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Meanwhile, Back On Sutters Mill Lane…

l3c2f3044-m1mFaithful Readers,
As today is a celebration of sorts, we look back – as is done at most celebratory times. One year ago today, our intrepid verbalist arrived in Ellensburg to make his home. He left behind Pennsylvania after fifty (‘fifty stinking years’ as he puts it) annums. He enjoys Ellensburg immensely but shudders in disgust when thinking back on his old neighborhood. Shown in the photo above, he had a nice little house there, all hidden in the shrubbery.

The odd thing is, it remained the only house with shrubbery in the neighborhood. When he arrived, no shrubs existed. He planted all of them with the exception of the two unimaginative forsythias on each corner…which did make nice homes for the robins. Now the shrubs have probably all been cut down, thanks to the PA Dutch/nazi german control-issues most inhabitants possess…think Stepford Wives only fat and stupid with poor taste in food.
They hate things that grow. They threw weed killer on his sunflowers. No beauty allowed.

When he built a porch to improve the property, Shiela Septic commented. Shiela and her two Septic parents always had a comment. One reason she could not keep a man for more than two months was largely due to suitors (haha) having to listen to parental wis-dumb through a cloud of smoke. White trash smoke. See, Shiela’s parents visited every day, an odd thing for a woman in her early fifties(they helped her with the down-payment and it thus became their vacation home) and they smoked a lot.
Maybe they are dead now! One can only hope!

Oh! The comment…in her typical daily rage, Shiela went red in the face (she was always red in the face, really) and let forth a pithy insult…”Why don’t you go sit on your porch?” The emphasis placed on the word ‘porch’ spat out in a tone usually reserved for crack houses. The sheer lameness of the insult disappointed him.
Sometimes she would find a man and the parents’ cars would not be seen for a week. Then they would show up and the new boyfriend’s car would disappear, along with the schmuck who saw something in her.

For those unfamiliar with white trash smoke – it is not ommitted solely by caucasians, it is called that because it comes from the cheapo brand of cigarettes that are displayed alongside the lottery machine. White trash love lottery tickets. Mostly anybody with no money loves a lottery ticket. Since we are all caucasians here, white trash is fair game, we reckon!

In his Ellensburg motel room, Hendrick found twenty lottery tickets under the cushion of the kitchenette table, coincidentally.
This sure sign that rooms at the Motel 6 in Ellensburg are never really clean unless guests clean up (yeah, right) after themselves following a stay is an open warning to all. Five months is a long time. The tickets were dated September 1, 2013. Some loser paid $20 to play Room Number 223 twenty times, as if ending up in that room was a good omen. No one lifted the cushion to clean there for five full months before Hendrick entered the room. Remember that, Motel 6-ers!

Yet, somehow, even the Motel 6 was an improvement from the cute little house on Sutters Mill Lane. People were friendly and accepting. The immediate acceptance Hendrick found in the burg amazed him. He likened it to the friendly little towns in upstate New York from whence he came. He loved his property, he just hated the narrow-minded fucks surrounding it. Here we see our hero in Room 223, framed by an example of how he made it a home for seven months.motelhome And here is a shot of the wonderful Washington sky from the motel balcony. The sky could not even be seen in Temple, but for the wires, lights and pollution.m6 Let it suffice to say he carries no regrets in leaving…all regret stayed in Temple with the Septics and all the other local dutch folk. Dutch people look friendly on the label of a can of corn but they are mean bastards in real life and if Michael Hendrick could pass on one life lesson, that might be it…

Of course no place is perfect and Ellensburg is not without it’s own supply of dumb assholes. Most of them move here from places like Seattle or other urban centers. They bring their ways…the leased cars, the lack of real property of their own, the tribal sports rituals. They don’t get it. Some of them are ex-police who have PTSD and sleep with all the lights on each night spying on neighbors who’s lives they intend to micro-manage once they get settled. The usual white trash stuff…

In Temple, Hendrick sold his home for $20,000 below the market value and made up the difference on Wall Street by trading in chinese stocks. The rest of the houses took a plunge in value and any money the Septics’ put into the little nightmare they call home is lost. By the time the mortgage is paid off, the house will be worth about forty thousand dollars less than it was when purchased.
Tough, huh? That’s one thing that can happen when you piss off the neighbors…they take your money in ways you cannot control…if you have neighbors like Michael Hendrick, that is…

We do not condone his actions but they do amuse us!

