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Email from Obama – (‘Can I Have $Tree-Fitty?’)

     Trusted Readers, today I got a second email from Bacarat Obama. He wants me to vote for him in 2012 and also to give him three dollars to help his campaign.

     I returned the email twice now, with a comment that I will not vote for him because he betrayed us on the medical mj issue and also that he is an asshole.

     If anybody else gets this idiot email, I suggest you do the same. I got on the list when Bacarat had his first ‘town meeting’ and 75% of us who responded asked him about mj reform. He laughed at us in the press and so he dug his grave as far as this boy goes.

     Do not underestimate the power of the email reply. A year or two ago, I wrote to a local pol and asked him his views on medical mj. He did not bother to reply but then I started to get monthly emails, telling me what he had done for his constituents, while I still had no reply to the email I sent him. So, at this point I started replying to the mass emails from his office.

     When I replied, I laid heavy on the rhetoric. I guess I caught him in the right mood one day because he sent me a reply. My most recent email had posed the question ‘are you a man or a mouse’ and also accused him of ‘being wishy-washy’.

     Well, Jay-sus! If I did not have an email in response the next day. ‘I am not wishy-washy. I am a man and not a mouse,’ he told me and then went on to say that he reads each and every piece of mail that comes through his office.

     I replied and said thanks for writing but that I had written several emails with no response and gave him the dates. Then, I said he was good at asserting that he was not a mouse but he still did not stick his neck out and take a side on the marijuana issue. He emailed me promptly and told me that he would vote for it if it was on the ballot. Then he sent me a nice letter on House of Representatives letterhead, just to shit me up. That was nice.

     The lesson here is that you can send Obama a message when you get the email asking for the three bucks. Make sure to tell him why, specifically. Let him know that we know he fucked us. Tell him you will not vote for him, if you have the nerve to send an irate email to the White House.

     A lot of people seem to be afraid to get irate with politicians these days and it is our Right as Americans. We put the bread on the tables of these people so we have a Right to say what we feel about them with no repercussion – like those two anonymous emailers that Pretender-To-Be Tom Corbett tried to track down using public State systems until the ACLU sued him and shut him down.

     I do not know if I would write an email to Corbett or not. I am sure he has goons all over the place who are just waiting to stick dogshit in my mailbox at his command. He is a prick, as most law enforcement types are, and he does not mind showing it. Onorato is a prick, as well, just going from the image of him standing in front of the Reading Democrats office and cracking his knuckles like he was gonna punch somebody if they asked the wrong question. When he did answer a question, he put his hands in the ‘finger-steeple’ position, which is a sign of feeling superior to those around you. You could light a match on his forehead and Obama wants us to vote for this guy? He looked like he wanted to stomp on a kittie. Fuck both of you Governor Candidates. I am joining the write in.

     When I blogged last, I did not know that there is already a large group of people in Pennsylvania who feel the same way. They are sponsoring a write in event on election day. They will be writing in the name of Berks County Representative Samuel E. Rohrer. I had suggested writing in the name of Joe Hoeffel. I guess it does not make a difference who we write in. In fact, Rohrer was man enough and honest enough to give his opinion as ‘not sure’ on the medical mj issue, whereas almost everybody else in the state said ‘no’ or left the space blank. At least Rohrer is honest about it and is possibly open to it. The fact that he is republican allows us to fuck with both parties by just one write in.

     Face it – party lines are skewed this year. Dems are acting like Republicans and vice versa. What difference does it make if you are registered democrat? You can still vote for a republican, and should, if it helps show the powers that be that we have a voice and will use it against a bad pol as quickly as we will raise it for a good pol.

     Just like the Loch Ness Monster always asking Chef’s parents for ‘tree-fitty’, now we have Obama asking us for ‘oh, about tree’….if ever there was a time to Just Say No, it is now. Do not say no to drugs, though, say it to Obama. He may be too stoned on that DC legal weed to understand…but, hey, why should he care about us?



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Is There A Chance For Medical Marijuana in PA?

     Greetings from on High!

