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Let’s Just Slow The Whole Thing Down!

     Gentle Readers,

     The whole world is spinning on a wobble due to the concern over gas and oil prices.  Years ago, the USA put speed limits on highways and initiated the ‘Drive 55’ slogan to encourage people to slow down and save gas.

     Thinking back, this is an excellent idea.  We even feel that it should be taken further.  It is hard to gauge and we have been googling for the proper answer but if you save gas by slowing down to 55mph, how much slower can you go to save even more?  What we need to do is to determine the minimum speed which will save us the most fuel and go on that.  Leave the house at the same time, leave work and school at the same time, but drive at the slowest economical speed for your vehicle.

     If businesses slow down or schools start late, blame the fed. They raised the prices with their fakakta policies, let them deal with the slow down that results.  Do you really want to get to work on time?

     Another way to accomplish this comes to mind.  Driving home from Atlantic City yesterday, and cutting through the pine barrens, we saw what looked like an armadillo crossing the road ahead. Speeding up to catch a glance, we saw a rabid raccoon.  It’s tail was straight and pointy at the end, not like a raccoon, though it was still striped.  It was staggering down the double-yellow and it’s fur was matted.  It looked almost sweaty.

     There was no traffic at that instant but a large grid was approaching and, in the rearview mirror, we saw three lanes of traffic come to a complete halt due to one rabid mammal.  Perhaps we should collect all rabid animals and loose them on the highways, saving bullets and time.  It was a disturbing sight, as we have always liked raccoons since reading the great Sterling North books, like Rascal and Raccoons Are The Smartest People.  We do not advocate any action against raccoons, per se’.

     Even more disturbing is the thought of all those mosquitos in the pine barrens, which are famous for their ferocity in bloodsucking.  It makes us wonder if bugs can transmit rabies, if we should take the cats in for boosters even though they do not go outside (the chance of a rabid bat getting in the house are pretty low but bats DO get in, as we have seen in other houses).

     Maybe if we took a rabid badger and threw it on the floor of the Congress and bolted the doors with all our Gongressmen locked inside with a domestic oil policy to sign,  perhaps it would work in the opposite way and speed up the signing.  Rabid animals may come in handy, afterall.

     Until we can work out a logical way to achieve this end, let’s just all consider going slower.  Here are some recent tips on saving gas, thanks to the AAA:

Take a load off

Aerodynamics can become quite significant at highway speeds. Carrying luggage on the roof of your car or towing equipment can be costly.

“Any time you do something like that, your fuel economy is going to tank,” AAA’s Hyde said.

When ski season ends, take the rack off your car, said Mike Quincy, automotive specialist with Consumer Reports. “Racks produce a lot more aerodynamic drag, so your car has to work harder to slip through the air,” he explained.

He added that drivers should remove any unnecessary weight from their trunks. Weight is the biggest pitfall when it comes to maximizing a car’s fuel efficiency, Quincy said.

“The more weight the car has to move, the harder the engine has to work. If you are carrying around stacks of National Geographic magazines, take them to the recycling center,” he said. “All that extra weight is costing you miles per gallon. There’s stuff that you don’t need in your car; you keep meaning to drop it off.”

Avoid gimmicks

When gas prices spike, products claiming to boost fuel efficiency pop up. Avoid them, experts said.

“All of these shady entrepreneurs come out and try to sell you these gizmos to add to your car to add fuel economy,” Quincy said. “But if there was a magic bullet, then the car companies would use them. When gas prices go up, people prey on greed and fear. Don’t fall prey.”

Plan your trips

To save on gas, try to run all of your errands in one trip and avoid backtracking.

“If you take four trips with a cold engine, that takes more gas than when you try to do it all at once with a warm engine,” Hyde said.

Drivers can also plan to use gas stations with cheaper prices. AAA provides a free fuel-price finder.

Turn on the air conditioning

Drivers with modern cars that recirculate cooled air shouldn’t be afraid to run the air conditioning.

“When you roll down the windows, you start messing with the aerodynamics of the vehicle,” Hyde said. “When you open those windows, you are not going to get maximum fuel efficiency because it creates new drag.”

Further, Quincy said open windows can mean trouble for drivers.

“You are increasing the turbulence in the car. The whole cabin is very noisy, and that makes you more fatigued,” Quincy said. “Run the air conditioner because it will make the driver happier, more comfortable and more alert, and that will make for a safer driver.”

