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Hillary Says Money Too Good, Too Much To Stop Drug War

     Informed Readers, please do not be alarmed.  That is not some crazed loon leering at you from the left of the page – that is your Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, former mind control victim and ‘Grand Dame’ of the Illuminati, who run the CIA and all other covert operations in these, what used to be your United States.

     Recently, Hillary was quoted in the Mexican press when she gave an interview on the subject of why the US cannot win the drug war it is waging against an unseen (or maybe not so unseen) black market because “there is just too much money in it.”

     That is about all she has to say. Too much money. It is true that if the drug companies did not spend so much money lobbying to stop the flow of a weed which could take a large percentage of profits out of their coffers, there would probably be no war on drugs.  At the time it was made illegal, marijuana was the second-most prescribed source of relief from various maladies in the US.  That does not bode well for drug companies or the people who siffon cash out of them in the guise of business.

     Hillary should know. She had a first row seat to the Clinton-Bush cocaine monopoly and has been a player in the ‘good politician/bad politician’ game.  This game is the one where we have a president who acts like an idiot for eight years, while screwing us all very deviously and non-idiotically from behind.  He is the bad pol…the one who is dumb, cannot find the right words, generally unliked. Hillary is the good one…trained to be well-spoken, seemingly witty, admired for staying with her delinquent hubby…and she only left one corpse unaccounted for, the one of her buddy who was found dead in the state park.

     Like the people involved with the JFK assassination, a lot of people who shine a light on the Clinton-Bush crime family, seem to disappear or end up dead under suspicious circumstances.  Just Google her name and ‘mind control’ and you get a screen-full of pages detailing the long, strange trip from Arkansas, where the Clintons’ could not even afford a house of their own.  The White House was their starter home.  It is said that Hillary and Ronald Reagan both shared the same sex slave.  Hillary is involved in the programming of such people.  They are usually kidnapped at youth and end up on milk bottles.

     One famous mind control school graduate was John Hinckley Jr., the guy who shot Reagan when he was in office, ending a streak of presidents-in-office dying every 20 years, from William Henry Harrison in 1841 to JFK in 1963. During those years, every president to be elected on the 20th year died in office.  Reagan did not.  It is also of interest to note that Hinckley was the son of a close associate of George Bush Sr., who was director of the CIA and ran the country while Reagan dithered around on the edges of mental illness.  The murders and assassination performed by such slaves are normally caused by brainwashing techniques used on children and perpetuated by clues given in open media.

     All that aside, it was William S. Burroughs, speaking as Father Tom in the movie Drugstore Cowboy, who said,  I predict in the near future right-wingers will use drug hysteria as a pretext to set up an international police apparatus. That movie was released in 1989 but whoever wrote that line saw the whole thing very clearly.

      When we look around today and become confused at how wrong things are or when we try to make sense of why the world is coming apart at the seams, it is good to look behind the curtain, like in The Wizard of Oz, which is a tale used by the CIA to strengthen mind control ‘cues’ in children watching.  There is a specific form of programming called Wizard of Oz programming and certain Disney properties figure into it prominently, as well.

     Now, why would anybody want to control us all and keep all the money while we suffer, wonder and look to the sky?  The money is too good to refuse, like Hillary says.

     One big division of the mind control program (once known as MK ULTRA but now known as ‘Marathon’), is given the duty of making people who bring these facts to light appear insane, by using various harrassment techniques – most of which are designed to make the person pointing fingers seem agitated or ‘a little off’ and thereby lessening the chances anyone will pay attention. “What the hell is this whackjob going on about now?” This is the question that they want to hang over anybody who can see the infrastructure of the Marathon Program.

     If this is fiction, conspiracy-theory, loose talk, a lot of woo-haa…then why can you find President William Clinton on Youtube, publicly apologizing for harm done under the program.  Do not take our word for it. Look it up yourself.  Read about the CIA Mind Control program by itself; then, add Hillary to the search term and you will be surprised and titillated by what you may find.  You can find documented accounts of her using a sex slave in the White House, you can find news about the tortured corpse of an ex-CIA agent who went public about the Bush-Clinton cocaine connection.

     Do not take our word for it. Look for yourself. That is the best way to learn.

