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The Approaching Evil of Corey Booker

Concerned Citizens,

This is a short one but we did want you to skip back here a few blogs and remember the warning we gave about flagrant fatso Gov. Chris Cartman Christie putting former Newark Mayor Corey Booker in a NJ senator slot after the death of another old cheat. Just skip back about five or six posts and look for the fat guy.

We could not help but notice the cutesy-ootsey bald head getting off a plane with our Manchurian President, Baccarat Obama, a week ago or so.

Do remember that the basic cause for all this concern is what the late but great Amiri Baraka told us about Booker wanting to sell Newark’s water and water rights to a corporate entity and other devious reason Booker is not a good man.
We wondered why he was on the plane with the Chief but we did a quick search to see the once close friends have had a rift between them. In fact, one thing we found was a Huffington Post report noting that Booker spelled Obama’s name wrong on a list of NJ delegates. The two are at odds but how did the city mayor get to be at odds with the Prez so fast?

Do you wonder why?

Just remember that we warned you first when looking for guidance in the future…

this is a free blog and, as such, may contain typos….

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The Mammoth and the Monarch

Concerned Readers,


Today, on National Public Radio, we listened to a report about the disappearance of the Monarch Bufferfly (Danaus plexippus)monarch and that the mostly likely cause for the recent disappearance resulted from people collecting them. Human beans simply can’t leave things alone. Butterflies have borne the brunt of our ignorance for centuries…usually compromised, captured and pinned under glass. In fact, we even strip away layers of rain forest and expose even more collectible specie regularly because we love them so much!oz

So what’s the big deal? Why fret for a bug?

Aside from the ecological implications, which we generally ignore anyway, a mystery remains unsolved. Our kneejerk reaction, as usual, is to blame big business and the government. The CIA revered the Monarch so much that they made the colorful creature a mascot for demented mind control programs. We don’t know if it was them that took the butterflies but conspiracy theorists in the audience may jump on this. After all, you can watch President Clinton apologize to the country for the debacle with your own eyes, right there on Youtube.

Also on Youtube, you can find former CIA Director and Hangman-In-Chief William Colby admitting to it angrily by saying, “We stopped that between the late 1960s and the early 1970s.”


If you trained a child in the 1970s it would seem that they may be a fully capable adult this year. Feasibly, they could still be ‘active’. This could solve the puzzling behavior of President Baccarat Obama. He would be just the right age. His background is sketchy, to say the least. His dazed demeanor and contrarian actions indicate some sort of cerebral wackiness going on.

Why train a patsy to be a Manchurian Candidate (see book by Richard Condon), when you could have a Manchurian President, one who takes the country down from the inside-out…as appears to be the case…and make patsies out of the entire USA?

Yesterday, he said that he never met anyone who would prefer an unemployment check to a job. He didn’t even say ‘meaningful job.’ We have shoveled pig feces, sprayed Agent Orange, carried asbestos and performed a number of other ‘jobs’ and we beg to differ. We can tell he never had a job or waited, shivering daily, for the weather to become too cold for the job and it became time to go on unemployment for the winter. Those were the days!!! Here is Mengele, the Angel of Death, called Dr. Green by the CIA when they snuck him into the USA…now he liked his work…then he came here and got a job doing it. He taught the CIA his techniques for mind control and brainwashing and practiced them with free reign here after WWII. They told the press that they found his skull in South America.mengele

A job is where we bust our asses and fritter away a lifetime to make money for a smarter person. Work, however, offers us a chance to do what we like, what we do well and allows us to express ourselves through a disciplined action which may benefit others, or not. Obama doesn’t know shit about jobs.

But we digress…back to the bugs…

Before leaving the east, we volunteered at the world-renowned raptor center, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton, PA, for fourteen years since 1999. We counted Monarchs annually to keep track. In fact, Rachel Carson counted them on Hawk Mountain while gathering material for her groundbreaking book Silent Spring.

In 2012, we counted 2,806 of the butterflies during the migration period. That number actually climbed about a thousand butterflies from the average count of 1,804 of them per year. They were probably avoiding the dust in the west.