Popular advice

Popular gas-saving advice calls for drivers to mind the speed limit, use cruise control and avoid too much idling, according to Edmunds.com. Further, careful drivers should also make sure to get their engine tuned, check their air filters and use the right motor oil.

Properly inflated tires will somewhat improve fuel economy, and this maintenance is easily accomplished. Quincy recommended checking tires at least once a month.

“Underinflated tires compromise your car’s handling and braking, and they also wear faster,” Quincy said. “If your tires are underinflated, there’s a lot more rolling resistance, and the car will have to work harder to roll down the road.”



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Gas Shock Clocked, Writer’s Block Stopped

     Understanding Readers,

     We have not posted for a week or so. One of our last posts detailed problems with the pc and an outage at Verizon’s internet banks.  Yesterday, a Verizon worker came to my house after three days of me switching out old wires, phones, jacks, you-name-it, only to tell me that my phone line had been disconnected at the main office, for no reason.

     Falling off the face of the earth, with no phone or internet, was a very strange, lost feeling.  I felt disconnected and could not communicate with friends or go on the stock market or watch videos of fuzzy kittens.  Once used to it, the amount of work that had been put off for no particular reason became easy to tackle without the interference of the web.  I got a lot of interference from my cat, Inkie, but she is just a bug no matter what.

     Nonetheless, my trusty auto, which has been taking me from here to there since 2004, sucked up over $50 worth of gas the other day.  In seven years, it never took $50 worth.  This does not bode well for my idea of the crosscountry kittie caravan in the 30foot RV.  It makes me wonder how much more people will take. 

     Of course, as usual, there is always somebody to blame…now who would we blame if America was rich in oil and natural gas, yet the people living here are not able to afford to fill their cars, trucks and oil tanks at home?  Who would we blame if all the gas and oil we are allowed to consume has to be shipped from halfway across the world, while people who produce gas here could do it cheaper but are not allowed to because of hidden political agendas?  Who would we point to as the Anti-Christ?  If you said ‘Obama’ you could be right on all counts.

     My next door neighbor does not like Obama.  She is 82 years old and was a nurse for many years of her life, in facilities around Long Island, NY, where she is from.  She says she learned to read people’s faces and can tell when people lie about being in pain or caring about others or other facial ‘giveaways’.  She does not like the look on Obama’s puss and you have to admit, he is one of the MEANEST-looking presidents we ever had.  I can only remember back to Kennedy but nobody in that office ever gave the dirty looks that Obama can deal out to those who disagree with him. Sorta like this…

     So, it can be pretty obvious that he does not like people.  That would explain why he wants to screw his own country in a way that will take the rest of history to undo.  Five states now have gas above the $4 line and he can ride around on Air Force One and look down on us.  He could tell SecRATary of the Interior Salazar to stop the moritorium on american oil companies.  BP is drilling in Alaska, where a lot of people think our reserves are…guess what? They are BP’s reserves now…we are not allowed to drill but BP can because they are not American, yet they drill on our soil.  We are giving our resources to BP so they can resell them back to us at an elevated price.


     Because we let him; because we elected him (not me), and because we do nothing about his actions now but to watch in awestruck horror as he dismantles the economy and ruins the lives of countless millions in the Gulf.

     Soon it will be April 20.  420.  We suggest that on that day, nobody take any substances which will muddle their thoughts.  We suggest that you get together, as planned…but instead of getting high, figure out how to use your votes to get this disaster off our backs and out of office.  Once that is done, you can get high…if you are lucky.


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On Our 100th Post…Thanks!!!

     Faithful Readers,

     We have reached the milestone of the 100th blog to be posted on this piece of the blogosphere.  We have gone from K2 to YIFFs to granny gets high to the gulf economy to legal medical marijuana in Washington DC to klepto cat to bullies to insults to Ireland to kimchi to devil sex to ugly incidents with former friends to a number of other subjects.

     We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Beloved Readers, and to share what we think is one of the ‘high points’ of this blog.  Yesterday, we looked at the blogs which people were reading the most and, in so doing, found a section of a blog which we found humorous enough to laugh out loud at.  We will not reprint the whole blog but will simply pull one paragraph, one which relates to the gulf cluster**** caused by Obama.