     This brings to mind all of the research that Allen Ginsberg did on the CIA-Contra cocaine smuggling controversy, back in the 1970s.  The CIA built itself to its pinnacle of power by shipping drugs back through channels from Cambodia and hooking the american public on cocaine, just to make a buck. Who was in charge of the CIA then? Bush Sr., of course.  There again – look for yourself…you can’t make this kind of stuff up. It is too complex.  In a future blog, we will look and see what Ginsberg found out in all his studies on this abhorent subject.


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State of the Nation…Will His Nibs Continue to Screw American Oil Companies?

     Gentle Readers,

     Last night, we watched the Asian news, which is really today’s news, broadcast twelve hours ahead of time. This type of news from Asia is of the financial nature and deals with what is happening with the world markets at that hour, like CNBC and Bloomberg Business news do during the day in America.

     We could not help but notice how so many foreign nations are having record-breaking outputs of crude oil in recent months. The statistics are staggering. We all should be staggered, since the Gladhander-In-Chief will not allow America to make any money on oil. This in the middle of a so called, media-driven economic crisis.

     Why does America buy oil from other countries when we have oil companies right here that are all bollocksed up in the barbedwire of the Obama Doctrine. We have oil. We could make money and charge taxes and put people to work and help the economy, sort of like we could with marijuana. In fact, it is ironic that the pot advocates often note how oil can be made from the marijuana plant, which is why the big oil companies pay your elected officials to vote against legalizing it.

     Doesn’t anybody in government want their own country to start making profits on something?

      Your Humble Narrator does not have much more to say on the subject now but it is something we hope to comment on tomorrow. In the meantime, we are wondering if he is going to use his patented ‘black preacher’s voice’ tonight, as he often does in emotional situations. I think that voice is very manipulative and am amazed he does not have comedians doing stand-up about it…but that would sound racist.

     Let’s see how bad we get screwed again tonight. The show never ends!

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Meet The New Boss…He Has An Eye On You

     All Dear Friends and Foes,

     Your Humble Narrator has noticed that Tom Corbett has been growing a third eye, which he plans to use in spying on people who say bad things about him…oops!

     As we related in this blog a few months ago, our new Governor was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union recently – and lost, for trying to bully Twitter into giving up account information on two people who blogged about him.  Outgoing Governor Ed Rendell publicly stated that he found the behaviour of then-Attorney General Corbett to be reprehensible. We most heartily concur.

     As someone who regularly posts negative things about the man, and as someone who is probably on his ‘list’ of detractors, my question is “What did he plan to do with those names and addresses?”...obviously, if you are willing to go through the trouble of breaking the law to summon Twitter execs before a Grand Jury, you must do something with the information. How is the retribution then dealt out by the agents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

     While we are at it, what about the Pennsylvania Homeland Security Agency (ever hear of them before?) and the information they collect, mostly from blogs and emails, about people who make anti-government statements…like me???? What about me, Your Beloved Voice From the Page.

     So, he lost and did not get the names and addresses. Now he is your Governor. He Governs you. It is your fault, unless you voted against him. Do not mention the $4,ooo a day which he got in campaign funding from the big gas (not ‘big ass’ – that is Gov. Cartman in NJ, Corbett’s admitted idol) and oil companies, or the officers in those oil companies, to whom he gave seats on his Cabinet!!! No, no, no!!!! That could get a blogger in a lot of trouble.

     That third eye is not looking too friendly to me.

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Gentle Readers…Potential Foul Language (but legal) Ahead. Proceed With Open Mind!

     ‘Woman Is The Nigger of the World’…John Lennon.

     ‘Baby, Baby, Baby Is A Rock N Roll Nigger’…Patti Smith

     ‘Cunt Is the Nigger of the Nouns’…Michael Hendrick

     Now that I have your attention…

     Why do we need to use shock language? Why was your Humble Narrator missing in action from blogland due to an increased intake of opiates? Why is this country (USA) awash in the ‘New Racism’?

     If we avoid ‘dirty’ words, they become dirty by association.  Our Saint and Mentor Lenny Bruce proved that 50 years ago, right about when the staff at CSAFY was waking up to the world.

     As a caucasian, I have been accused of racism simply for not agreeing with the so-called president. I visited an African American friend of mine the next day and told her about it and she said she is fed up with this juvenile fecundity, as well. It is the second or third time I was accused of racism this month. The people who accused me did not know that I lost the highest-paying job I ever had because I was working for redneck/upperclass fools at the Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk and refused to fire a woman I had hired to work in my department.  The owners of the VSC felt that a black woman was not capable of representing them on the telephone. I told them, ‘fuck you.’

