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NO Gays, NO Abortion, NO Medical MJ for PA

     Dearest Doomed Fools, we live in Pennsylvania and are about to pay for it bigtime! Who sat through the debate on TV last night between the two assholes currently running for PA Governor? I did and it was so disgusting, I am aghast.

     Face it, Pennsylvanians, you have no choice for Governor. They are both two cheeks of the same big ass. For the better part of an hour these two imbeciles argued about nothing but money, the economy and wages. They patted themselves on the backs so much it looked like Zohan had pretzeled them.

     Then, in the last five minutes (save it for the last five when everybody has tuned out, right?) the commentator came up with some HUMAN RIGHTS issues in the State. He brought up gay rights, womens’ rights and the right to use marijuana for medical purposes. All three questions took less than a minute to ask and answer. The candidates fell over each other in a race to say ‘no’ to these things.

     Pennsylvania – you are not a free State. You have two assholes running on the same platform, the moral majority, good ole boy platform, where they get rich, we get fucked and everybody waits four more years until we can vote them out of office.

     Pennsylvania – no matter how you feel about these issues, you should have the right to decide. Your Rights have already been taken away by two turdmongers who are not even in office yet. Well, General Tom Corbett is in office as the Attorny General for the State. He used this office illegally to try to harrass two people who were writing anonymous emails about him. He was sued by the PA ACLU and lost. You want this kind of person to be your Governor? Sure, he is a republican and the democrats screwed everything up and Obama lied and continues to lie to us – but he was a General who thinks he still IS a general. He still wants to give the order to have men killed while he watches from the bunker. He is a heartless wad of shit. I do not write anonymously, so here I am, General! Fuck You!

     Look at Dan Onorato and you see the same thing…a control freak. He does not care what the People of this Commonwealth want. He wants what he wants and tough shit if you do not agree. He is NOT the lesser of two evils. They are both arms of the intolerant. They both will do anything to put themselves ahead at the expense of whomever they step on to do it. They cannot be defeated by signs or emails or wishes.

     The only way to get rid of these guys is to write in Samuel E Rohrer of Berks County for Governor next week. No parade, no rally, no cute coloured ribbon for your car will solve this problem. Only you, YOU, the voter, can make a difference. Do I think the effort will get Mr. Rohrer elected? I doubt it very much. However, if people saw how they turned their noses up in unison at three major human rights issues facing PA, they would write in without a thought.

     If you think you have Rights, please use them. If you do not use them, they go away. Like womens’ rights, the right to decide, the right to do what we want with our own bodies, the right to medicate with a simple weed which would add $Billions to PA coffers – these are not our rights. They have been hi-jacked.

     Our Rights, gauranteed by the US and PA Constitutions, have already been taken away. By not doing anything, we give Corbett and Onorato free reign. Maybe not at the same time but greed and hatred do not die easily so do not expect these purveyors of outdated, wrong, useless, hurtful rules to go away.

     Unless you use your vote, they will always be there to haunt you and others just like them will come behind, perpetrating the same old myths and garbage.

      The same goes for Obama. How any self-respecting American can look in the mirror and vote for Obama after he outright lied to the whole country is beyond comprehension but I am sure a lot of ignorant do-as-they-are-told types will be the first lemmings over the cliff to help Obama.

     If you want to watch Obama lie, just go to Youtube. The site is plastered with his con game in action. Look at his 2004 promises to his 2008 denials. They are all there, for now.

    Oh, Look! California passed HB19, yay! Oh, Look! Obama’s right hand man just shot that out of the water. Gee, did all those Californians really think that their votes counted???? Do we actually think our vote for Obama will make him change his mind and suddenly reform the pot laws?

      They had a rally for Obama in Philadelphia last weekend. A lot of people showed up. It made Obama look powerful and jacked up Sen. Joe Sestak’s sagging ratings a little bit. There were a bunch of protesters there. I am still looking for an article that says that the President acknowledged them. The Secret Service are probably trained to stand in line of any banners so the President does not lose concentration. And, even so, if he did see the signs – the decision against California’s pro-marijuana voters says it all – Suckers!!!! The groups involved in the rally thought they were doing a good thing but this is America 2010, not Mayberry RFD, 1968.

     I mean, the rally DID work…it got Obama the attention he wanted. If you are REALLY warped, you can vote for him again, too!

     Votes are what count in this country – and the lack of them can count for even more. It is nice to carry banners and wear buttons but that has been going on since the legalization movement started in the 1970s and where have we gotten? No fucking place at all. We have gone backwards in time. In the meantime, the cavemen control us.

     Some groups have fundraisers and use the cash to help the community and help sway votes through good acts or contributions to organizations that can actually cause a change. Showing up to see Obama is like supporting the enemy.

     It takes people who care. It takes people who actually can make a difference. You can complain about this country and wish for your Rights all you want but if you do not join the write in, you are playing right into the hands of the machine that you claim to hate.

     Make your voice be heard this election. Write in for Samuel E. Rohrer, Berks County. The very least it can do is keep a General out of the White House. Generals belong in wars, not ruling us. Onorato sucks, yes, but a large percentage of write in votes will speak to him, saying ‘you will never have a second term,’ as well as sending that same message to the White House.

