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Repost From Beatdom Regarding Kitty Bruce on Lenny


Gentle Readers,

We have been busy and posting on the Beatdom site. We thought we should share this!


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In November, Kitty Bruce, daughter and only survivor of comedy icon/legend Lenny Bruce, was gracious enough to talk to Beatdom about her father’s distain for organized religion, as evidenced in a number of his comedy routines, life at home and Lenny’s House, the twelve step rehab for women in NorthEast Pennsylvania which she started in memory of her father. Kitty tells us about her father’s, and her own, childhood in the new Beatdom Issue 10, The Religion Issue, on sale soon.

Was Lenny a Beat?

He was called that by police and press. Allen Ginsberg organized the “Emergency Committee Against the Harrassment of Lenny Bruce” during the 1964 Cafe Au Go Go trial in New York City. Queried on the connection between Lenny and the Beats, Kitty said, ”I’m very familiar with Allen, I knew Allen…if the question is, did my father sit around coffee houses and snap his fingers?…probably…haha..”

Many reached out to help Lenny when the law was out to kill him (Vincent Cuccia, one of the New York D.A.’s who prosecuted Bruce’s last obscenity case, said, “We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy and then murdered him. We all knew what we were doing. We used the law to kill him.”) and Kitty reaches back out to help women by providing a safe, sober and nurturing environment , providing support, education and other tools necessary to stay clean and sober.

 You can honor the memory of Lenny Bruce by donating to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation, PO Box 1089, Pittston, PA 18640. Many of Lenny’s prized possessions and memorabilia are up for sale, for those who would like to help Lenny’s House and also own a priceless item such as the typewriter Lenny used or his famously-photographed trenchcoat! Send inquiries to the address above.

Beatdom Issue 10, The Religion Issue, is coming your way in a few days. Read what Kitty Bruce has to say, along with many other fascinating writers and great work by our excellent artists!!!

Beatdom is available at http://www.beatdom.com and http://www.amazon.com and http://www.kindle.com and www.usedbeatshop.com


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William S. Burroughs and the Mushroom Machine~Tonight on PBS (or not)!!!

     Space Travelers, tonight is the night that the PBS series Independent Lens presents the installment on our beloved mentor and spiritual scout, William S. Burroughs: A Man Within. Scanning through the local listings, we see that the episode will be presented at 10pm on WHYY, the Philadelphia-based PBS channel.

     Unfortunately, we see that in the Lehigh Valley, on WLTV and to the north on WITF, the mushroom machine is in full-work mode, keeping people in the dark and feeding them shit.  They will NOT be airing the episode tonight.

     Why hide a life that shows how decades of heroin addiction did nothing to slow down the juggernaut that was WS Burroughs?  Why hide the fact that this junky put the lid on censorship in the USA, following the lead of Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer, who broke through walls to give us free speech and use of words, as we were promised in the Constitution of the USA?  Why hide a man who shot his wife in the head during a speed and alcohol fueled ‘William Tell Act’ which went bad?

     Why? Because he is a hero to so many and to encourage such behavior would be American, actually.  Dubbed the ‘Godfather of Punk,’ he was cooler at age 70 than any of us, hanging with the punks, letting them draw on his energy, guiding them toward the expression of the word as emotion.  We do not want our kids admiring somebody like this!  It gives the wrong impression about doing your homework and working hard to get smashed by the AmericanDreamMachine, which has become more of a sleight of hand trick than anything.

     Call your local PBS channel and ask them when they will show this episode of Independent Lens. Remind them that they will be asking for donations soon and this will weigh heavily on your decision to give. Tell them anything but make sure they know they did wrong by not airing this great program.

     Otherwise, Comcast viewers in my area of the Greater Philadelphia region can watch on WHYY…and the next time WHYY has a fund-raiser, remember this!

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Meet The New Boss…He Has An Eye On You

     All Dear Friends and Foes,

     Your Humble Narrator has noticed that Tom Corbett has been growing a third eye, which he plans to use in spying on people who say bad things about him…oops!

     As we related in this blog a few months ago, our new Governor was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union recently – and lost, for trying to bully Twitter into giving up account information on two people who blogged about him.  Outgoing Governor Ed Rendell publicly stated that he found the behaviour of then-Attorney General Corbett to be reprehensible. We most heartily concur.

     As someone who regularly posts negative things about the man, and as someone who is probably on his ‘list’ of detractors, my question is “What did he plan to do with those names and addresses?”...obviously, if you are willing to go through the trouble of breaking the law to summon Twitter execs before a Grand Jury, you must do something with the information. How is the retribution then dealt out by the agents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

     While we are at it, what about the Pennsylvania Homeland Security Agency (ever hear of them before?) and the information they collect, mostly from blogs and emails, about people who make anti-government statements…like me???? What about me, Your Beloved Voice From the Page.