     The day they told me to get rid of her, I took her aside and gave her a cash bonus, even though she had no idea of the racist skullduggery which was afoot.  Months later, I was summoned to the Oak Room of the Algonquin Hotel In Manhattan and questioned about my pro-equality stance and summarily dismissed from my position for not being an oppressor of a 100 pound, five foot tall black woman who was a school teacher all her life and was as sweet a woman as one could ever meet.

    That was the 80s and nigger was a bad word. Now it is only a bad word if white people use it. Reverse racism is gripping tooth and nail to the coat-tails of the extreme factions we are seeing in this, what used to be our country, and the lesson we learned from the civil rights demonstrations of the 1960s are long forgotten. White man bad…black man victim…

    What does this have to do with cunts? Recent rulings in the state of Pennsylvania made such words legal to say in public, or even cajole the police with when they are trying to reason with you. If you recall, Freedom of Speech was once a Universal Right to all americans and now it is a joke. This is one very small victory in the fight to say what we wish to.

    So the narcotics are wearing off. I had to take them because they made the K2 illegal and I can have all the opiates I want with no fear of reprisal. So, if you must blame a narcotic stupor for the lack of scholarly advice which normally oozes from this page, blame your Uncle Sam…or is it Uncle Osama?

     Do I hate Obama because he is black, sorta? No! Do I hate NJ Gov. Chris “Buffet”Cartman Christie, who looks like he will be in the race to be out next leader (hahahahahahahaha)? Yes…I hate him because he is a fat, miserable fuck who is playing with the environment, not from his massive body mass and it’s affect on tides and orbit of the planet, but because he is a fucking idiot – like Obama! He is white, caucasian, whatever – he has so much skin that he could probably qualify for several different ethnicities, depending on where you take the skin from on his bloated carcass.  Do I hate General Tom Corbett, the other fat fuck who sold out his state for a million and a half dollars per cabinet position and will become ten times richer thanks to screwing the people who voted for him? Yes, I hate him and he is the same skin tone as I am.

     So, if you hear inklings of racism at the office or market, do your best to shut the mouth of the ignorant fuckwit who said such irresponsible booshwah! Most of the racism is coming from the young because they are oppressed and have no chance in the rich man’s world of the USA. They will die under a bridge due to lack of ambition and want to blame me for being a capitalist.

    Somebody wake up…Dear Readers, I know you are awake…but please try to waken a few others before the war of inequality swallows the USA before a Chinese bomb has a chance to wipe us out.

   Wake somebody up and you will awaken a new sense of purpose in yourself…if you want one.

     By the by, it was by pure coincidence and accident that I posted this on Martin Luther King Day. The lessons of Doctor King are being subordinated by feuds between white trashers and blacks with attitudes. It is the first battle in the Era of Class Warfare that our government is pulling this country into through flagrant ignorance of the Constitutional Rights of ALL citizens, no matter what colour, race or creed.


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The Arrogant President…Feel A Change Comin’ On?

