What the Critics Are Saying!!!

Never let it be said that i do not face my critics!

“I suggest you refrain from future blogs of this nature. It could be interpreted as inciting online harassment and therefore in violation of both Federal and State law as well as violation of USPS guidelines.” some ignorant person..

     “…rather amusing and quite hypocritical…I wonder what Lenny Bruce or Dr. Thompson would think?” some fat guy in St Louis.

     “Being a practicing ethical humanitarian, I have no interest in bashing Mr. Hendrick, however…”  from ‘letters to the editor’

      “…due to his irrational and immature behavior…”  another ‘letter to the editor’

      “As I never posted anything that could be considered negative, I can only
surmise that you have taken some bad advice from a certain individual…” still another ‘letter to the editor’
     “…you probably shouldn’t blog about controversial subjects in a public forum.”  from my pal, Clean and Sober
     “It’s pretty easy to be happy when you’re so pilled up that you rattle!” more from good friend,  Clean and Sober.

2 responses to “What the Critics Are Saying!!!

  1. I say raise the bar even more….great work. Keeping pushing the envelope until it falls down!!

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