     So, he lost and did not get the names and addresses. Now he is your Governor. He Governs you. It is your fault, unless you voted against him. Do not mention the $4,ooo a day which he got in campaign funding from the big gas (not ‘big ass’ – that is Gov. Cartman in NJ, Corbett’s admitted idol) and oil companies, or the officers in those oil companies, to whom he gave seats on his Cabinet!!! No, no, no!!!! That could get a blogger in a lot of trouble.

     That third eye is not looking too friendly to me.

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Gentle Readers…Potential Foul Language (but legal) Ahead. Proceed With Open Mind!

     ‘Woman Is The Nigger of the World’…John Lennon.

     ‘Baby, Baby, Baby Is A Rock N Roll Nigger’…Patti Smith

     ‘Cunt Is the Nigger of the Nouns’…Michael Hendrick

     Now that I have your attention…

     Why do we need to use shock language? Why was your Humble Narrator missing in action from blogland due to an increased intake of opiates? Why is this country (USA) awash in the ‘New Racism’?

     If we avoid ‘dirty’ words, they become dirty by association.  Our Saint and Mentor Lenny Bruce proved that 50 years ago, right about when the staff at CSAFY was waking up to the world.

     As a caucasian, I have been accused of racism simply for not agreeing with the so-called president. I visited an African American friend of mine the next day and told her about it and she said she is fed up with this juvenile fecundity, as well. It is the second or third time I was accused of racism this month. The people who accused me did not know that I lost the highest-paying job I ever had because I was working for redneck/upperclass fools at the Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk and refused to fire a woman I had hired to work in my department.  The owners of the VSC felt that a black woman was not capable of representing them on the telephone. I told them, ‘fuck you.’

     The day they told me to get rid of her, I took her aside and gave her a cash bonus, even though she had no idea of the racist skullduggery which was afoot.  Months later, I was summoned to the Oak Room of the Algonquin Hotel In Manhattan and questioned about my pro-equality stance and summarily dismissed from my position for not being an oppressor of a 100 pound, five foot tall black woman who was a school teacher all her life and was as sweet a woman as one could ever meet.

    That was the 80s and nigger was a bad word. Now it is only a bad word if white people use it. Reverse racism is gripping tooth and nail to the coat-tails of the extreme factions we are seeing in this, what used to be our country, and the lesson we learned from the civil rights demonstrations of the 1960s are long forgotten. White man bad…black man victim…

    What does this have to do with cunts? Recent rulings in the state of Pennsylvania made such words legal to say in public, or even cajole the police with when they are trying to reason with you. If you recall, Freedom of Speech was once a Universal Right to all americans and now it is a joke. This is one very small victory in the fight to say what we wish to.

    So the narcotics are wearing off. I had to take them because they made the K2 illegal and I can have all the opiates I want with no fear of reprisal. So, if you must blame a narcotic stupor for the lack of scholarly advice which normally oozes from this page, blame your Uncle Sam…or is it Uncle Osama?

     Do I hate Obama because he is black, sorta? No! Do I hate NJ Gov. Chris “Buffet”Cartman Christie, who looks like he will be in the race to be out next leader (hahahahahahahaha)? Yes…I hate him because he is a fat, miserable fuck who is playing with the environment, not from his massive body mass and it’s affect on tides and orbit of the planet, but because he is a fucking idiot – like Obama! He is white, caucasian, whatever – he has so much skin that he could probably qualify for several different ethnicities, depending on where you take the skin from on his bloated carcass.  Do I hate General Tom Corbett, the other fat fuck who sold out his state for a million and a half dollars per cabinet position and will become ten times richer thanks to screwing the people who voted for him? Yes, I hate him and he is the same skin tone as I am.

     So, if you hear inklings of racism at the office or market, do your best to shut the mouth of the ignorant fuckwit who said such irresponsible booshwah! Most of the racism is coming from the young because they are oppressed and have no chance in the rich man’s world of the USA. They will die under a bridge due to lack of ambition and want to blame me for being a capitalist.

    Somebody wake up…Dear Readers, I know you are awake…but please try to waken a few others before the war of inequality swallows the USA before a Chinese bomb has a chance to wipe us out.

   Wake somebody up and you will awaken a new sense of purpose in yourself…if you want one.

     By the by, it was by pure coincidence and accident that I posted this on Martin Luther King Day. The lessons of Doctor King are being subordinated by feuds between white trashers and blacks with attitudes. It is the first battle in the Era of Class Warfare that our government is pulling this country into through flagrant ignorance of the Constitutional Rights of ALL citizens, no matter what colour, race or creed.


