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The Man Who Was Going To Take An Axe To Bob Dylan’s Equipment at Newport Folk

Gentle Readers,

There is not much we can say to relate how sad we are to see the passing of our Hero, Pete Seeger.
I just asked a 33 year old friend if he knew who Seeger was and he did not know.

Pete Seeger was one of the strongest most sane voices in the fight to bring America back to what it was meant to be when we still had a workable Constitution. He traveled with Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Sonny Terry, Cisco Houston and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot. Rather than blather, allow us to provide you with a few songs that we unabashedly pirated from youtube to celebrate the passing odf one of the greatest americans to have lived and breathed.
In his later years, he spent time picking up trash along highways in between concerts because he cared about the land. He was a man’s man and a musician’s musician. Whatever you believe in, God, Krishna, Karma, Nothing…please send some positive energy to him as he departs this crappy old world. He is in a better place and he made our world a better place.


Enjoy and Remember him, most of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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