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‘It Done Something To Him’…A New Perspective on Sexuality

Gentle Readers,

We are all little lambs who have gone astray, to a degree, and some of us stray more than others.  We at CFYSA have strayed from our planned topic for today due to some information received from a familiar source, on the topic of the nature of human sexuality and homosexuality.

     The source of our data is the inimitable Ferd, who gesticulated in the Summer sun, while dress completely in black and sitting on a little chair that folds out from a cane. He does not use the cane when riding bicycle but likes to sit when he can and so carries this piece of handicappana…

     At any rate, a recent death in the family resulted in the usual get-together and, in asking about his relatives, it would appear that the high point of the ceremonies was the appearance of Ferd’s cousin, Wanda, who used to be cousin Willie.  The sex change did not cause so much a stir as the in-your-face maleness of the new-born Wanda. While now a woman, she retains quite the mannish figure.

    But how does this happen? The debate rages on whether sexual orientation is a product of genetics or one’s environment. Convincing arguments are thrown out by both sides but no one, true answer is accepted. In the Case of Wanda, Ferd feels, it was 100% environment.

     The environment in question, as odd as it seems, is a pasture where Willie and Ferd used to play as children. First cigarettes and countless candy bars were consumed in said pasture, which was bound by an electric fence to keep the livestock from wandering.  In Ireland, they paint the livestock so that, if they wander, you can tell which sheep belongs to whom by the spray swatch on its back.

     Willie would have liked that.

     One day, when they were eight or nine years of age, they played in the pasture until Willie was overcome by the urge to urinate. It is not uncommon to urinate outside on a farm but, at the same time, it is a good idea not to do it on an electric fence, should one be handy.

     Willie happened to be near one that was handy and let a stream go right onto it. This was followed by a series of screams and caterwauling such as Ferd had never heard in his young life and which he can still hear to this day. The electric jolt from the fence drove its way straight up the stream of urine and zapped Willie senseless. He was never right after that.

     “It done something to him,” notes Ferd. and that ‘something’ not only made him want to be gay but to go the whole route and change his sex. There is no other evidence is his sheltered life to show any other reason for such a radical turnaround.

     It just done something to him…so speculators, haters, members of the GLBT community, keep this incident in mind when discussing how we become what we are. It could be a diamond which shines a light of truth on a tough subject to reckon out. It could be that Ferd is just whacked out, too.

     Who knows?


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