This year, however, the count was called off for the first time due to a lack of Monarchs.

How strange. Whatever could be the reason?

Our reckoning leads us to conclude that the poor things are being collected for the President…not Obama, the NEXT President, NJ’s Behemoth of a governor, Chris Christie. Face it, they are all the same President hired by the same people you will never see. Isn’t it funny that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both bought their cocaine from the same dealer? Some things trump party lines. Some people know who will win sporting events ahead of time. It is all the same. Remember that state lottery back in Pennsylvania when word got out that ‘666’ would be the winning number so everybody bought it and won? It nearly broke the state, except that that did not pay out to the winners. Imagine some poor schlub playing 666 all his life, every day, and then it comes up and he is conned out of it.

That’s why we don’t gamble.

With Hawk Mountain less than fifty miles from the New Jersey border, a waft of wind could have pushed the wingie wonders across the border. To Christie, a Gargantua of Rabelaisian proportions, NJ is now the Vegetable Garden State and all produced there is for him to consume. With puffy bratwurst fingers clenching a big spoon, this guy would see a big bowl of butterflies as akin to cornflakes. What could help him more on his new diet (?…at what point does one look in the mirror and say, I am 200 pounds too fat? It makes you wonder at what point he will look at the world and see what is wrong). While we could not find nutritional information on them, we can imagine him stuffing them down his gullet with a bit of lacey orange and black flapping occurring at the corners of his mouth before he sucks them in and chews, er, consumes.

If he crushed a few thousand, they may make nice material for a colorful necktie. He will need the help when he runs against Hillary Clinton. They are both on the same team, of course, but Christie is looking strong. Obama could have helped set that up, too. When this prejudiced country elected the first black man as leader, we turned a big corner. The fact that this black man, in particular, screwed us out of house, home and even used auto parts, could make it hard for a ‘minority’ candidate to win this time. Women are still considered a minority in this country by some odd quirk of reasoning. The government calls them a minority so that would lead us to believe they are not being considered equal to men of the same race as themselves. (Actually, on checking, the 2000 and 2010 census figures show women at 50.9 and 50.8 per cent of the population, respectively.)

Who knows? It gets harder to reckon out every year.

One thing we do know, though, is that this blog made no real sense in a linear way but we did manage to bring you a little bit of new information to, hopefully, bugger your curiosity and make you go look for yourselves, as we are sure you will!!!

Now, go do like this poor CIA victim and take a rest. We all need one.kid

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One From The Poetry Corner

bullwinkleEsteemed Readers, Bottom Feeders and Counters of Meters, today we bring you an installment of the Poetry Corner. We promised to keep this blog going, so we are happy to be in your face.
The following poem is the first in what will be known as the ‘Yakima Cycle’ by Michael Hendrick, a drunken friend of ours who can’t be trusted with your daughter…a sad one, boys and girls, sniff, sniff. He redeems himself with his poems…maybe not this one but he seemed quite insistent that we publish it for him and it is a ‘limerick’ really. As per our buddies at the Encyclopedia Brittanica a limerick is a popular form of short, humorous verse that is often nonsensical and frequently ribald. It consists of five lines, rhyming aabba, and the dominant metre is anapestic, with two metrical feet in the third and fourth lines and three feet in the others.
These short rhymes often involve a city name. We chose Yakima as our city and Mr. Hendrick, in his infinite kindness, offered to share poems written just for this blog…a saint of a man, is he.
A certain young woman from Yakima
got randy but had quite a hacking cough.
Though she sounded a fright,
she loved a new man each night.
Her ten kids proved that she did not whack’em off.
Now, Kids…it is nothing against women, nothing against Yakima and most certainly not against masturbation…if anything, is insulted here, it is the Rhyme itself, but it endures, year after year.

Oddly, though…the most popular blogs here are the ones having to do with insults and words and we find that to be very interesting and think we will do our best to include more such material in days and weeks to come.

Welcome to the Working Week!

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Adolph Obama, Nazi Amerika and the ‘No Knock Raid’

      Frightened Readers,

     Remember all those old movies withe the nazi storm troopers forcing their way through the door to enforce their evil mission on the unsuspecting, cowering victims of the Holocaust? Remember 1970 when our elected president Richard M. Nixon allowed the National Guard to fire on students at Kent State University in Ohio? Remember personal freedom? Remember the Constitution?