Tsk, Tsk, what a failure we have in Obama.
Chemise-stainer Bill Clinton has been making his rounds for him, being perceived as a better example of the Democratic Principles – even after facing filed impeachment charges! Bill’s little problems have been forgiven, forgotten and relegated to a place of fond nostalgia in the public eye. Clinton could not play sax very well but tried and also tried to be a good President, despite human shortcomings.
Obama is taking it on the chin bigtime this week. From being ‘dude-ed’ by Jon Stewart to being called ‘arrogant’ by a Meet the Press panelist, it is very hard to find any positive sentiment to prop up the New Saviour of Liberalism. Liberals do not seem to be saying much, perhaps from the embarrassment of foisting the warped dream of ‘the president who didn’t like people’. That is another thing many experienced newpeople and members of the White House Press Corps seem to agree on – he does not seem to like people. He can paste on the phony smile and gladhand with the best of them (a benefit derived by way of a Chicago-based political orientation) but he just doesn’t seem to like people.
Many politicos can tell stories of Presidents who reached out and showed a human side, one specific tale recalls how Clinton would call political enemy Newt Gingrich at 2am and bullshit with him in the middle of the night. They were enemies at work but enjoyed conversation with each other, kind of like Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner meeting at the timeclock at the end of a day’s work in the cartoon desert. Obama exudes an elusive chill. There is no warmth. His smile can be felt just as much on a billboard, if not more, than it can when viewing his visage.
The first strike of arrogance appeared at the email townhall, an event I return to often. Millions of voters who put him in office were asked to send him their greatest concerns, so he could start working on them before he got to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A staggering 75% of the emails asked him to reform marijuana laws. Naturally, he laughed in the faces of the people who put him in the office as part of the first internet-based political campaign. Considering that these people put him in office, the Asshole in Chief could at least have lied and said he would work on it. Instead, he turned to the people standing on the dais behind him and had a laugh at the expense of his own voters. WRONG!
This is the president who smoked pot as a youth and who understood us, right? WRONG!
This is the president who ran on a platform of change and is running ‘business as usual’. (I get tired of how WRONG)
This is the president who swore to bring the nation together in a wave of bi-partisanism and in recent days has made many politically-incorrect statements like telling a group of latinos to ‘punish their enemies’ and who used a racist image to suggest that democrats put republicans ‘at the back of the bus’. How rude!
By the way, you can thank the influential Dylan family for the whole ‘CHANGE’ slogan. It was Jesse Dylan, son of songwriting legend Bob Dylan (who just gave Obama a cold shoulder at the White House a few weeks ago), who is a successful movie-maker and videographer and who was the creative force behind the first videos touting ‘change’. Change seems like a recurrent themes amoung those Dylans. The Times They Are A-Changing is so often sung in the hearts of the hopeful that it is now a national intellectual property. Bob Dylan marched with Martin Luther King in the historic civil rights march on Washington, DC, along with Joan Baez and Forrest Gump. At least he stays true to his heart.
What has changed since Obama took office? Have things gotten better? Does it feel better? It damned sure felt good before he got elected and was in full party mode. He was all smiles back then. Sure he got hurt by the legacy left behind by Bush but that does not touch the basic point…he just doesn’t like people. Maybe that is why he used to like to smoke pot. Some people get quiet and isolate themselves after smoking. It is entirely possible that Obama is a daily pot smoker. Since he became president, medical marijuana became legal in DC, where he lives. What greater stress can be put upon a man than his office? Look at how fast his hair is greying! I wonder why DEA Chief Erik Holder has not arrested anyone for marijuana in DC yet?
Do keep in mind that pot became legal for medical purposes in DC since Obama was elected. The DEA was given power over the states during that same time. All the people crowing about Proposition 19 in California do not have an answer on how that will protect them from the long arm of Holder’s DEA. It is a good way to keep people from the real issue of being let down by the liberal saviour. Yes, that pic at the top is Obama with a joint in his mouth. If you have any doubts, check out the other pics taken after he lit it up, most people have seen that shot already. If you haven’t, just email me and I will post it for you.
That is more than Obama would do for you, especially if you help him get elected.


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Write In On November 2. Spread The Word.

                                                     Dearest Dysfunctionals, as much as I enjoy a discourse on the subject of brain damaging materials and the related after-effects, it is more important to keep a ‘flea in the ear’ of all good people so that we are not all stuck with a couple of horse’s asses in the Governor’s seat when Ed Rendell leaves. By this time in two weeks, hopefully we will all have written in the name of Samuel E Rohrer of Berks County for the office.  It would be a great thing if Mr Rohrer wins, maybe, but this is more about a show of support and a raising of voice before the 2012 elections for president. 

     Talking heads are saying that Obama is losing his edge, as regards being saviour of the common liberal. I would look to an Independent or a Green Party runner but they are rather scarce. If someone is running for a seat and you do not even know the name, they are probably not much of a mover or a shaker, so to speak.

     So as much as I do not want to see Onorato as our Governor, I want to see General Corbett in the seat even less. The lesser of two weasels is not a choice here. They are both rodents that want to take a bite out of us. My cartoon counterpart, Ignatz Mouse, takes umbrage at that remark but it was the first thing to come to mind.

     If you are not convinced that neither of these men are worthy enough to carry water to a sick whore (thanks to Meg Whitman I can use the word whore without sexual connotations these days. Thanks, Meg!!!)

