K2 For Sale!!!!

    Attention Shoppers,,,you have until December 24 to but all the K2, Spice, JWH or anything that the government has decided you are not worthy of having.

     Go to The Balancing Soul on Rte 61, hours are on the link on this blog. Buy it now, You can say you were one of the adventurous souls and nor one of the stick in the mud types (squares) who poopoo such things.

     The Balancing Soul will give you a good deal so get it before it is gone!

     This has been a special announcement from your head. Do you have one? If so, feed it!

     If you have never had sex on K2, then you have never had sex. Try it and exhalt in the flesh!

     Ciao, ciao, ciao!!!!!



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4 responses to “K2 For Sale!!!!

  1. Sounds like it would make a nice Christmas present.

    • yes, it would.
      please send me some Ultra, some K3 Blueberry and some K4 purple!!!!

      merry xmas!

      • Did you ever see a show called “The Mitchell and Webb Look”? It’s a British skit show. One of the skits involves a young man of maybe twenty. It’s Christmas day and he opens his first present from granny… it’s a CD. “Great…” he says, looking disappointed. “Just kidding!” says granny, and pulls out a big bag of heroin. “The man on the street said you’d like this instead.”

      • haha…no but i will have to watch for it. sometimes they do not give descriptions of the shows and i pass them but that sounds good, especially after they took shameless away!! thanks for the tip!

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