      On May 5, a two-tour veteran of the immoral Iraq War was shot to death by police who raided his home in Arizona. SWAT team members shot dozens of bullets through the front door of the residence…so much for not knocking, just shoot the frigging door down, right? There were also a spouse and two children who had to witness the death of this war hero who became a victim of over-zealous law enforcement.

     The No Knock Raid is such a shock to the system that it has become the title of a popular Youtube song and the growing focus of scrutiny by concerned citizens.  USA Today reports that ‘an astonishing 70,000-80,000 militarized police raids take place on an annual basis in america’. Our calculator is broken but we think that is in the neighborhood of twenty such raids per day, every day.  This is a direct result of the formation of the DEA by the Nixon White House and the greed of those who are benefitting from the tremendous cashflow produced by the nation’s prison system.

     The death of 26-year-old Jose Guerena is still under investigation but all of the killer kops involved have been cleared of wrongdoing already.  That is justice for you! American Blind Justice…the worst kind of all because it blinds the poor to the facts and blinds the powerful to the restrictions of the Constitution, which was written to protect the Rights of us all, not just a few. So far this year, not even half-way through June, the USA has spent over $7 Billion on fighting its own citizens.  That is just the Federal government…the States have spent over $12 Billion so far this year…ever think about why your property taxes are so high? Why all taxes are so high? It is so we can pay for the war on drugs, dopey…get with it!!! So what is $50 Billion when you are trying to balance a budget and the economy has already been flushed down the tubes? Just another $50 Billion for us to borrow from China…while we fall farther into a hole of economic and intellectual Hell.

     The National Institute for Corrections tells us that America has the highest ratio of prisoners per population in the world.  In this country, there are 756 prisoners per 100,000 citizens.  This compares with Russia, which has 629 prisoners per 100,000…remember when Russia was the evil entity that did not allow privacy or freedom to its citizens? Who is the the Evil Country now?

     Racism has a lot to do with it. The fact that the Arizona SWAT zoned in on a veteran with a latino name is telling.  More latinos are incarcerated yearly than caucasians and more blacks are incarcerated here than anywhere else in the world!  In 2004, the rate of incarceration for black men in the USA was 5.8 times that of the Apartheid county of South Africa, which is universally condemned for racism by the global community.  We are worse than Russia, we are worse than South Africa. We have no justice because we elect officials and allow them to be paid off by lobbyists who are fed money by the interests who benefit from the DEA and the drug war. Forty years ago, we had no DEA.  If we had not had a DEA, we would not have an economic disaster on our hands. Look how much it cost us over the past 40 years and compare it to the hole which is our deficit.

     Question Authority. Keep your guns loaded and pointed at the door. Do not trust the one person you were taught to trust all your life, because the police are now the enemy of freedom, not the saviours or it.  We have few heroes in this country. Most of our heroes are losing life and limb in a foreign land they do not want to be in but that the president, who sits well-protected in the White House and will never see the business end of a gun barrel, forced them to go there through policy decisions which have been declared unconstitutional and for which Obama is being sued by a number of Congressmen.

     It is getting easier for the governments to get away with this crap because, increasingly, people are spending more time with their heads in a screen, be it a tv, laptop, Blackberry or Android…these tools of idiocy are keeping us from being in the real world. We live on the screen. As long as we are on the screen, we are no place but the screen…we cannot live, we cannot love…we can just look at the screen and type or text or salivate and stare.

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Speaking of Stupid Bastards

     Gentle Readers,

     We share with you an email we received from the address of your disaster-in-chief,  Bacarat Obama.  It was obviously sent by a minion while the president went through a book of hymns, looking for songs with the word ‘Hosanna’ in them and replacing it with ‘Obama,’ singing softly under his breath…

    This email arrived in response to some off the cuff insults we threw in his direction during the recent town hall meeting on Facebook, where he deftly dodged most questions posed to him and concentrated on getting himself re-elected.  This has nothing to do with Gov. Cartman but we show his photo because we like stupid bastards.