     General Corbett has actually gone on record as saying that there are plenty of jobs in Pennsylvania but that people just don’t want to work until the unemployment well is totally drained. Corbett never made his bones in the real world. He did the military kiss ass thing and did dirty jobs for his superiors, probably until he had enough dirt on them to get promoted. We know that he likes to abuse the power of office but none of us think that it could happen to us, specifically. Big Brother is watching and he is a General now.

      I am sorry to not have an inflammatory quote or statement to attribute to Dan Onorato to even things out. The thing is, he is so mean and hostile-looking that I do not even want to have to dig through the texts to find something. I heard enough during the debate. But look how he had his eyebrows ‘done’ to give him a sympathetic look….just check his recent pics online.

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Email from Obama – (‘Can I Have $Tree-Fitty?’)

     Trusted Readers, today I got a second email from Bacarat Obama. He wants me to vote for him in 2012 and also to give him three dollars to help his campaign.

     I returned the email twice now, with a comment that I will not vote for him because he betrayed us on the medical mj issue and also that he is an asshole.

     If anybody else gets this idiot email, I suggest you do the same. I got on the list when Bacarat had his first ‘town meeting’ and 75% of us who responded asked him about mj reform. He laughed at us in the press and so he dug his grave as far as this boy goes.

     Do not underestimate the power of the email reply. A year or two ago, I wrote to a local pol and asked him his views on medical mj. He did not bother to reply but then I started to get monthly emails, telling me what he had done for his constituents, while I still had no reply to the email I sent him. So, at this point I started replying to the mass emails from his office.

     When I replied, I laid heavy on the rhetoric. I guess I caught him in the right mood one day because he sent me a reply. My most recent email had posed the question ‘are you a man or a mouse’ and also accused him of ‘being wishy-washy’.

     Well, Jay-sus! If I did not have an email in response the next day. ‘I am not wishy-washy. I am a man and not a mouse,’ he told me and then went on to say that he reads each and every piece of mail that comes through his office.

     I replied and said thanks for writing but that I had written several emails with no response and gave him the dates. Then, I said he was good at asserting that he was not a mouse but he still did not stick his neck out and take a side on the marijuana issue. He emailed me promptly and told me that he would vote for it if it was on the ballot. Then he sent me a nice letter on House of Representatives letterhead, just to shit me up. That was nice.

     The lesson here is that you can send Obama a message when you get the email asking for the three bucks. Make sure to tell him why, specifically. Let him know that we know he fucked us. Tell him you will not vote for him, if you have the nerve to send an irate email to the White House.

     A lot of people seem to be afraid to get irate with politicians these days and it is our Right as Americans. We put the bread on the tables of these people so we have a Right to say what we feel about them with no repercussion – like those two anonymous emailers that Pretender-To-Be Tom Corbett tried to track down using public State systems until the ACLU sued him and shut him down.

     I do not know if I would write an email to Corbett or not. I am sure he has goons all over the place who are just waiting to stick dogshit in my mailbox at his command. He is a prick, as most law enforcement types are, and he does not mind showing it. Onorato is a prick, as well, just going from the image of him standing in front of the Reading Democrats office and cracking his knuckles like he was gonna punch somebody if they asked the wrong question. When he did answer a question, he put his hands in the ‘finger-steeple’ position, which is a sign of feeling superior to those around you. You could light a match on his forehead and Obama wants us to vote for this guy? He looked like he wanted to stomp on a kittie. Fuck both of you Governor Candidates. I am joining the write in.

     When I blogged last, I did not know that there is already a large group of people in Pennsylvania who feel the same way. They are sponsoring a write in event on election day. They will be writing in the name of Berks County Representative Samuel E. Rohrer. I had suggested writing in the name of Joe Hoeffel. I guess it does not make a difference who we write in. In fact, Rohrer was man enough and honest enough to give his opinion as ‘not sure’ on the medical mj issue, whereas almost everybody else in the state said ‘no’ or left the space blank. At least Rohrer is honest about it and is possibly open to it. The fact that he is republican allows us to fuck with both parties by just one write in.

     Face it – party lines are skewed this year. Dems are acting like Republicans and vice versa. What difference does it make if you are registered democrat? You can still vote for a republican, and should, if it helps show the powers that be that we have a voice and will use it against a bad pol as quickly as we will raise it for a good pol.

