About the author

I write a lot and talk a lot. Neal Cassady rubbed off on me via osmosis.

I am so hip, I can’t even eat a square meal.

My main focus lately is selling old periodicals, mostly hippie comix and music magazines from the 70s.

I write essays about literature. Recent articles there have featured Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and others. Recent interviews have included the late Amiri Baraka, Kitty Bruce, Paul Krassner, Hank Williams III, Richie Ramone, Patti Smith, Ann Charters and others. Older interview subjects range from the Amazing Kreskin to Tom Jones to Guns’N’Roses to The Jam to Blue Oyster Cult to Dan Fogelberg and many more…

I am currently writing and putting together a book of poems called TumbleWeed and am finishing up my first novel…written two years ago but tied up due to ISBN issues so I rewrote it and changed the title from Egypt Cemetery to A Portrait Of The Artist As A Little Bastard….in the meantime I am also writing for Culture Magazine and Steel Notes Magazine.

Most recently, I have been accepting GHOST WRITING assignments which can be fun or a real drag.

The blogs written by me on this site are fictional. No kitties were injured in the typing of this page. If you take me seriously, you have the wrong guy.

Watch for these books before the end of 2015!!!



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