So here is my message from your president. Just remember, we already told him that he sucks:

Michael —

If it were easy to do the big, meaningful things we believe will make our country better — if it were quick — someone would have done those things long before any of us showed up.

We’ve chosen to do something hard.

You know that our victories so far have been hard won: taking the difficult steps necessary to put our economy back on track, reforming Wall Street excess despite an army of lobbyists against us, and making health care more affordable and accessible despite well-organized opposition by those who profit from the status quo.

You also know we have not yet done everything we set out to do — not nearly.

But that’s a reason to work harder, not to let up. That’s why we’re building this campaign now. And you have to take ownership of it.

So I will be direct: Can you step up and make a donation of $5 to get us started?


We’ve had the chance to make historic changes that touch every American: from passing a law that says women should get an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work to removing 100,000 troops from Iraq.

Those things and every other important change we’ve made happened because people like you built an organization to win an election in 2008.

The stakes are even higher this time.

As I’ve spoken with supporters who are helping get this campaign started, I’ve met folks who are frustrated by the pace of change.

I understand that. But we knew this wouldn’t be easy. The kind of change we’re working for never comes easily.

Now is the time to begin again, and build the campaign that will shape our country’s future.

Thank you,


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Drill, Baby, Drill!

     Dear Friends, Foes, Freaks and Fuzzies,

     It looks as though some progress is being made on the domestic oil front, with the 4/8/11 ‘rig and drill report’ noting that Hercules Offshore Drilling, an american company in the gulf, has been granted two drill permits.  Hercules will be drilling for oil monster Chevron, but at least we are seeing a gulf-based company get some long-awaited business.

     CFYSA has set up a charitable trust, which includes american oil company stocks in it’s portfolio.  It also has solar power, wind power and water desalinization companies, as well as a uranium mining company.  We believe in covering all corners.

     Having actively attended the very first Earth Day in 1970, we are very much aware of the implications of using oil.  We know it is not a good thing and that alternative sources must be found.  Five years ago, scientists said we had five years to get the carbon emissions issues in order before we hit the tipping point.  Well, looky-look, because we are now at the tipping point and have still done nothing.  Some people believe that their elected officials have an eye on this and will not allow constituents to die of pure pollution, like those people in NYC back in the 60s.  Good luck on that!

     We all know that solar, wind and nuclear energies are the best ways to get us off of the petrol diet.  What many people do not seem to grasp is that major change often reaches the transition step by step.  We cannot simply stop using oil and switch to solar and wind, or even nuclear energy.  Grids need to be set up, infrastructure put in place and lobbyists fom the alternative energy companies need to find elected officials they can pay off to vote for their products.

     We see how we are bound by foreign oil…or do we?  Is it the oil or our appetites?  In the first decade of this century, everybody from Tony Soprano to your grandma drove an SUV.  We worked in offices at the time and three quarters of the people drove trucks or SUVs and had no reason to do so, aside from the fact that it was cheap and easy to get a car loan.  Who is willing to cut their own consumption?

     Maybe a ban on gas-powered recreational vehicles, like ATVs, jetskis, outboard and inboard motorboats and mini-bikes would chip away at the total of consumed fuel.  It would be nice to include motorcycles but some people do use them to get to work and school, so that is a bit harder to do.  You have to wonder about the brain of a person who gets thier biggest thrill from burning gasoline noisily.  It is one thing if you are under 16 because children do need to play but why not find a form of recreation that does not consume fossil fuel or make a hell of a racket?  In the 1970s, when we grew up, bikes were cool and so were the people who rode them, generally.  Now, any ignorant ass with an extra few thousand dollars and a fat wife has one parked in the yard.  It is like what George Carlin said about tattoos and ear rings…to paraphrase him, it was something like, “In the old days we had these things to piss off the squares; now, it is the squares who have them.”  This is especially true in the case of tattoos and Harleys.

     But we digress…the main point we would like to make is that, yes, oil is bad, mmkay?, but we need to use it wisely until we can transition to other energy sources.  The fact that the first ‘hybrid’ car was built in 1900 and the concept subsequently hidden for a hundred years shows how good we are at transition.  We are not.