     This is not high art, high writing, nor the result of being high.  It just strikes us as funny and so we repeat it and pat ourselves on the back for having the perseverance to come up with about 95 out of 100 fresh new blogs.  This is the favorite passage of the Amusing Scribe, from our post of 12/10/10:

     Another good move by this jackass has been his deliberate shut-off of opportunity to the wounded unfortunates in the Gulf of Mexico – on the American side…the Mexicans are making billions of dollars in marijuana revenue. Our Fearless (with our money) Leader, in the days after the BP oil fountain became the biggest aquatic attraction since Gov. Cartman, Chris Christie (R-NJ) got his fat ass caught in the gubernatorial bathtub and had to be evacuated by being saturated in butter and pried out with a couple of lifeboat oars that were handily available. He decided to shut down all oil production by American companies in the Gulf.

      Thanks for reading and for your continued support!!!

      The ‘Gang’ at CFYSA.


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Obama Tries To Put Final Nails In Coffin of the Gulf Coast

     Gentle Readers,

     Today we came upon an article which was published in the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, an interview conducted by Lori Ann LaRocco with Dr. Joseph Mason, the MasonHermann Moyse, Jr./Louisiana Bankers Association Endowed Professor of Banking at Louisiana State University and Senior Fellow at The Wharton School.

     We must bear in mind that the BP spill which occurred last year at this time was the result of a foreign company deep-water drilling in our territory.  It was not an American oil driller, nor was it a shallow-well driller, as many are.  Look at the graph of lost jobs and how the economy has tanked.  Jobs used to be an election issue but our Commander and Thief never seems concerned about anything important.

     Here is the interview.  The Administration is already held in contempt of court by a federal judge regarding these policies but the Administration is not only above the People, it is above the Law.  Great job on the voting, students!

LL: You have produced several research reports on the economic impact of the BP  Oil spill and the unofficial moratorium. What new information can you tell us with your latest report?

JM: Unfortunately, little has changed in the Gulf region since my initial study on the “The Economic Cost of the Gulf Moratorium” in July 2010. Economic activity is still moribund and the outlook for exploration and development remains subdued.  Each day, more exploration and development activity in the Gulf is lost.

Job losses previously estimated on the basis of a six-month moratorium on deep water drilling and exploration have increased from 8,000 regionally and 12,000 nationally to 13,000 regionally and 19,000 nationally.

Lost wages of $500 million regionally and $700 million nationally are now $800 million regionally and $1.1 billion nationally. Lost tax revenues estimated to be $100 million on the state and local level and $200 million on the national level now amount to $155 million and $350 million, respectively.

The lost development and drilling progress in the mora-, and perma-, torium have already created a lag in production. The concept can be thought of simply in the context of shutting down a construction project or production line—when you start it back up you don’t make up for lost progress, you just continue where you left off.

Moreover, if you constrain the production line to work slower than before and don’t replace the machinery when it wears out, production will decline further, perhaps to much lower rates. That is already happening in the Gulf and recent recovery projections illustrate that dynamic.

But even those projections do not contain the effects of additional restrictive policies. President Obama’s FY2012 comprehensive budget proposal includes an estimated $37 billion of punitive tax policies for U.S. oil and gas firms.

Repealing tax breaks for hiring domestic workers when unemployment is hovering at ten percent just doesn’t make sense. And double-taxing foreign revenues of domestic oil and gas firms puts them at a severe disadvantage competing against state-run heavily-subsidized oil and gas companies in such countries as China, Russia and Venezuela.

LL: How many jobs have been impacted by this unofficial moratorium?

JM: I have not yet quantified the total job losses from the de facto shallow water moratorium. We are already, however, pushing above the Administration’s estimate of 20,000 jobs nationally for the deep water de facto and de jure moratoria. Every day we delay, more jobs are lost.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting -24 -3 -3 -29 -60 -185 -125
Mining -597 -168 -139 -1230 -2133 -2390 -257
Utilities -10 -2 -2 -24 -39 -49 -10
Construction -15 -3 -2 -28 -49 -77 -28
Manufacturing -96 -24 -19 -141 -279 -707 -428
Wholesale trade -67 -15 -10 -130 -233 -353 -130
Retail trade -254 -54 -48 -510 -865 -1194 -329
Transporation and Warehousing -77 -13 -11 -134 -236 -427 -192
Information -35 -6 -4 -58 -103 -208 -105
Source: Cost of Moratorium Report

LL: Looking at the onshore state and local economies which are dependent on oil production, how would you classify those economies?