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Local Police Threaten This Blog and 1st Amendment

     Heidi-Ho, Users and Abusers!

     A few days ago this blog was treated to a comment by a police detective. He told me that I was breaking the law by talking about Jennifer Mann, Chris Christie and dog shit. It is my firm belief that they all belong in the same sentence and it is my right.

     He sent an email saying this: I suggest you refrain from future blogs of this nature. It could be interpreted as inciting online harassment and therefore in violation of both Federal and State law as well as violation of USPS guidelines.

     Well, Fuck me!

     The constitution still gaurantees the right of free speech. I have referred the matter to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), as I find this to be not only a violation of my First Amendment Right to Free Speech but also a case which involves stalking.

     Why stalking? Why would a detective have my email address unless he got it illegally or unless I am under investigation for a crime. I have not been informed that I am under any sort of investigation and I think it is my right to know if I am. That is why I contacted the ACLU instead of the Township I live in. I have talked to the Judge who rules in my Township previously and he has encouraged me to sue the township for not being able to enforce the codes they have set forth.

     With the highest crime rate in the county, why are my tax dollars being used to surf the web to persecute me? Aren’t there any unsolved crimes to work on?

     I have paid my taxes and school taxes here for thriteen years. I have never missed a payment. If you do a State Police Records check on me, it comes up ‘clean’ – because I am not a criminal. The criminal is the person stalking and harrassing me and trying to take away my Constitutional Right to Free Speech.

     By contacting me through the communications system of my township and using facilities of my township to dig up information with which to harrass me,  a personal infringement is perpetrated on me by the Township, not the idiot detective. I hold the Township responsible in any resulting lawsuit, since the detective represents himself as a messenger for the township in this matter. The Township is at fault for allowing such a person to represent them in any way. He is a loose cannon.

     This is all because I said it was fun to throw dog shit (yes, shit is legal to say even though a lot of police are writing unlawful fines for cursing and the ACLU is fighting them and WINNING) on the White House lawn and other places. I used sarcasm, which is a known form of humor. The things I mentioned (yet did not incite anybody to do by words or actions) are so stupid, so impossible that only a real wacko would take it seriously. Maybe his judgement is impaired by all the time involved in working two jobs. Some people get greedy for overtime.

     Throw shit on the White House lawn or on any State or Federal property without getting caught? There are cameras all over the place. The only reason I said it was because it was too outrageous to believe and if I were having a laugh with friends, it is something we might say. A joke…unless you have a hidden agenda or are too basically stupid to have a sense of humor and justice.

     The whole idea of this blog is to say things to get laughs. Do you think ‘Celebrating 50 Years Of Substance Abuse’ was not chosen as the title of my blog because people laugh at it? Sometimes, I get serious, like when I wrote about Rimbaud. Otherwise, this blog is a joke! Pure and simple.

     I got tired of hearing all the momma’s boys and their stories of how they got off drugs but still want to write about their druggy experiences. I went through rehabilitation and Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and I do not write pitiful stories about my lost teeth or what awful things I did to myself (Oh! the pain!!!). They are a lot of rubbish, so I decided to write a blog that was the opposite. Truth had no place in the decision.

     I am a professional writer and have been for more than 30 years. This is the first time I was ever harrassed or stalked but we didn’t have people web-surfing cops here to waste time instead of crime-solving for the past 30 years.

      Two years ago, a woman in Pennsylvania was fined for cursing at her own toilet. She was awarded a $19,000 settlement because cursing is allowed in America and police in Pennsylvania break constitutional law by trying to stop it.

     The fact is that if i want to write about Jennifer Mann, Chris Christie and dogshit, I have the right.

     I replied to the detective, who’s name I am leaving out along with other details, and asked him to tell me what specific law I have broken. Naturally, he did not reply. Stalkers do not reply. They like you to think they are out there, silently watching.

     Since I am housebound and do not even have the chance to do anything illegal, I can not imagine what I would be under investigation for. Anybody in Pennsylvania at this moment may be under investigation and not know it. The detective does not reply. I will hold off on humorous blogs about him until the legal side is cleared up.

     My township, the zip code that I live in, has the highest crime rate in the area. The city of Reading, which resides six miles away is awash in killings, drug-related shootings, organized gang activity and the usual, related issues. Because of this, they have stopped police from investigating any crime that is not a Capital Crime (murder, rape, gun-related, etc).

     The zip code that I live in has an even higher rate of crime than the city that had to stop investigating. We have the worse crime stats in the county and what is done…they investigate bloggers.

     I refrain from saying too much more now, due to the fact that I may say too much and I will let the ACLU direct me.

     I do say that if you think you are an American and that the Freedoms and Rights you learned about in school apply to you, you are FUCKING wrong.


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