     Write in if you are a freedom-loving Pennsylvanian. If you are in similar situations in other states, do the same thing. Let’s make the Write In Party more powerful than that obnoxious tea-bag party.

     The only problem is – it takes you. You have to get up and go to the polls and write in. There will be no limos or tickertape or people taking your picture. Good deeds rarely get noticed by many. Do the right thing, vote with your heart and dump these two losers.

     I will get up early so I can write in. I want others to see that there are a growing number of write in votes during the day so they do not just give up in frustration. I hope other write in voters do the same. Corbett and Onorato win on frustration.

     Please do something real to protect the Rights of Pennsylvanians and write in against these bastards!

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Is There A Chance For Medical Marijuana in PA?

     Greetings from on High!

     You may be reading this because you would like to see the state of Pennsylvania adopt laws to make medical marijuana legal. Good Luck! I was hoping for the same thing. I drove to Harrisburg to testify before Health and Human Services last December in support of the HB 1393 for the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana, introduced by Rep. Mark Cohen. A lot of good people testified but the fact remains that if Tom Corbett or Dan Onorato get into office as governor in November, there goes HB1393, along with SB 1350, its companion bill….down the crapper.

     Asshole and President, Bacarat Obama, was in the state on Sunday to dredge up support for the Dem hopefuls, including Onorato. You will remember Obama, if not for not doing shit to fix the economy or create jobs other than road crews, as the guy who won the vote by duping young people to vote for him via an internet campaign.

     Then, as soon as he got voted in, he decided to have an email ‘town hall’ meeting. He opened up the White House email to suggestions from voters and the number one question, asked by about 75% of respondents, regarded marijuana law. The questions were asked by the same people who put Bacarat in office and he laughed in their faces. See it on Youtube. Also on Youtube, is a video from four years before that where the Shit-Twister in Chief says he is in favor of reforming laws on MJ.

     So you had the most successful liar in the country, or world, maybe, here to support the biggest Dem liar in PA. Fucking great!!!

     The bills, HB1393 and SB 1350 are before the legislature as I write. A look at the legislative calendar for the state did not show them on the agenda for the next Senate session, which starts 10/12. I could not find the house calendar.

     IF the bills were to pass both house and senate, Gov, Ed Rendell has agreed to sign a ‘well-crafted’ bill. If he is replaced by Corbett or Onorato, two assholes of major proportions, it will not happen because they have both spoken out against the bill. They are not nice people. They are selfish, greedy pols who have an agenda that does not include you or I.

     I am going to miss Rendell. He has done a lot to raise money for the state and I am sure he sees the inherent economic value along with the medical value of legal MJ.

     Also sponsored by Rep. Cohen, besides HB1393, is Joe Hoeffel. He is the only person who was in the race who acted human.  That is his picture at the top of the column.

     Things Hoeffel supports:

     Medical Marijuana for PA

     Equal Rights for Gays, Lesbians and Bi-Sexuals.

     Putting somebody in charge of the CIA, FBI, HSA and other shadow organizations of government which make their own rules.

     He voted ‘no’ on the ban of gay adoptions.

     If you go way back, his voting record is not that great but he seems to have seen the light in recent years, showing a liberal streak since about 2005 or so. The point is that he is for the people, like the constitution. Corbett and Onorato…well, just look at them. They are apes in suits. Corbett loves law enforcement. He was sued by the ACLU in PA because two people criticized him in anonymous email and he used the power of his office to get information on them. Is this what you want in charge of your state? Onorato is just as bad. They both hate potsmokers and I think they both reek of shite.

     There is not much time before November elections but if you say you care, fucking do something about it and either start calling your representatives and senators and ask them specifically, ‘when will you vote on the bill?’…that way there is a chance to pass it before Rendell leaves. It is the best chance, Rendell is a good man.

     Once that is done, on election day, line up with the rest of us and instead of voting for one of the pigsnouted hopefuls, write in the name of Joe Hoeffel. If nothing else, a significant write in campaign will show the pols who will be running in 2012 that we are out here and we have a voice. Between potsmokers and gay/lesbian/bis, we add up to quite a few people, plus there are others who see these creeps for what they are. Spread the word to whomever you can.

     I saw pics and videos of the Obama rally. I did not hear Obama make a single MJ reference, though, but I liked the guy who threw the book at him. At first, I thought it was a shoe, like the one that got thrown at Bush. I would like to throw a shoe at a politician. I really would. Just not one like Joe Hoeffel.

     Please!!!!! Write in Joe Hoeffel for Governor and use your voice!

     Anyone in Pennsylvania who is interested in helping with a ‘rebel’ write in campaign to show we are here, please reply via this page. If you are judged by sex or smoke habits, step up and be heard!

     PS….Jennifer Mann sucks. Vote against her if you live in her district. If you are unsure, ask me and I will look it up for you.

     PSS….I don’t take back the stuff about Christie but even HE allowed the MJ to flow in New Jersey, our neighbor to the East.


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