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Better Call Henny Penny

     Frightened Friends,

     Is the sky falling?  Not really, it is just disappearing. Yesterday scientists reported that the ozone player has gotten even thinner than it was in November, when it was discovered that whales were getting sunburnt in the ocean because they had no SPF and the sun is too bright.  Gov. Cartman of New Jersey, who also is not too bright, said there is nothing to worry about.  He has no proof of global warming so he prefers to ignore it.  Here in Pennsylvania, Military Governor Tom Corbett has said that Cartman is his ‘role model’ so do not expect much for the survival of the species if  we are gonna depends on dolts like these.

     Besides being scorched from above, we have the Japanese directly dumping the ocean water that was contaminated in the cooling process back into the ocean, where it can travel all around the world and ride the jet streams and get in the tissue all of the fish which are not radioactive already.

      Besides both of those, we have new earthquakes in Japan today, which further unsettle our belief in a long life in a non-glowing body.

     The Japanese government announced that it was going to dump the contaminants back into the sea before they did it.  Naturally, there is no United Nations anymore, at least not the kind of United Nations that averts worldwide tragedy and keeps us safe.  The United Nations was really formed as a way to enforce Harry Anslinger’s morbid anti-marijuana laws worldwide and, aside from contributions to UNICEF (a CIA cover) they do nothing for us.

     All we want to warn you on is to give up the seafood.  It was badly polluted enough before these latest events and if you value your health, you do not eat it, particularly if you are prone to bad affects of radiation already, like if you are a cancer survivor like Your Humble Narrator.

     We have to get this world together or all you people with kids and grandkids are gonna carry pics of cinders around in your wallets, when your bloodline is boiled in their skins.

     Wake up Everybody, for the sake of Christ and yourselves and start paying attention to what you can do to make your legislators recognize the inherent dangers of us destroying the world from the outside in.

    You are not feeling it now…but wait until food and oil prices REALLY go up.  You have no idea about suffering unless you have done a lot of it.  Get prepared for a new experience.


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Hush…People Are Getting Naked In Omaha

                                                                                          Listen Closely, 

         Gentle Readers, 

        And you may be able to hear people getting undressed in Omaha, NE.

They are getting ready for tonight’s performance of Lit Undressed: The Spirit of the Female Beats.

Your Humble Narrator, was lucky enough to be asked by the Group to write an original composition for the event.  The piece, which appeared on this blog a month or two ago, was written about the strength of my mother and will be performed on stage this evening.

This is an honour for Your Narrator, as anytime someone requests me to write for them, I take it as the most high sort of compliment.  The East Coast is a far fly from Omaha, so the author will not be able to see his work as it is read.  It is very gratifying, though, to have the attention of such intellectual activists.

There is a reason for all of this, which is best spoken by Timothy Schaffert, Director and Founder of the Omaha Lit Fest.  As he posted on the LU Facebook page:

With much respect to nude performance artistry such as Marina Abramovi, and performance poet Hedwig Gorski, Lit Undressed is a project combining nude performance with fiction reading with an emphasis on literature beyond the naked.

In September, in cooperation with (downtown) omaha lit fest, the first Lit Undressed performance ensued at RNG Gallery. “Undressed/Untold: A Body/Text Event” featured original fiction written by contemporary published authors, as well as excerpts from classic literature in reference to the body in some respect. The writings were read aloud by six male and female readers to a sold-out audience of 50. Selected readers were also adorned with body-text-paint.

When one reads a book, they are immersed into the atmosphere of the piece; not in their real-world anymore, not clothed or unclothed, not worrying about looks or happenings; simply naked in all senses. This project also hopes to encourage comfort with all body-types and forms.

“We at the (downtown) omaha lit fest are very intrigued with the project Sally Deskins has developed—the first of what I hope will be many events under her “Lit Undressed” title. Sally, an artist’s model, first approached me with an idea—she wanted to read literary works, naked, for an audience. She’d heard tell of such events in other cities, and wondered if it might work in Omaha.

Why not? Though the mayor of Omaha once run Gypsy Rose Lee out of town before she had a chance to fan even a single feather, that was more than seventy years ago.

I loved the idea of the silent artist’s model finally speaking. No longer would she (or he—Sally’s event includes men) stand still as a figure-lesson in a classroom, a series of shadows and lines inspiring another person’s art, but rather she’d become the art and artist herself, the storyteller, the centerpiece not just of our gaze and technical scrutiny, but of our attention, our interest, conveying emotion, ideas.

It eventually became clear, as the project developed, that Sally’s interests were in the tradition of any number of body-related art projects, from literature itself (in among works by contemporary authors, the artist’s models at the “Undressed/Untold” event at RNG Gallery will also read excerpts from “Frankenstein,” Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People,” and the very adult work of the children’s book author Roald Dahl: his classic horror tale “Skin”) to the films of Peter Greenaway and Matthew Barney, the body-altering performances of Bob Flanagan and Orlan, the organized-civil-disobedience of photographer Spencer Tunick, and the body/text experiments of author Shelley Jackson, who famously oversees an ongoing fiction project for which more than 2,000 people have had single words from her short story tattooed on their skin. The new works for “Undressed/Untold” include those by Omaha authors (the sensual realism of Trilety Wade, the confessional erotica of Karen Bowerman, the poetic discord of Tim Siragusa, and the playful and meditative poetry of Deskins herself) and by authors with Omaha roots (Rachel Shukert and Zachary Shomburg). The new work includes short-short stories and poems that ask you to see familiar tales (“The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Goodnight, Moon,” to name a few) in unfamiliar ways.

But, of course, beyond all that, there’s the simple fact of the nudity (live!), which, in our neo-puritan culture, we tend to relegate to the dark halls of the peep show. To be naked in a public space is to collide with our sense of the private space, and it’s that marriage of the public and the private that so often gets folks’ panties in a bunch. To unclothe, to allow your body to be read—scars and all—may be the most primitive and powerful expression of all.”

So, if you are in the area, go and enjoy it. I wish i could!!!

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