JM: Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were not severely affected until the moratorium. Texas is being held together by onshore energy activity.

The Fed’s August 2010 Beige Book noted that factories, farms and mines, nationally, were all seeing “continued gains in demand and sales,” while housing sales—and the related construction industry—slowed.  But in the Atlanta district, “Fewer … manufacturers noted increases in new orders, and more said that orders were lower.” In the Dallas district, the Fed reported directly “the deep water drilling moratorium [was expected to] impact revenues.”

Illinois and California have substantial refining capacity that is directly affected by drilling and production activity.

LL: A halt like this has ripple effects which impact not only the upstream and downstream industries but also the retail stores, education services and healthcare assistance. Have you been able to quantify that impact?

JM: My initial study on the effects of the moratorium broke out job losses by sector. There, although the largest effect was in positions directly related to exploration and drilling, the next largest sector was health care and social services, followed by retail trade and then real estate. The same relationships would be expected to be maintained in the ongoing de facto moratorium, and also expansionary policies such as opening up the Outer Continental Shelf to exploration and development .

LL: President Obama over the weekend supported Brazil’s off shore oil drilling. Why not here? How much money and jobs could be injected into the US economy if the administration allowed such drilling?

JM: I agree. Brazil is characterizing the industry and their reserves as their “economic miracle.” Where is ours? Certainly not “green” or so-called “renewable” energy, as much of those revenue go overseas to the manufacturers of those technologies.

Moreover, we need to think hard about energy efficiency before jumping headlong into new technologies.

Last, when we do jump we need to make sure that all elements of the technology are prices so that we do not leave new unpriced sources of pollution — economic externalities — potentially worse than those of carbon and quite possibly capable of producing catastrophes far greater than the Deepwater Horizon blowout or even the recent Japanese nuclear disasters.

Lori Ann LaRocco is a Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, and author of “Thriving in the New Economy:Lessons from Today’s Top Business Minds.”


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How About Them Pirates?

     Pictured is the Italian oil tanker, Caylyn, which was hi-jacked on the high seas by Somali pirates the day before they siezed the Greek oil tanker, with its two hundred million dollars worth of crude oil.  Two ships in two days is pretty good.  The Greek tanker,  Mount Irene, was worth a hundred million dollars by itself, even if it were empty, which it wasn’t.

     Hostages are taken and ransoms are paid and the pirates are doing pretty well, for their part.  They are keeping foreign oil from reaching the US and since the Obama people do not want American oil companies to survive, it will just drive prices on fuel oil and gasoline even higher.  Of course, we could produce our own oil in the US but the White House prefers to make the public pay for the high-priced imported stuff.

     There has been talk of miltary action against the pirates but nobody is sure which military from which country should handle this.  It is sort of like which country has the military forces in Afghanistan which allow 95 tons of heroin and 120 tons of opium to slip through Tajikistan each year, according to the United Nations.  The drugs are then trafficked to Russia, where they are processed for worldwide distribution and addiction.  It just makes us wonder how they get it past all those troops we have over there.  Somebody is not keeping watch.

     Anti-drug sentiment has hit fever-pitch in the US but the only way to stop the flow is to stop the customers from wanting the product.  We are a nation of consumers and we were brought up to be such, with subliminal cues used in TV commercials using sex and hidden images to convince us that we want to buy whatever they have to sell us. 

     People at the Mexican border opine that if marijuana were not illegal, then it would not be as easy to ship the hard drugs into the US. The illegality of pot has created a cover for other, much more seriously damaging drugs to hit the market.  Funds from pot sales help with the smuggling.  This could not happen if it were legal, like it was 100 years ago, when wars had endings and we trusted the people we elect.

     So now it is time to watch the pirates and see who’s ship they steal next. Where do they park them, we wonder?

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Raising Questions…Pirates Steal $200,000,000.00 Worth Of Fuel Oil

     Gentle Readers, even a kittie like ‘Sissy’ here has to wonder about the pirates who just stole over two hundred million dollars worth of oil, when they hi-jacked a tanker bound for North America.

     Kitties like this are not notoriously smart, yet, even Sissy is smart enough to wonder where the pirates are going to bury the booty, er, hide the stolen goods.  What do you do with a tanker that big?  If somebody buys it from you, they can’t hide the empty oil tanker, even parked behind the house.