     You may be reading this because you would like to see the state of Pennsylvania adopt laws to make medical marijuana legal. Good Luck! I was hoping for the same thing. I drove to Harrisburg to testify before Health and Human Services last December in support of the HB 1393 for the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana, introduced by Rep. Mark Cohen. A lot of good people testified but the fact remains that if Tom Corbett or Dan Onorato get into office as governor in November, there goes HB1393, along with SB 1350, its companion bill….down the crapper.

     Asshole and President, Bacarat Obama, was in the state on Sunday to dredge up support for the Dem hopefuls, including Onorato. You will remember Obama, if not for not doing shit to fix the economy or create jobs other than road crews, as the guy who won the vote by duping young people to vote for him via an internet campaign.

     Then, as soon as he got voted in, he decided to have an email ‘town hall’ meeting. He opened up the White House email to suggestions from voters and the number one question, asked by about 75% of respondents, regarded marijuana law. The questions were asked by the same people who put Bacarat in office and he laughed in their faces. See it on Youtube. Also on Youtube, is a video from four years before that where the Shit-Twister in Chief says he is in favor of reforming laws on MJ.

     So you had the most successful liar in the country, or world, maybe, here to support the biggest Dem liar in PA. Fucking great!!!

     The bills, HB1393 and SB 1350 are before the legislature as I write. A look at the legislative calendar for the state did not show them on the agenda for the next Senate session, which starts 10/12. I could not find the house calendar.

     IF the bills were to pass both house and senate, Gov, Ed Rendell has agreed to sign a ‘well-crafted’ bill. If he is replaced by Corbett or Onorato, two assholes of major proportions, it will not happen because they have both spoken out against the bill. They are not nice people. They are selfish, greedy pols who have an agenda that does not include you or I.

     I am going to miss Rendell. He has done a lot to raise money for the state and I am sure he sees the inherent economic value along with the medical value of legal MJ.

     Also sponsored by Rep. Cohen, besides HB1393, is Joe Hoeffel. He is the only person who was in the race who acted human.  That is his picture at the top of the column.

     Things Hoeffel supports:

     Medical Marijuana for PA

     Equal Rights for Gays, Lesbians and Bi-Sexuals.

     Putting somebody in charge of the CIA, FBI, HSA and other shadow organizations of government which make their own rules.

     He voted ‘no’ on the ban of gay adoptions.

     If you go way back, his voting record is not that great but he seems to have seen the light in recent years, showing a liberal streak since about 2005 or so. The point is that he is for the people, like the constitution. Corbett and Onorato…well, just look at them. They are apes in suits. Corbett loves law enforcement. He was sued by the ACLU in PA because two people criticized him in anonymous email and he used the power of his office to get information on them. Is this what you want in charge of your state? Onorato is just as bad. They both hate potsmokers and I think they both reek of shite.

     There is not much time before November elections but if you say you care, fucking do something about it and either start calling your representatives and senators and ask them specifically, ‘when will you vote on the bill?’…that way there is a chance to pass it before Rendell leaves. It is the best chance, Rendell is a good man.

     Once that is done, on election day, line up with the rest of us and instead of voting for one of the pigsnouted hopefuls, write in the name of Joe Hoeffel. If nothing else, a significant write in campaign will show the pols who will be running in 2012 that we are out here and we have a voice. Between potsmokers and gay/lesbian/bis, we add up to quite a few people, plus there are others who see these creeps for what they are. Spread the word to whomever you can.

     I saw pics and videos of the Obama rally. I did not hear Obama make a single MJ reference, though, but I liked the guy who threw the book at him. At first, I thought it was a shoe, like the one that got thrown at Bush. I would like to throw a shoe at a politician. I really would. Just not one like Joe Hoeffel.

     Please!!!!! Write in Joe Hoeffel for Governor and use your voice!

     Anyone in Pennsylvania who is interested in helping with a ‘rebel’ write in campaign to show we are here, please reply via this page. If you are judged by sex or smoke habits, step up and be heard!

     PS….Jennifer Mann sucks. Vote against her if you live in her district. If you are unsure, ask me and I will look it up for you.

     PSS….I don’t take back the stuff about Christie but even HE allowed the MJ to flow in New Jersey, our neighbor to the East.


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