     Who wants to try?

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Gas Shock Clocked, Writer’s Block Stopped

     Understanding Readers,

     We have not posted for a week or so. One of our last posts detailed problems with the pc and an outage at Verizon’s internet banks.  Yesterday, a Verizon worker came to my house after three days of me switching out old wires, phones, jacks, you-name-it, only to tell me that my phone line had been disconnected at the main office, for no reason.

     Falling off the face of the earth, with no phone or internet, was a very strange, lost feeling.  I felt disconnected and could not communicate with friends or go on the stock market or watch videos of fuzzy kittens.  Once used to it, the amount of work that had been put off for no particular reason became easy to tackle without the interference of the web.  I got a lot of interference from my cat, Inkie, but she is just a bug no matter what.

     Nonetheless, my trusty auto, which has been taking me from here to there since 2004, sucked up over $50 worth of gas the other day.  In seven years, it never took $50 worth.  This does not bode well for my idea of the crosscountry kittie caravan in the 30foot RV.  It makes me wonder how much more people will take. 

     Of course, as usual, there is always somebody to blame…now who would we blame if America was rich in oil and natural gas, yet the people living here are not able to afford to fill their cars, trucks and oil tanks at home?  Who would we blame if all the gas and oil we are allowed to consume has to be shipped from halfway across the world, while people who produce gas here could do it cheaper but are not allowed to because of hidden political agendas?  Who would we point to as the Anti-Christ?  If you said ‘Obama’ you could be right on all counts.

     My next door neighbor does not like Obama.  She is 82 years old and was a nurse for many years of her life, in facilities around Long Island, NY, where she is from.  She says she learned to read people’s faces and can tell when people lie about being in pain or caring about others or other facial ‘giveaways’.  She does not like the look on Obama’s puss and you have to admit, he is one of the MEANEST-looking presidents we ever had.  I can only remember back to Kennedy but nobody in that office ever gave the dirty looks that Obama can deal out to those who disagree with him. Sorta like this…

     So, it can be pretty obvious that he does not like people.  That would explain why he wants to screw his own country in a way that will take the rest of history to undo.  Five states now have gas above the $4 line and he can ride around on Air Force One and look down on us.  He could tell SecRATary of the Interior Salazar to stop the moritorium on american oil companies.  BP is drilling in Alaska, where a lot of people think our reserves are…guess what? They are BP’s reserves now…we are not allowed to drill but BP can because they are not American, yet they drill on our soil.  We are giving our resources to BP so they can resell them back to us at an elevated price.


     Because we let him; because we elected him (not me), and because we do nothing about his actions now but to watch in awestruck horror as he dismantles the economy and ruins the lives of countless millions in the Gulf.

     Soon it will be April 20.  420.  We suggest that on that day, nobody take any substances which will muddle their thoughts.  We suggest that you get together, as planned…but instead of getting high, figure out how to use your votes to get this disaster off our backs and out of office.  Once that is done, you can get high…if you are lucky.


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On Our 100th Post…Thanks!!!

     Faithful Readers,

     We have reached the milestone of the 100th blog to be posted on this piece of the blogosphere.  We have gone from K2 to YIFFs to granny gets high to the gulf economy to legal medical marijuana in Washington DC to klepto cat to bullies to insults to Ireland to kimchi to devil sex to ugly incidents with former friends to a number of other subjects.

     We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Beloved Readers, and to share what we think is one of the ‘high points’ of this blog.  Yesterday, we looked at the blogs which people were reading the most and, in so doing, found a section of a blog which we found humorous enough to laugh out loud at.  We will not reprint the whole blog but will simply pull one paragraph, one which relates to the gulf cluster**** caused by Obama.