     Just like the Loch Ness Monster always asking Chef’s parents for ‘tree-fitty’, now we have Obama asking us for ‘oh, about tree’….if ever there was a time to Just Say No, it is now. Do not say no to drugs, though, say it to Obama. He may be too stoned on that DC legal weed to understand…but, hey, why should he care about us?



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Its Alright Maher (I’m Only Bleating) and more

***Today, we bring Abuse Bitz, Substance Abuse-related, short topics from here and there. It will be a regular feature*** 


     HBO, the beast with two heads, brought us a new season of Bill Maher’s Real Time on Friday. Bill responded in kind by introducing his first guest of the new season, Michael Moore – another beast with two heads. It looks like he has two heads, at least, when they try to fit the wad of flesh under the baseball cap onto a single screen. It should have been reformatted but news is that, due to new trade agreements, the Chinese telephone directory companies have contacted Moore to ask for their ‘Chins’ back. Once accomplished, the whole head may fit to screen.

     That was an old joke but so is the act that Maher and Moore perform, the act of ‘caring liberal’. At the top of this article is a poster from the movie Manufacturing Dissent. It shows Moore for what he really is, a big, fat capatilist who owns stock in Dick Cheney’s war machine. It also shows an abrasive, scared, pathetic fool (Moore), trying to hide his own dirty laundry from a film crew which started out as fans of his and were not looking for dirt.

     The fact that Moore is receiving the John Steinbeck Award is too ironic to be humorous. The Herman Melville Award posed a much better fit. Steinbeck’s immediate family gone, so it is easy for strangers to co-opt his spirit and hang it on a pig, like a straw hat co-opted in Juarez and placed on a painted donkey. It is just wrong.

     Maher started out weak, sticking to familiar material, like defending Bacarat Obama, the man who is gambling our country away. It was obvious that Moore was brought in to add some needed weight to the season opener. Bill is fading fast in the tail lights of liberal popularity. While Obama has a lower approval rating than George W Bush, after only 18 months of avoiding the wishes of the people who voted for him, Hillary Clinton is more popular amoung voters and it seems like a woman President deserves a chance, now that our uber-liberal choice has turned out to be a $60 Billion war broker.

     What does this have to do with substance abuse? Where else can it lead? Who isn’t going to want to escape the reality of Maher, Moore and their deceptive, greedy. self-righteousness and the pathetic pantheon of liberal followers who have not gotten it yet? Gimme a Guinness, and a Magner’s, too. It is 745am and I need them both.


     On the K2 front, our team of experts has been continuing to experiment in the name of  heads everywhere. Many people say that K2 is crap and that most of it is knock-off, fake product, which is worthless. That is because they have not tried it and, frankly, Gentle Readers, it is better for them if they do not. It leaves more for us.

      One full month of experiments have cost a grand total of exactly $100 to date. This figure covers daily testing, several times per diem. I have bought knock-offs but they were good. They had slightly different labels and one tasted a little better but it comes down to this – five tokes and take a nap, three-four and you are nice and happy.

     I have heard conflicting reports about use of K2, JWH018 and similar compounds in the US Armed Forces. A month or two ago, I got a copy of an email that showed a ton of wonderful, sticky, black hashish from Afghanistan which had been siezed by authorities in the Soviet Union. Soldiers are drug tested so they were more interested in K2 than checking vehicles for hash or assassins (the word ‘assassin’ is a derivation of the word ‘hashish’, btw). Other sources say that the military has started testing our fighting forces for the scourge of K2 but have not been very keen on catching any other scourge, except maybe a pandemic of PTSD.

     Obama is spending mostly all the money the USA has on the military budget and the Afghans still manage to smuggle a ton of hashish out of the country under our noses? A ton of hashish weighs at least 1,800 pounds more than Osama Bin Laden and takes up considerably more space. It is almost as smelly, too. We have been trying to get him out of that same country for how many years? If the Army just employed the use of bloodhounds, they could find Bin Laden, tuit de suite. They even had his warm underpants to use for scent. One can only assume that we have a reason for not finding him, which may be explained to children after we are dead.

     Kudos to those crafty substance abuse enablers who got the hash to the soviets. The fact that they smuggled a ton past all those US soldiers is just one more indication of the brilliance, determination and love of drugs and how no army can stop it.

     It makes me proud to be a substance abuser!