     If the oil had been produced in America, which is rich in resources but is more interested in making profits for mideastern oil-producers, it could not have happened.  Will this drive prices even higher?  Is this the first time or is it the first of a long line of stolen oil tankers?

     We have plenty of oil in the gulf, where we were producing it at high steam until a British oil company blew a hole in the ocean floor.  Naturally, the response of the President-elected was to stop all production of American oil.  When one thinks about it logically, even Sissy can tell you that when you have a leaky faucet (like the one she likes to drink from) and turn it off, the pressure will build.  It works the same with oil…if you have a big, uncontrolled gusher on the ocean floor, what is going to happen when you shut down all the surrounding oil rigs and wells?  The pressure builds and more oil spews into the ocean.  If the surrounding oil wells had been permitted to keep producing, a large amount of what hit the coast and fish and birds and economy there, may still be intact.  The oil could have been expertly put into barrels and sold, or even stored.

     Allowing the pressure to build and destroy the environment surrounding the break and ecosysytems worldwide, peripherally, was a very bad way to handle it.  The break has been fixed and the oil wells owned by Americans are still shut down, so we buy boatloads of millions of dollars in petroleum from countries who do not even like us.

     Why are the American oil companies still under a White House-imposed moratorium?

     Why do we have pirates who can steal such a large item and get away without a hitch (so far)?

     Where do those pirates plan to sell that oil?

     Does the country or company or entity that buys the oil share in the crime?

     Will anybody ever do anything about it?

     Can I have some more tuna juice in my bowl?

     The answers to these and many other questions remain unsolved and we wonder why…

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Judge Holds Obama Administration ‘In Contempt’ Over American Oil


                                                                          Welcome back to The Tipping Point.  A lot of the ‘tipping’ going on revolves around oil, petroleum, black gold…texas tea.  Edna Ferber’s novel, Giant, probably would not fly as a movie today, like it did in 1956,  starring James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.  It was about the American Dream and greed and oil and redemption.  The old American Dream has gone ‘out to lunch’ and everybody who voted for Obama has a hand in destroying the economies of the Gulf and other regions supported by activity collateral to oil production.  This includes hotels, restaurants, stores and any business catering to visitors or workers located there.

     The Obama suits do not want to allow American oil companies to return to work, a stoppage caused by a foreign oil company.  It is a very cold winter in the Northeast United States this year and the cost of heating oil has gone up substantially since last winter, not to mention the price of has at the pumps.  If American companies were allowed to do what they have been doing since 1859 oil could be sold, people could return to work, handouts from the Fed wouldn’t be necessary and we could try to get back to normal.

     Oil, gas, petroleum…this is the real world currency, not the Sterling Pound, the Euro or the Dollar.  Today,  Obama said he wants to “support the economy and invest in this nation.”  He may want to but when does he intend to start, to take action to…how did he put it when you voted for him…change?

     See attached an example of how actions speak louder than words and how a federal judge holds the US in contempt. Tell us if you think it makes any sense. Right.  

February 3, 2011 12:03am EST
NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 2, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — The Offshore Marine Service Association today praised a federal judge’s ruling holding the U.S. Interior Department in civil contempt and called for the Obama Administration to end its de facto moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The ruling highlights the disparity between President Obama’s stated policy objectives — to grow jobs and promote American energy independence — and his actions, which instead deliver higher unemployment, higher fuel prices and greater dependency on foreign energy sources. This ruling demonstrates the President is more interested in shutting down our domestic oil and gas production than he is in establishing clear rules to enhance safety and environmental protection. President Obama’s policies are destroying American jobs and exporting American technology to countries that value safe offshore energy production,” said Jim Adams, president and CEO of the Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA).

“President Obama claims to have lifted the Gulf moratorium, yet not a single deepwater permit has been issued in nine months. As a result, thousands of workers are out of jobs, Americans are paying more for gasoline and heating oil, and our nation is becoming even more dependent on unstable nations for our energy needs,” Adams said.

“President Obama talks a lot about jobs and energy independence,” Adams added. “Now it’s time for him to back up his words with action and call off his de facto moratorium. Americans want an end to this manmade disaster.”