     This is not high art, high writing, nor the result of being high.  It just strikes us as funny and so we repeat it and pat ourselves on the back for having the perseverance to come up with about 95 out of 100 fresh new blogs.  This is the favorite passage of the Amusing Scribe, from our post of 12/10/10:

     Another good move by this jackass has been his deliberate shut-off of opportunity to the wounded unfortunates in the Gulf of Mexico – on the American side…the Mexicans are making billions of dollars in marijuana revenue. Our Fearless (with our money) Leader, in the days after the BP oil fountain became the biggest aquatic attraction since Gov. Cartman, Chris Christie (R-NJ) got his fat ass caught in the gubernatorial bathtub and had to be evacuated by being saturated in butter and pried out with a couple of lifeboat oars that were handily available. He decided to shut down all oil production by American companies in the Gulf.

      Thanks for reading and for your continued support!!!

      The ‘Gang’ at CFYSA.


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Obama Tries To Put Final Nails In Coffin of the Gulf Coast

     Gentle Readers,

     Today we came upon an article which was published in the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, an interview conducted by Lori Ann LaRocco with Dr. Joseph Mason, the MasonHermann Moyse, Jr./Louisiana Bankers Association Endowed Professor of Banking at Louisiana State University and Senior Fellow at The Wharton School.

     We must bear in mind that the BP spill which occurred last year at this time was the result of a foreign company deep-water drilling in our territory.  It was not an American oil driller, nor was it a shallow-well driller, as many are.  Look at the graph of lost jobs and how the economy has tanked.  Jobs used to be an election issue but our Commander and Thief never seems concerned about anything important.

     Here is the interview.  The Administration is already held in contempt of court by a federal judge regarding these policies but the Administration is not only above the People, it is above the Law.  Great job on the voting, students!

LL: You have produced several research reports on the economic impact of the BP  Oil spill and the unofficial moratorium. What new information can you tell us with your latest report?

JM: Unfortunately, little has changed in the Gulf region since my initial study on the “The Economic Cost of the Gulf Moratorium” in July 2010. Economic activity is still moribund and the outlook for exploration and development remains subdued.  Each day, more exploration and development activity in the Gulf is lost.

Job losses previously estimated on the basis of a six-month moratorium on deep water drilling and exploration have increased from 8,000 regionally and 12,000 nationally to 13,000 regionally and 19,000 nationally.

Lost wages of $500 million regionally and $700 million nationally are now $800 million regionally and $1.1 billion nationally. Lost tax revenues estimated to be $100 million on the state and local level and $200 million on the national level now amount to $155 million and $350 million, respectively.

The lost development and drilling progress in the mora-, and perma-, torium have already created a lag in production. The concept can be thought of simply in the context of shutting down a construction project or production line—when you start it back up you don’t make up for lost progress, you just continue where you left off.

Moreover, if you constrain the production line to work slower than before and don’t replace the machinery when it wears out, production will decline further, perhaps to much lower rates. That is already happening in the Gulf and recent recovery projections illustrate that dynamic.

But even those projections do not contain the effects of additional restrictive policies. President Obama’s FY2012 comprehensive budget proposal includes an estimated $37 billion of punitive tax policies for U.S. oil and gas firms.

Repealing tax breaks for hiring domestic workers when unemployment is hovering at ten percent just doesn’t make sense. And double-taxing foreign revenues of domestic oil and gas firms puts them at a severe disadvantage competing against state-run heavily-subsidized oil and gas companies in such countries as China, Russia and Venezuela.

LL: How many jobs have been impacted by this unofficial moratorium?

JM: I have not yet quantified the total job losses from the de facto shallow water moratorium. We are already, however, pushing above the Administration’s estimate of 20,000 jobs nationally for the deep water de facto and de jure moratoria. Every day we delay, more jobs are lost.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting -24 -3 -3 -29 -60 -185 -125
Mining -597 -168 -139 -1230 -2133 -2390 -257
Utilities -10 -2 -2 -24 -39 -49 -10
Construction -15 -3 -2 -28 -49 -77 -28
Manufacturing -96 -24 -19 -141 -279 -707 -428
Wholesale trade -67 -15 -10 -130 -233 -353 -130
Retail trade -254 -54 -48 -510 -865 -1194 -329
Transporation and Warehousing -77 -13 -11 -134 -236 -427 -192
Information -35 -6 -4 -58 -103 -208 -105
Source: Cost of Moratorium Report

LL: Looking at the onshore state and local economies which are dependent on oil production, how would you classify those economies?