     Tonight, the other side of the two-headed HBO monster brings us an excellent offering, Boardwalk Empire, showcasing the talents of two of our fav substance abusers, Martin Scorcese and Steve Buscemi. So much has been said about Scorcese and his love of cocaine that I will not bore you with that and we small take a peek at Buscemi, who has amused and endeared us in wonderful roles in terrific productions like The Sopranos, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, The Simpsons, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Miller’s Crossing, Airheads and so many more!

      Buscemi, the substance abuse afficianado, is currently directing Queer, a film based on the book by William S Burroughs. Aside from bowing at the altar of that gentle and much-adored, wife-shooting, heroin-loving hero of the Beat Generation, he is also acting in a film version of the Jack Kerouac novel of 1957 (the same year in which Steve, Shane MacGowan, your Humble Author and many notable droogies were born), On The Road.

     While often cast as a  fast talking sleaze, Buscemi remains a solid guy, a man’s man, despite the fame. While studying acting under John Strasberg, he also worked as a NYC Fireman, Engine #55, from 1980-84. When the events of 911 deveasted the city, Buscemi worked anonymously, 12 hours a day for weeks, digging through the rubble of his old fire station, looking for missing firefighters.

     To this day, he still remains a volunteer firefighter with #55.

     As happens to many substance lovers, Buscemi was involved in a barfight about nine years ago in the hick state of North Carolina. He was stabbed in the throat, head and arm. He sustained a sweet scar to the face, which is hidden with makeup for films. Fellow actor Vince Vaughn was arrested for coming to his aid. Thanks, Vince! It makes us wonder what Vince was doing there, in a bar full of substances but we are glad he was…and what do you do in a bar full of substances?

     Watch Steve Buscemi tonight on HBO but if you really want a sleazy fast-talker, I would suggest Maher or Moore. It is their specialty.


     The gang here at CFYSA would like to take a moment to remind you all of the upcoming elections. It is important that all substance abusers unite and put there votes behind a candidate who will stand up for our Constitutional Right to do what we want with our own bodies and minds.

     If you have found such a candidate, support them! If you have not found a concerned civil servant, get off your collective asses and find one who will work for you. Time is running out.


     While Gil at the Office of National Drug Policy is quick to inform us that 21.8 million Americans, age 12 and up, abused illegal drugs last year, the figure pales in comparison to the 205.8 million barrels of beer produced by the US in the same year.

     That is actually a drop of 5 million barrels from 2008, which is unfortunate, since 210 million barrels would allow reach substance abuser 10 barrels each! At approximately 31 gallons per barrel, it could have knocked the socks of off the illegal drug market. It is brain-damaging and fattening; it causes traffic accidents, disease, violence, tv sports and other such forms of depravity. Ten barrels for each abuser! Yeah!!! It is really less than ten bottles a day, per person, but, hey, it is abusable product!!!

     Too bad it is legal.



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Bill Maher – ‘The Emperor’s New Ho’?

     Friends and critics, our last post took a swipe at television’s Craig Ferguson, host of the Late, Late Show on CBS. The slight was not intended toward Craigy but meant to point out how irresponsible CBS is in choosing sponsors. We at CFYSA admire Mr. Ferguson. He is an excellent author of film, novel and biography, a highly intelligent personage and a fun guy, as well. He may decry the use of illegal substances for himself but is still kind enough to do ‘tricks for stoners’ on Fridays nights, when they watch in ‘high’ concentration.

     God Bless You, Craigy, and all of your zany ways!

     This behaviour is in sharp contrast to the anaconda-like personage of Bill Maher, poster child for liberals worldwide. Maher used to be funny, up to date with contemporary society and a viable force in the last presidential election. Most young liberals who were on the Obama bandwagon laughed as Maher poked at George W. He made sense and he smoked pot.

     Fast-forward, not even two years…Obama is in office, due largely to votes gathered in colleges and other hotbeds of liberalism. Once the Saviour of America won the office, he decided to show his voters how interested he was in their lives and concerns. He opened up the White House computer bank to a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ of email questions. When more than 75% of the emails asked what he would do as regards legalization of marijuana, he laughed them off and suggested that the voters who sent them were ‘high’ and laughed off his largest core constituency, next to black voters. A lot of the black voters wanted legal pot, too.