Judge Martin Feldman ruled Wednesday that the Interior Department disregarded his earlier injunction against the Administration’s drilling moratorium. In June, Feldman had struck down the moratorium that the Administration had imposed, saying that the government simply assumed that because one oil rig had triggered a spill, other rigs were just as dangerous.

Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar responded by instituting a second moratorium that was nearly identical to the one the judge had thrown out.

The government’s “dismissive conduct,” Feldman wrote, “viewed in tandem with the reimposition of a second blanket and substantively identical moratorium and in light of the national importance of this case, provide this Court with clear and convincing evidence of the government’s contempt of this Court’s preliminary injunction Order.”

OMSA represents the owners and operators of U.S. flag offshore service vessels and the shipyards and other businesses that support that industry.

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Obama Blames American Oil For Egyptian Molotov Cocktails

     You have to give it to the Egyptians for their use of symbolism in choice of weaponry.  Hurling flaming bottles of gasoline in a part of the world that has been unstable for decades, due to economies that depend on the oil sucked out of the sandy countryside, is an excellent way to express discontent and make a flashy statement in one toss.

     Gasoline producing companies in the USA need to bear the brunt of the blame since we are the major guzzlers of the stuff on the planet.  We just have to drive all these SUVs, don’t we?  Just like we have violence on our Mexican border fueled by our evil love of a lowly weed, we fill those glass bottles with the accelerant of commerce because of our greedy driving habits.  We are the consumers of world violence and we fund the firebombs.

     Does Obama really blame American Oil?  No, but he may as well. Sitting on his hands while the people in the Gulf who make a living, in and on the periphery of the petroleum industry, suffer with no jobs, no food, no homes and no lives is almost as good as an indictment of these poor people. 

     What has the administration done to help the people of the Gulf Coast? Really?

     A while back,  a local news story told the tale of a tractor-trailer, loaded with ice and bound for the citizens displaced by Katrina.  When the truck arrived at the Gulf, there was so much confusion that nobody knew where the ice went.  The driver, naturally kept it frozen for two years by keeping his engine running on foreign diesel fuel. 

     He drove it around the country and when he could no longer get paid for his effort, he let it melt and emptied his load into a Pennsylvania landfill.  Imagine how much fuel it took to keep that ice from melting, to drive it from the Gulf to Pennsylvania, to idle while the driver ate and slept; then imagine the cost per gallon of diesel.  This really has nothing to do with the article here, except to show how your money is wasted by your elected officials while the needy shiver and stomachs growl.

     How many meals could have been bought for the homeless with the cash spent on fuel to drive bags of ice around the country?  How long will the people of the Gulf remain displaced?  How long until America starts to produce it’s own fuel again so that WE can make a profit, as opposed to Them?

     How long until the President acts like he cares about the people he was so eager to serve?  The campaigning starts in about six months – then you will see some empathy and concern…sure, you will.

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State of the Nation…Will His Nibs Continue to Screw American Oil Companies?

     Gentle Readers,

     Last night, we watched the Asian news, which is really today’s news, broadcast twelve hours ahead of time. This type of news from Asia is of the financial nature and deals with what is happening with the world markets at that hour, like CNBC and Bloomberg Business news do during the day in America.

     We could not help but notice how so many foreign nations are having record-breaking outputs of crude oil in recent months. The statistics are staggering. We all should be staggered, since the Gladhander-In-Chief will not allow America to make any money on oil. This in the middle of a so called, media-driven economic crisis.

     Why does America buy oil from other countries when we have oil companies right here that are all bollocksed up in the barbedwire of the Obama Doctrine. We have oil. We could make money and charge taxes and put people to work and help the economy, sort of like we could with marijuana. In fact, it is ironic that the pot advocates often note how oil can be made from the marijuana plant, which is why the big oil companies pay your elected officials to vote against legalizing it.

     Doesn’t anybody in government want their own country to start making profits on something?

      Your Humble Narrator does not have much more to say on the subject now but it is something we hope to comment on tomorrow. In the meantime, we are wondering if he is going to use his patented ‘black preacher’s voice’ tonight, as he often does in emotional situations. I think that voice is very manipulative and am amazed he does not have comedians doing stand-up about it…but that would sound racist.

     Let’s see how bad we get screwed again tonight. The show never ends!

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Obama Drug War – 15 Headless In Acapulco, 6 Shot In Arizona – Thanks, Barack!

