and myself live in comfort. I have to admit, it came in handy.

     Another thing that irks old Bill are those damned fatcats who selfishly hoard cash while we common folk strive to survive. Annoying him, too, are network broadcasters with opinions which differ from his. He mocks the easy lifestyle they lead on a network paycheck.

     HBO is the largest, richest, greediest, television franchise in the world. Maher has the catbird seat, commanding the primest of time available on the cable company. His pay surely triples that of most lowly network newpersons, dwarfing the compensation of these true journalists, and at the same time trivializing the importance of real news.

     Why learn about the real thing when it is more fun to hear Maher’s writer’s comic take on it? I am assuming that he has writers because, in the past, a lot of his jokes were funny, rather than pathetic. The new season starts soon. The network advertisements, alone,  for this lackluster foppery probably cost more than your parents made in their lifetimes…and so will residuals from rerunning it in other countries and formats.

     He is not your friend. He is a huckster who profits by running his mouth and depending on you to believe in his sincerity, like when he stares quietly into the camera at the end of each show and speaks softly, as if he is there in your livingroom with you. Except he would never come into YOUR livingroom. You are too fat and too germy for our Bill.

     While recoiling at the thought of a new season of this pap, one must admit that he does get some good guests who have good opinions. It is too bad that he overrides this windfall of intellect by talking over his learned guests. They are obviously imported from other news shows like Meet The Press, Face The Nation, The McLaughlin Group and others, in an effort to make Bill appear to be ‘in the know’.

     His time is as limited as his sensitivity to his core fans. He is as timely a comedian as Jimmy Durante, except Durante could sing, dance, joke – but above all he had ‘Class’.

     Craig Ferguson is another guy with Class. He should be on HBO and Maher should be relegated to following Jimmy Fallon at 3am on whatever channel takes him. Craig never talks down to his audience. He demeans himself, something Maher would never have the self-confidence to do. Craig can talk about philosophy, politics, masturbation, psychology, literature and sex, sex, sex, bringing it all together brilliantly. He is a gentleman. He makes us feel good.

    Bill has no Class. He is no gentleman. He sucks. Maybe this season he will have new writers and a better attitude toward us little people, as he and Obama regard us.

     Craig’s Late Late Show is on weeknights at 1237amEST, following David Letterman.

     He is a man of the people, as opposed to Maher’s take at being the whore of babble-on. Maher could have been an important force, as proven in 2007. Maher coulda been a contender. Now, he just sucks – on his pricey vaporizer.


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