JM: Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were not severely affected until the moratorium. Texas is being held together by onshore energy activity.

The Fed’s August 2010 Beige Book noted that factories, farms and mines, nationally, were all seeing “continued gains in demand and sales,” while housing sales—and the related construction industry—slowed.  But in the Atlanta district, “Fewer … manufacturers noted increases in new orders, and more said that orders were lower.” In the Dallas district, the Fed reported directly “the deep water drilling moratorium [was expected to] impact revenues.”

Illinois and California have substantial refining capacity that is directly affected by drilling and production activity.

LL: A halt like this has ripple effects which impact not only the upstream and downstream industries but also the retail stores, education services and healthcare assistance. Have you been able to quantify that impact?

JM: My initial study on the effects of the moratorium broke out job losses by sector. There, although the largest effect was in positions directly related to exploration and drilling, the next largest sector was health care and social services, followed by retail trade and then real estate. The same relationships would be expected to be maintained in the ongoing de facto moratorium, and also expansionary policies such as opening up the Outer Continental Shelf to exploration and development .

LL: President Obama over the weekend supported Brazil’s off shore oil drilling. Why not here? How much money and jobs could be injected into the US economy if the administration allowed such drilling?

JM: I agree. Brazil is characterizing the industry and their reserves as their “economic miracle.” Where is ours? Certainly not “green” or so-called “renewable” energy, as much of those revenue go overseas to the manufacturers of those technologies.

Moreover, we need to think hard about energy efficiency before jumping headlong into new technologies.

Last, when we do jump we need to make sure that all elements of the technology are prices so that we do not leave new unpriced sources of pollution — economic externalities — potentially worse than those of carbon and quite possibly capable of producing catastrophes far greater than the Deepwater Horizon blowout or even the recent Japanese nuclear disasters.

Lori Ann LaRocco is a Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, and author of “Thriving in the New Economy:Lessons from Today’s Top Business Minds.”


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Raising Questions…Pirates Steal $200,000,000.00 Worth Of Fuel Oil

     Gentle Readers, even a kittie like ‘Sissy’ here has to wonder about the pirates who just stole over two hundred million dollars worth of oil, when they hi-jacked a tanker bound for North America.

     Kitties like this are not notoriously smart, yet, even Sissy is smart enough to wonder where the pirates are going to bury the booty, er, hide the stolen goods.  What do you do with a tanker that big?  If somebody buys it from you, they can’t hide the empty oil tanker, even parked behind the house.

     If the oil had been produced in America, which is rich in resources but is more interested in making profits for mideastern oil-producers, it could not have happened.  Will this drive prices even higher?  Is this the first time or is it the first of a long line of stolen oil tankers?

     We have plenty of oil in the gulf, where we were producing it at high steam until a British oil company blew a hole in the ocean floor.  Naturally, the response of the President-elected was to stop all production of American oil.  When one thinks about it logically, even Sissy can tell you that when you have a leaky faucet (like the one she likes to drink from) and turn it off, the pressure will build.  It works the same with oil…if you have a big, uncontrolled gusher on the ocean floor, what is going to happen when you shut down all the surrounding oil rigs and wells?  The pressure builds and more oil spews into the ocean.  If the surrounding oil wells had been permitted to keep producing, a large amount of what hit the coast and fish and birds and economy there, may still be intact.  The oil could have been expertly put into barrels and sold, or even stored.

     Allowing the pressure to build and destroy the environment surrounding the break and ecosysytems worldwide, peripherally, was a very bad way to handle it.  The break has been fixed and the oil wells owned by Americans are still shut down, so we buy boatloads of millions of dollars in petroleum from countries who do not even like us.

     Why are the American oil companies still under a White House-imposed moratorium?

     Why do we have pirates who can steal such a large item and get away without a hitch (so far)?

     Where do those pirates plan to sell that oil?

     Does the country or company or entity that buys the oil share in the crime?

     Will anybody ever do anything about it?

     Can I have some more tuna juice in my bowl?

     The answers to these and many other questions remain unsolved and we wonder why…

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