     Fretful Friends and Righteous Readers,

     We have been posting warnings about the style of class warfare which is growing at an unsurpassed rate since Obama started ruining any and all trust citizens had in their elected officials.

      We have been watching as The Man With No Plan has played fast and loose with our Constitution. We have been grousing over the injustice in a government where elected officials totally ignore the wishes of those who elected them in favor of privilege. Privilege?

     Privilege, like the privilege Pennsylvania Governor-Elect General Tom Corbett distributed when he sold seats on his cabinet to oil company insiders for a reported $1.5 million a seat; privilege like Tom Corbett bestowed upon the oil companies of his cronies by not charging any PA state taxes on oil and natural gas mined from the Marcellus Shale deposits here. A nice deal for only $1.5 million each and Corbett is sure to get under the table kickbacks in perpetuity.

     Do you blame the 22-year-old shooter, when developmental biologists all agree that young men in America do not reach the age of emotional and psychological maturity until age 30? Do you blame the manufacturer of the fire-arm or the maker of the bullets? Do you blame the 114-mile war zone which borders the southern edge of Arizona and is the point of entry for much of the marijuana that we Americans love so much and even Omama smokes legally, after some careful manipulation of DC drug laws?

     We blame Obama – directly. He is supposed to be the President, so he is the one who ought to take it on the chin for perpetuating a situation which can only lead to more violence, greed, money to the upper class and rapidly-declining quality of life for anybody who does not have the cash to buy-off an elected official. The kid with the gun needs help and Obama needs to be impeached. This type of behaviour will escalate as more rights and standards of living are stolen from ‘We, The People’.

     Soon, maybe not soon enough for us in the Northeast US, it shall almost be Spring and Fat Tuesday will be kicking off the Mardi Gras. Many people could visit the Gulf Coast, as often happens during the festivities. This year, there may be more visitors than residents, since the Obama-imposed ban on American Oil has put stores, restaurants, hotels and many other tourist attractions, as well as basic infra-structure serving the area, out of business.

     Why does Obama hate America so much? Why does he prefer to buy oil from our enemies and let the people of his own country suffer and starve? The obvious answer would be that he is a heartless bastard and the empty words he sputtered after the Arizona shootings did everything but put the finger of blame where it truly belongs…on our Senate, our Congress and in all our Houses of Representatives.

     We live in a country where our rights are bought and sold by the day and we do not even know it, in our complacency. The Nation should feel bad about the victims of the deluded gunman – it is our fault for allowing the media to hornswaggle us into voting an inept primadonna to the highest office in the land. We and Obama pulled that trigger, just as surely as Jared Loughner did. We allowed it to happen by not doing our homework and being fooled into voting a president via internet.

     Why do people grieve? Why the shock? Are you stupid, Gentle Readers? If not, what did you expect? As the rich get richer and the rest get nothing, Obama, Corbett, big, old NJ Gov. Christie Cartman and every other tool of policy get fatter…well Corbett and Christie do. We think it would be a good idea if those two would be put before one of the new Obama ‘death panels,’ which are part of his Final Solution to the health care issue. You ARE aware that, in your future, a government-appointed doctor will decide when it is time for you to die, depending on how much is left in your flexible spending account…aren’t you? If not, you will be surprised when they pull the plug on you. If not, you are part of the problem due to ignorance of the facts.

     But, Fair Followers, what about those fifteen headless corpses which were found just across the border on the same day? Do they count for anything, or are they just Mexicans?  While they were direct casualties, what about the ‘collateral damage’ in AZ? Pima County, AZ, Sheriff Clarence Dupkin, said it with much more truth than that sorry address Obama gave…

    “When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government. The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous,” he said. “And unfortunately, Arizona, I think, has become the capital. We have become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

     Why has Arizona become the capital? Will people in the Gulf states have to eat mud until the Administration stops playing politics with the oil supply? Are more shootings in our future? As long as we fight a drug war which cannot be won because the people we elect do not want to give up the rewards they get from the pharma lobby by keeping marijuana illegal, people will die. As long as we are deprived of our Constitutional Rights until the sheer insanity of it unhinges the potentially violent…death is a fact of war. Stop the war, stop the deaths.

     Obama does not care for this country enough to stop the death. He thrives on it. It is his revenge for not being likable. If you voted for him, you ought to go look in the mirror and apologize to yourself and get used to what you have wrought.


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