This is a free blog…if you find typos, please live with them.

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Adolph Obama, Nazi Amerika and the ‘No Knock Raid’

      Frightened Readers,

     Remember all those old movies withe the nazi storm troopers forcing their way through the door to enforce their evil mission on the unsuspecting, cowering victims of the Holocaust? Remember 1970 when our elected president Richard M. Nixon allowed the National Guard to fire on students at Kent State University in Ohio? Remember personal freedom? Remember the Constitution?

      On May 5, a two-tour veteran of the immoral Iraq War was shot to death by police who raided his home in Arizona. SWAT team members shot dozens of bullets through the front door of the residence…so much for not knocking, just shoot the frigging door down, right? There were also a spouse and two children who had to witness the death of this war hero who became a victim of over-zealous law enforcement.

     The No Knock Raid is such a shock to the system that it has become the title of a popular Youtube song and the growing focus of scrutiny by concerned citizens.  USA Today reports that ‘an astonishing 70,000-80,000 militarized police raids take place on an annual basis in america’. Our calculator is broken but we think that is in the neighborhood of twenty such raids per day, every day.  This is a direct result of the formation of the DEA by the Nixon White House and the greed of those who are benefitting from the tremendous cashflow produced by the nation’s prison system.

     The death of 26-year-old Jose Guerena is still under investigation but all of the killer kops involved have been cleared of wrongdoing already.  That is justice for you! American Blind Justice…the worst kind of all because it blinds the poor to the facts and blinds the powerful to the restrictions of the Constitution, which was written to protect the Rights of us all, not just a few. So far this year, not even half-way through June, the USA has spent over $7 Billion on fighting its own citizens.  That is just the Federal government…the States have spent over $12 Billion so far this year…ever think about why your property taxes are so high? Why all taxes are so high? It is so we can pay for the war on drugs, dopey…get with it!!! So what is $50 Billion when you are trying to balance a budget and the economy has already been flushed down the tubes? Just another $50 Billion for us to borrow from China…while we fall farther into a hole of economic and intellectual Hell.

     The National Institute for Corrections tells us that America has the highest ratio of prisoners per population in the world.  In this country, there are 756 prisoners per 100,000 citizens.  This compares with Russia, which has 629 prisoners per 100,000…remember when Russia was the evil entity that did not allow privacy or freedom to its citizens? Who is the the Evil Country now?

     Racism has a lot to do with it. The fact that the Arizona SWAT zoned in on a veteran with a latino name is telling.  More latinos are incarcerated yearly than caucasians and more blacks are incarcerated here than anywhere else in the world!  In 2004, the rate of incarceration for black men in the USA was 5.8 times that of the Apartheid county of South Africa, which is universally condemned for racism by the global community.  We are worse than Russia, we are worse than South Africa. We have no justice because we elect officials and allow them to be paid off by lobbyists who are fed money by the interests who benefit from the DEA and the drug war. Forty years ago, we had no DEA.  If we had not had a DEA, we would not have an economic disaster on our hands. Look how much it cost us over the past 40 years and compare it to the hole which is our deficit.

     Question Authority. Keep your guns loaded and pointed at the door. Do not trust the one person you were taught to trust all your life, because the police are now the enemy of freedom, not the saviours or it.  We have few heroes in this country. Most of our heroes are losing life and limb in a foreign land they do not want to be in but that the president, who sits well-protected in the White House and will never see the business end of a gun barrel, forced them to go there through policy decisions which have been declared unconstitutional and for which Obama is being sued by a number of Congressmen.

     It is getting easier for the governments to get away with this crap because, increasingly, people are spending more time with their heads in a screen, be it a tv, laptop, Blackberry or Android…these tools of idiocy are keeping us from being in the real world. We live on the screen. As long as we are on the screen, we are no place but the screen…we cannot live, we cannot love…we can just look at the screen and type or text or salivate and stare.

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