     Following this debacle, a law was passed in Washington DC, allowing the use of medical marijuana for people who live in the District of Columbia. This accomplished, any senator, congressman, president, representative or lobbyist with a brick-and-mortar address in DC can feign a headache and get high grade marijuana whenever they have the urge. Not us.

     The majority of the remaining citizens of the USA cannot afford such medicine, even if we have cancer of MS. We are the poor schmucks who pay for the ticket so these left and right wing con artists can ride the reefer bus. This is where Bill Maher comes in.

     Maher has taken to criticizing the Obama administration, yet not with the zest with which he attacked W. Along with this, he has (or his writers, more like) fallen far out of touch with the american middle class, who he pretends to champion.

     Maher loves to talk about his ‘volcano,’ a marijuana-smoking device which vaporizes MJ so that it may be ingested without the danger of inhaling smoke. This piece of equipment costs more than most motor vehicles I, and many of my friends, ever owned. He jumps at the chance to note how expensive the weed he smokes is. He rubs it in our faces.

     It is amusing when he claims that his genetics and behaviour make him immune to diseases which plague many people and are simply unavoidable. He never gets a common cold, he claims. This is because he lives in a bubble and has no contact with people at large. No matter how healthy you are, if a person on a plane is sick with something that is contagious and they sneeze during flight, most people will catch the virus. Not our Bill, however. He claims it is because of his superiorly-expensive diet but we know it is because he has a private jet and all crew members wear rubber gloves, changing them for new pairs frequently. He IS a comedian and this stuff MIGHT be funny, if he were not dead serious.

     One of the swipes he took at Obama, after helping his campaign with sly jokes and witty rhetoric, concerned the stimulus checks of last winter. Laughing at how useless they were, he cited these $600 checks as not enough to buy a bag of pot with. In my case, $600 goes a long way in filling the oil tank and keeping my house warm so cats and kitties and myself live in comfort. I have to admit, it came in handy.

     Another thing that irks old Bill are those damned fatcats who selfishly hoard cash while we common folk strive to survive. Annoying him, too, are network broadcasters with opinions which differ from his. He mocks the easy lifestyle they lead on a network paycheck.

     HBO is the largest, richest, greediest, television franchise in the world. Maher has the catbird seat, commanding the primest of time available on the cable company. His pay surely triples that of most lowly network newpersons, dwarfing the compensation of these true journalists, and at the same time trivializing the importance of real news.

     Why learn about the real thing when it is more fun to hear Maher’s writer’s comic take on it? I am assuming that he has writers because, in the past, a lot of his jokes were funny, rather than pathetic. The new season starts soon. The network advertisements, alone,  for this lackluster foppery probably cost more than your parents made in their lifetimes…and so will residuals from rerunning it in other countries and formats.

     He is not your friend. He is a huckster who profits by running his mouth and depending on you to believe in his sincerity, like when he stares quietly into the camera at the end of each show and speaks softly, as if he is there in your livingroom with you. Except he would never come into YOUR livingroom. You are too fat and too germy for our Bill.

     While recoiling at the thought of a new season of this pap, one must admit that he does get some good guests who have good opinions. It is too bad that he overrides this windfall of intellect by talking over his learned guests. They are obviously imported from other news shows like Meet The Press, Face The Nation, The McLaughlin Group and others, in an effort to make Bill appear to be ‘in the know’.

     His time is as limited as his sensitivity to his core fans. He is as timely a comedian as Jimmy Durante, except Durante could sing, dance, joke – but above all he had ‘Class’.

     Craig Ferguson is another guy with Class. He should be on HBO and Maher should be relegated to following Jimmy Fallon at 3am on whatever channel takes him. Craig never talks down to his audience. He demeans himself, something Maher would never have the self-confidence to do. Craig can talk about philosophy, politics, masturbation, psychology, literature and sex, sex, sex, bringing it all together brilliantly. He is a gentleman. He makes us feel good.

    Bill has no Class. He is no gentleman. He sucks. Maybe this season he will have new writers and a better attitude toward us little people, as he and Obama regard us.

     Craig’s Late Late Show is on weeknights at 1237amEST, following David Letterman.

     He is a man of the people, as opposed to Maher’s take at being the whore of babble-on. Maher could have been an important force, as proven in 2007. Maher coulda been a contender. Now, he just sucks – on his pricey vaporizer.


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