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Is It The End Of The World Yet?

     Followers of Faith,

     Many are heralding the end of our planet Earth, as predicted in the Bible, as the Last Days begin on May 21 and come to the grand finale on October 21 of this year.  We do not question peoples’ religious beliefs, we just report on them if we need material for a blog.

     It is rather hard to ignore the events of recent weeks and months, which seem to put this sphere on the brink of disaster.  That is, after all, why we call this series of blogs The Tipping Point.  It is true that we have reached the tipping point and that things just get worse from here.  If you grew up in America in the 20th century, chances are that you had one of the highest standards of life quality ever afforded to humans during the history of our species.  If you go one hundred years in either direction, 1910 or 2110, conditions would not seem near as comfortable as we in the USA have grown used to.

     These are the final days, no doubt about it.  It takes the sting of death away when you know that, once you leave the Earth, it will never be as nice or as much fun as you knew it to be in life.  The elected officials will have nothing to do with trying to save us, as evidenced by the recent events in Japan.  When the nuclear waste from the accident became a quandry, Japan announced to the world that they would dump all the radioactive materials into the ocean.

     Two days later, they dumped it.  Where was the United Nations? Where was anybody responsible?  How could you ignore the dumping of radiation into the ocean, where it works it way around the world via tides and jet streams?  Picture a green field, full of leafy spinach, or maybe arugula.  Picture the atmosphere sucking the ocean water up into a cloud.  Now look at the rain hitting those green leaves.  Mix in a bit of spilled BP oil and other chemicals and you hardly even need a vinaigrette.

     Once that rain gets into the soil, do you reckon that it can be rinsed off?  No, it becomes part of the cellular structure of the leaf.  It may not kill you immediately but it will add up.  It is a good thing we are so involved in cancer research, since we are going to see the number of patients double, triple or quadruple as the years pass.

     What good thing can we say about the final days?  At some point, it will become the common denominator as rich and poor alike succumb to environmentally-caused diseases.  Then everybody will be equal and the class wars (which are just starting to rumble in the curtains backstage) will not be an issue.

     We have seen so many changes over the last 100 years that the next 100 years will be a real bummer for a convenience-oriented society.  Enjoy life while you can!  If you are older, like Your Humble Narrator, you might as well live it up before things start to really suck.

     What about the end of the world, though?

     Since we are universally denominational at CFYSA, we cannot suggest that you pray to a certain diety or another – although we do suggest that you say your prayers.  Many people are talking about the end, so let us look at what one of our heroes, Arlo Guthrie, had to say on the subject in a recent post on his website…

According to some people, the world will come to a close fairly soon – sometime between now (if you’re reading this it hasn’t happened), and sometime next year 2012. I’m putting together a list of 5 things to do just in case the world actually comes to an end.

1) Clean underwear is a must every day. There may not be laundry in the after life. Be sure to be wearing appropriate attire – a white robe will provide suitably for here and there. Note: Hell is clothing optional, so be prepared for anything. And don’t just leave your clothes in the closet, give to an organization who will pass it along to those who may be traveling with you but don’t have stuff to wear right now.

2) Be generous to your favorite charities After all, they may survive in some parallel universe where they will be able to benefit from your generosity here. The Guthrie Interfaith Church (my favorite 501 c 3 foundation) is always looking for help and is multi-dimensional as well as existing on earth.

3) Leave enough pet food and water for your pets. If you’re wrong and the world doesn’t end, they will miss you but eating helps a broken heart.

4) There’s no mention in scripture of there being female angels. All the angels have male names. So either there’s not much sex in heaven or the after life is part of the gay agenda. Act now before it’s too late.

5) Beware the Mayans. Their calendar ends but it could be a ruse. It could be the date when they plan on returning and taking over the Americas again. They obviously would not wish to announce their coming – thus their calendar just quits giving details. Spending Christmas 2012 under Mayan domination could be enough to rip the heart out of any true believer.

The world ends every day for some people, and each day the worlds begins for others. Despite claims to the contrary, it will be that way for a very long time. Any one who distracts you from caring for each other – coming or going – is selling something. If there’s no one buying, no one can be selling. Don’t be fooled by anyone or any group no matter how sincere they may appear to be. People may believe the world is ending but believing doesn’t make it true.


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Better Call Henny Penny

     Frightened Friends,

     Is the sky falling?  Not really, it is just disappearing. Yesterday scientists reported that the ozone player has gotten even thinner than it was in November, when it was discovered that whales were getting sunburnt in the ocean because they had no SPF and the sun is too bright.  Gov. Cartman of New Jersey, who also is not too bright, said there is nothing to worry about.  He has no proof of global warming so he prefers to ignore it.  Here in Pennsylvania, Military Governor Tom Corbett has said that Cartman is his ‘role model’ so do not expect much for the survival of the species if  we are gonna depends on dolts like these.

     Besides being scorched from above, we have the Japanese directly dumping the ocean water that was contaminated in the cooling process back into the ocean, where it can travel all around the world and ride the jet streams and get in the tissue all of the fish which are not radioactive already.

      Besides both of those, we have new earthquakes in Japan today, which further unsettle our belief in a long life in a non-glowing body.

     The Japanese government announced that it was going to dump the contaminants back into the sea before they did it.  Naturally, there is no United Nations anymore, at least not the kind of United Nations that averts worldwide tragedy and keeps us safe.  The United Nations was really formed as a way to enforce Harry Anslinger’s morbid anti-marijuana laws worldwide and, aside from contributions to UNICEF (a CIA cover) they do nothing for us.

     All we want to warn you on is to give up the seafood.  It was badly polluted enough before these latest events and if you value your health, you do not eat it, particularly if you are prone to bad affects of radiation already, like if you are a cancer survivor like Your Humble Narrator.

     We have to get this world together or all you people with kids and grandkids are gonna carry pics of cinders around in your wallets, when your bloodline is boiled in their skins.

     Wake up Everybody, for the sake of Christ and yourselves and start paying attention to what you can do to make your legislators recognize the inherent dangers of us destroying the world from the outside in.

    You are not feeling it now…but wait until food and oil prices REALLY go up.  You have no idea about suffering unless you have done a lot of it.  Get prepared for a new experience.

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