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William S. Burroughs and the Mushroom Machine~Tonight on PBS (or not)!!!

     Space Travelers, tonight is the night that the PBS series Independent Lens presents the installment on our beloved mentor and spiritual scout, William S. Burroughs: A Man Within. Scanning through the local listings, we see that the episode will be presented at 10pm on WHYY, the Philadelphia-based PBS channel.

     Unfortunately, we see that in the Lehigh Valley, on WLTV and to the north on WITF, the mushroom machine is in full-work mode, keeping people in the dark and feeding them shit.  They will NOT be airing the episode tonight.

     Why hide a life that shows how decades of heroin addiction did nothing to slow down the juggernaut that was WS Burroughs?  Why hide the fact that this junky put the lid on censorship in the USA, following the lead of Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer, who broke through walls to give us free speech and use of words, as we were promised in the Constitution of the USA?  Why hide a man who shot his wife in the head during a speed and alcohol fueled ‘William Tell Act’ which went bad?

     Why? Because he is a hero to so many and to encourage such behavior would be American, actually.  Dubbed the ‘Godfather of Punk,’ he was cooler at age 70 than any of us, hanging with the punks, letting them draw on his energy, guiding them toward the expression of the word as emotion.  We do not want our kids admiring somebody like this!  It gives the wrong impression about doing your homework and working hard to get smashed by the AmericanDreamMachine, which has become more of a sleight of hand trick than anything.

     Call your local PBS channel and ask them when they will show this episode of Independent Lens. Remind them that they will be asking for donations soon and this will weigh heavily on your decision to give. Tell them anything but make sure they know they did wrong by not airing this great program.

     Otherwise, Comcast viewers in my area of the Greater Philadelphia region can watch on WHYY…and the next time WHYY has a fund-raiser, remember this!


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